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Fringe Behavior

Dear Kay,
Fringe, up close and personal:
Knit 3, cast on 5, cast off the 5 you just cast on, knit 3. Easy greasy.
As I work on this thing, I’m wondering what on earth I’ll ever wear with it. I just got a catalog from Anthropologie, which loves nothing more than mixing a pattern or six. Maybe I’ll get a kimono print or a sari, throw in some beaded organza, add a gauzy drift of something, and get a new pair of Frye boots. (Do you know how much I adored Frye boots in the ’70s? My brother had a pair, and all I ever wanted to be was my brother. So I think I need to get on this.) Then I’ll be able to freak out all the other moms in the hook-up line. I mean, I just don’t think Lilly Pulitzer is going to take this sweater to its ultimate destiny.
(Of course, anybody who knows me knows that a white t-shirt and khakis are as wack as I ever get.)
And as for the stripes, Emma, I love ’em. I love a wide stripe, a skinny one, horizontal, vertical. I love ’em on little boys, mine especially.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Yay! The fringe is amazing, and the stripes look great. And really, once you knit something like that, it goes with *anything*. Definitely with Frye boots. 😉


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