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Sewing Up Beth

Dear Kay,
I’m in the mood to sew something up, and my Beth (aka World’s Longest Stretch of Uninterrupted Stockinette in a Size 3 Needle) is the winner. As you know, this is the sweater I love for its plainness. Here it is when I was in my blocking frenzy a few weeks back:
Rowan Donegal Lambswool in Sapphire and Juniper, from A SEASON’S TALE.
I’m struck by how much like fabric this behaves. I stitched up the shoulder seams using backstitch, not my usual mattress stitch, and they look great.
I think it’s Sissel on the Rowan International site who ALWAYS uses backstitch, and she just stitches along with no regard for matching up stitches. CRAZY! But with this thin fabric, and dark color, it behaves well. I’m still going to use mattress stitch for the seams, but I was struck with how well backstitch does.
In defense of my plain as rice cardigan, the yarn is full of slubs and jewelly bits, and in the light it’s pretty to look at. Red, orange, green, blue, brown, purple. Looks like they took all the leftover flurf from the spinning room and made THIS.
Are you REALLY going to be away for a whole entire week? Nothing lonesomer than Mason-Dixon Knitting without the Yankee perspective.
x0 Ann




  1. Ann,
    You`re right. I am the queen of back stitch. (Ouch, somehow that sounds bad!) I do match up though. I always knit the first and last stitch on each row, and match knot to knot when I sew. I watched a colleague join in the sleeves with mattress stitch yesterday, wow, was that cool! I was impressed enough to actually give it a try….or not:)

  2. Ah heck, Sissel, I didn’t mean to misrepresent your fabulous backstitch technique! Sorry! I was just impressed with the elan with which you sewed up. I always fuss over it too much, and dread it. Backstitch was so liberating for me, that’s what I meant to convey.

  3. Ann,
    Next time you get a hankering for sewing up, I have a Chill waiting for its sleeves to be attached! πŸ™‚
    And, I too sweat matching sts (not that you could probably tell from looking at my sewing up) so, more geekiness. BUT, I have only written an article about Martha “I look good in pinstripes” Stewart. I’ve never actually stood on a line to see her, so you may be edging me out at the moment! πŸ˜‰

  4. Hey now!! No Martha bashing on MDK!! That’s right there in the by-laws. So she’s not perfect. So she lied a little. So she’s becoming more and more indistinguishable from that fiendishly funny parody of her on Saturday Night Live. But she’s still Martha. She saved America from plastic-slipcovered sofas. She made it cool to collect dishtowels. She showed us that there is a Right Way and a Wrong Way to vacuum. She saved KMart’s butt (almost). She desperately needs a new legal approach, in my humble opinion. Grovelling: it’s a Good Thing. DON’T MESS WITH MARTHA.


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