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Sewing Up Splash n Beth

Dear Kay,
I’m now finishing up two cardigans: the thin Donegal Lambswool Beth and my rastafarian fiesta, Splash, in spongy, smushy, stripey All Seasons Cotton.
As you all too well know, I love pinning and blocking. Some weird masochistic urge. And you think my shade card obsession is geeky . . .
Late last night David, the 7-year-old fiber arts king, hung out with me while I tried to figure out all the curves of Splash. There’s hardly a straight line in the thing, so I was glad to have ye olde gingham to help line up edges. David read Pokemon card after Pokemon card to me. We were both in a flow state, hypnotized by collectibles and pins. At one point he said, “You know, Mom, I like doing nothing with you more than anything.” Aw.
Squeaker the guinea pig is sitting in my lap. At twelve weeks, she’s getting some meat on her. Nothing, of course, like my friend’s two-year-old pituitary case guinea pig. Enormous, cat sized. Worrisome.
Must run. Headed to the zoo with the fellas to think about those gibbons who blow up their throats and make those unearthly howls.
x0x0 Ann




  1. I am really looking forward to seeing the rasta cardigan finished.Lovely design – a bit frivolous without being too outre[imagine the acute angle above the e ].
    You’re a bit of a knitting fiend yourself. :0]

  2. Looks good my Nashville friend…could you please come up here and do some of that blocking, pinning, and sewing up for me? These are my least favorite tasks!!

  3. one more thing…i love “beth.” it is from “a seasons tale,” no? i am a romantic and think in some ways that i should have been born in a time when woman wore skirts with crinolins all the time. did you use the same colourway as that in the pattern book?

  4. Lis–Funny you should mention it. I’ve already picked out the taffeta ball skirt and the GREEN Wellies to wear with my Beth. I wish I had the nerve to wear it to the Swan Ball or something.
    I too like a long skirt, and imagined it to be kind of lovely until I saw that PBS reality series “Frontier House.” The epic scene of the two teenagers slogging through the Montana snow to go milk the cow, dragging their ice-crusted skirts behind them, took care of that fantasy. Oh wait–my fantasy wasn’t set in high mountain country, it was set in Castle Howard.
    The pattern calls for Rowanspun 4 ply, but I used Donegal Lambswool, which is less fluffy and more like a traditional shetland. I used a dark blue called Sapphire and a Jamieson and Smith 4 ply shetland called Juniper. They’re not a perfect match (the Jamieson and Smith is a tad hairier), so it’s not as true to the pattern as in the book. But it’s plenty dark and murky.


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