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Late-Breaking Blueness!

Dear Ann,
Twenty minutes into the Hot Wash cycle, this was on my kitchen floor. Waddaya think–possible problem?
I have a childlike faith that the Soccer Ball motif is not going to turn blue. The white strips in my Bricklayer denim blanket were similarly overwhelmed by the inky blueness of the darkest denim shade, and yet they did not turn blue.
But this does make me a little nervous.
Hubby was aghast that while he was running for paper towels, I was booting up the KayCam.
Love, Kay




    Kay, just go ahead and spring for the real-time streaming video plug-in. Plain old blog entries are just not cutting it anymore. Remember at our five-year strategic planning conference, how we talked about that? Right before the Kum-ba-ya, just after the Prouds/Sorries flip chart?
    Let’s just go to 24/7 coverage of all this. I personally am going to stay up late just to see whether the soccer ball turns blue or not.

  2. Well, if the football/soccer ball does turn blue, at least it’ll be a pale blue.
    DH put a dark blue towel in with the nappy wash yesterday so Kai has nappies in a “delightful” grungy pale blue shade (funny how dye-run items always go a dirty-ish shade of pale blue or pale pink, never a soft pastel shade). I’m expecting one of those doorstep-challenge advert teams to be ringing the doorbell anytime now! “Are your whites whiter than white?” etc. etc.
    But, I should be thankful that DH does change some of the nappies & does put them in the wash, even if he doesn’t check what else is in the machine first.

  3. And where’s the law that a soccer ball has to be white? We have a white one, a day-glo orange one, and (curiously) a camouflage one. A pale blue one would fit in just fine . . .

  4. I’m hoping that the ball doesn’t turn blue, but those paper towels are a foreboding sign. Maybe with a few subsequent washings, it would turn white again? (Assuming, of course, that it does turn blue. Although it probably wouldn’t be a bad thing if it did. Ditto what Ann says!)

  5. Bleach pen. Wouldn’t be the first time it saved something that had a curious adventure in my wash.
    This actually IS more exciting than the Super Bowl. How are you going to top yourself?

  6. Forget about the soccer ball, how’s the GROUT??

  7. Whoops !
    The white will probably have a blue tinge,but it’ll wash whiter over time.It’s going to be fab regardless !

  8. woooopsie….. maybe you need another washing machine?….catch basin?…..new flooring?…..or fewer suds????… heart palpitations……i’m prayin’ for you, babe……

  9. So when do we get to see the magic?! You’re killing me here!!!


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