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Eleven Years Is Really Not All That Long


Dear Ann, On July 4, we marked, of course, our nation’s birth. At our house, we also marked another milestone, the hanging of a small curtain that you or I or Cristina or Belinda (I can’t remember) knitted up in 2005 as a photography sample for our first book. The photo shoot was in January of that year. It was me and our team of two photographers, Steve Gross and Sue Daley, holed up in Southampton. and nearly snowbound, for two days...

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The Curious Entrepreneur

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 12.52.55 PM (1)

Dear Ann, The circle of life has a way of coming around again. For example, it feels like we just finished renovating our elderly apartment, but it was ten years ago. I can no longer feel justified outrage when a wall needs to be repainted or the fridge fan craps out. Life is a constant cycle of renewal and decay. Sigh. A few months ago, I finally did a simple something that I have meant to do since 2006, which is: procure a surface upon which I...

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Luxury Meets Practicality


Dear Ann, Yesterday I bound off my 19,000th Ballband Dishcloth while my DD (dear dentist) futzed around looking at x-rays or something. (I don’t actually knit while the dentist is sticking mirrors in my mouth and such. Need to dispel that notion. Although: goals.) I keep a go bag loaded up with dishcloth fixings, for those occasions when I am running out the door and don’t have a good portable project on the...

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Traveling Light


Dear Kay, Finished. It’s a blanket now. The I-cord edging took two sessions of Masters tournament coverage. I was so hypnotized that I think I fell asleep at one point while simultaneously cranking attached I-cord. Always remember to do three rows of UNattached I-cord as you turn the corners. I always think of you when I do this. It’s so clever: you’re attaching and attaching, then for a minute you don’t. One...

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Anaconda of Love


Dear Kay, The clock is TICKING on this wedding present blanket. I am way behind but hope to power through in order to get this thing on its way to the bride and groom in Chicago before they depart for India next week. And, relatedly, before I depart for India too. Squares: done. Blocking: done. Phase III: The Attachment? Not so fast there, hon. To review: the squares have live stitches on all sides, held on waste yarn. The squares are joined...

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We Fuss On


Dear Kay, Squares are piling up for the Fussy Cuts Blanket. Mood regarding this project at this moment: resolute yet giddy at prospect of Phase III: The Attachment, when all this will come together. I still can’t get over how unfatigued I am after 20 squares and frames. It’s like I actually enjoy this. I haven’t been this gone on a project since—oh wait, that Birch wrap was pretty great. But I’m talking about the...

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