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Tale of Three Birches

Dear Kay,
In the Samuel Pepys tradition of excruciating detail, here is where I stand on my Birch shawl.
Attempt Numero Uno
As Kenny Rogers says, you gotta know when to fold ’em. Something felt really wrong, after one lousy row. Wrong wrong wrong.
Attempt the Second
Ah, folly! Ah, youth! Why did I think that blindly knitting along for a while would result in lovely rows of airy birch leaves? Why did I not consider the following? Kidsilk Haze stitches tend to cling together, making it easy to knit two together. They slide right off the end of the needle, too, resulting in the dreaded Lost Yarnover. After a while, it became clear that my little markers were only adding to my misery. Nothing worked. The center could not hold.
I did cast off this irregular lump of whatever, figuring that it would make a nice edging to something if you did a kind of Elfin bunching. Anyone who would like this souvenir of knitting gone bad, just let me know.
The Final Ascent
Emma’s exhortation rings in my ears: I am the master of this yarn. I almost got some speed going last night, but this is definitely a project for the quiet moments of the day. Two a.m. insomniac knitting.
And so to Pilates.
x0x0x0x0 Ann




  1. oh my lordie, you are a brave girl to attempt such. good luck!

  2. Ann,
    perseverance repays you. The third try looks wonderful.
    I blocked my Birch yesterday, after three weeks of frenzied fingering of the silken threads. it is all so worth it.

  3. Hi Ann,
    You know what they say–“third time’s a charm.” Good luck with Birchy there. It’s looking good.

  4. Ann, the girl of the thousand stitch markers. I am in awe.

  5. Ann, it looks fab. Once you get over that first pattern repeat, you’ll be cruising right along. If it’s still giving you problems, put it aside and try that entrelace, sock with aran leg, fair isle heel and lace foot… and don’t forget that we have to cut a steek to put the zipper in πŸ˜‰

  6. Now you’re cooking !
    Yes 2.00 a.m.,a stiff breeze off the North Sea and an outside security light – so the neighbours can see that I’m completely crackers !
    Peace and quiet [and frostbite].Works for me. :0]

  7. Ann,
    As I have said before, you are clearly a better woman and knitter than I — three times, my my! Looks awesome, keep chugging along! If it doesn’t work out, remember, you can come and join Jill R. and I on the dark side….you know, non-Birch Rowanettes! πŸ˜‰

  8. Number 3 looks fab, lovely little leaves starting to form – really nice colour too. I know what you mean about the slippy, sticking together tendancies but it looks so lovely once you get an inch or 2 going!

  9. Ah, Ann, I feel your pain — and hope to share your success. I have only done one repeat of the wave&shell lace I’m attempting, and I grabbed an extra stitch on Row 14. Frogging would mean taking it all the way back, so I just k2tog’d in the next row, around where the mistake had been made. So already you are a way better woman than I . . .


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