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Dear Everybody,
I know Cristina and Kay are too modest to tell you this themselves, but I’m immodest enough to brag about their latest little act of creative genius.
The new Knitty is out, which is cause for delirious celebration anytime. But I’m especially delirious today–just careering around the house konking around (not bonking, I promise)–because Cristina and Kay have a pattern in it:
Mazel tov, ladies. Proud to know ye.
PS Apologies for the shocking brevity of this entry, but I am currently being held hostage by a paper I have to write for my book group. The topic: a two-volume biography of Evelyn Waugh and Brideshead Revisited. This is shaping up to be a total disaster: all I know is that Evelyn Waugh was not a woman. And my paper sounds like a blog entry. “OMG Evelyn Waugh was such a total creep. He was, like, AWFUL to his wife–go read this if you want to know more. Such. A. Dork. And here’s more.”
Dear Ann, this is Kay. Yes, you know me so well. I am the very soul of modesty and it pains me–pains me I tell you–to talk about myself. (Everybody who actually knows me may want to snort loudly at this time, or shout ‘Getta loada this!’ to your neighbor.)
But I feel I must put aside my innate reluctance to self-aggrandize, because I owe it to Cristina, co-designer extraordinaire, to post a few pictures of the RAWKINEST BABY JEANS IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE!!!!!
The model in these shots is Cristina’s adorable Elio. We’ll be doing some tips, and soon there will be a Flickr gallery for photos of Blu baby jeans in the wild. One thing Cristina and I have been most excited about is seeing how other knitters tweak the finishing and make these little jeans their own. So git crackin’, knitters of baby stuff. We can’t wait!
Love from Your Hyperventilating Correspondent Kay




  1. Blu is absolutely adorable. Love it! Unfortunately, I don’t think Chappy would let me dress him in jeans, and I don’t have any other little people to knit for . . . but man, that pattern is CUTE!

  2. That has got to be one of the cutest knits ever.

  3. That has got to be one of the cutest knits ever.

  4. You could also helpfully add that Jeremy Irons was in the television adaptation of Brideshead Revisited, and he, like, rocked.

  5. You have to write papers for your book group?! We just find it enough to finish the book and make really good food when its our turn to host(ess). I’m not sure we’d complete a 2 volume book, so you all are clearly out of our league. Maybe if you do it in haiku? It impressed the heck out of us here in blog world.

  6. blu! love it, love it, love it. more and more fabulous, you are!! congratulations kay & cristina. mwah et mwah!!!

  7. Love blu! If my nephew didn’t have such an unfortunately large ass – seriously, it dwarfs the little guy’s body! – I would’ve cast on already.
    But really, A BOOK REPORT FOR YOUR BOOK CLUB! Wow. I’m impressed. Very impressed.

  8. Go BLU! That is so darn cute. Congratulations on being in knitty. Awesome!
    /off to find a handy toddler to knit for/

  9. Evelyn Waugh was not
    the kind of man you would like
    to have dinner with
    Jeremy Irons though
    pale and somewhat creepy would
    be so much nicer
    There, Ann, you’re on your way to the Haiku Solution.
    I’m off to post a big-ass PSS with PICTURES OF MORE BABY JEANS!!!!!!!!! xox Kay

  10. Stunning. The Denim strikes again! When will the world realise it is the Best Yarn Ever???
    Brideshead. Possibly the best book adaptation ever on TV. Jeremy Irons very fanciable in it, but I preferred Sebastian….

  11. Quelle surprise! it’s in Rowan denim……
    I preferred Aloysius to either of them…..

  12. OMG, these little jeans are so adorable, that I would love to knit a pair for myself! But I’ll start with a pair for my goddaughter. Thank you for a super cute pattern! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I’m all about Anthony Andrews. So dissipated . . . And Julia’s BOOB on primetime TV . . . We still say “TOAST, Charles!” when the cupboard is bare and we have no food.
    I was watching BR when I went into labor with my firstborn, lo, these almost 21 years ago. If I’d had these jeans I would have dressed him in them lickety-split. He’s too big now.

  14. All this coverage of Elio means I may have to buy my mom a computer for Christmas. Can’t wait to see everyone else’s versions (especially what you come up with for the label)* on babies worldwide!
    *Jim Jarmusch fans will know I got “Mister Baby”

  15. Okay, I have to make these!

  16. Brilliant! Really, that is just too cute. Kay, you SHOULD be totally proud of yourself. AND it’s practical, because we all know little boys are constantly on the move and knit denim will move much better than the woven kind!

  17. TOO CUTE!!!!
    Kai’s got to have some – just got to!!

  18. Good Gawd…those are soooooo cute!
    Congrats on your Knitty debute!

  19. Good lord! Those are the cutest little denim pants ever!!! I’m knitting a denim sweater for my husband. Hmm…maybe he needs a pair of pants as well.

  20. Can I just say that as soon as I saw this pattern and that it was in Rowan Demim I thought “Oh, my God, I wonder if Kay knows about this!” …scrolling down a bit I saw the designer’s bio and had an “ahh…” moment.
    Congrats on the uber-cute pattern. If I knew any little James Deans I’d be tempeted to make it.

  21. How lucky, my friend jsut told me she is (finally) having a baby in March – and she knows it will be a boy. Now I know what to knit.. and I even think I have enough denim stashed for it.
    – but will have to get the Xmas knitting done first. IDA

  22. I love this new pattern. I can’t wait to make it for my little guy. Thanks!!

  23. congrats…! Let’s start a knit-along!

  24. Cute pattern and you’re blog was mentioned in the winter Spin-0ff, so everyone gets congratulations

  25. dainty-ass P.S. to my prev. comment:
    elio! so handsome! so luminous! and – if appearances are any indication – so cooperative!

  26. Cristina and Kay! How wonderful – through my cough med haze I am just reeling with the “boro” features that could be added – I’m going to make a bleached out pair. Those shots of Oxford from the air – I just weep! I lived there a year and my roommate actually met Jeremy Irons and got his autograph! I can hear the soundtrak!

  27. I can only think of the most obvious comment: The knitted baby jeans are the cuuuuutest!

  28. OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! I love this pattern! So cute! So stylish! So Blu!
    Congrats on your Knitty debut!

  29. Those baby jeans are so cute! Love them!

  30. Brideshead revisited inspired me to purchase my first VCR. I Had To Have It. (BR, that is.) Its a good thing babies are a little harder to come by, because Blu has me similarly inspired. Soooo cute! Just brilliant.

  31. I wonder if you would size this pattern up for adult wear? plus size adult wear?? it will bring new meaning to the world of stretch jeans!
    cute, cute pattern! gotta find some babies!

  32. Too cute for (many) words!!! Adorable. Truly!

  33. Congrats on the pattern – the baby jeans rock and are so cute. As is the baby!
    I love the lable too, such a cool detail.

  34. Blu is my favorite pattern in the new Knitty!! I love these so much I am now trying to figure out who I know has a child that they’ll fit!! Thanks for such a great, creative pattern!!

  35. Didn’t read your links but if I remember correctly there was some line in Brideshead to the effect of “Have you had your baby and what have you named it?” to the wife. So loving and paternal.
    The baby blu’s are special.

  36. I did the same thing Valerie did … without the scrolling down to see the designer’s bio part. So imagine my happy surprise this morning. Kay know ALL ABOUT this pattern. It’s hers!!!
    Congratulations to you and Christina on your Knitty debut. I’m off now to find someone little to make these for …

  37. First, those really are the rawkinest baybee jeans in the universe and second, I cannot wait to have your book.
    I curse the vile publishing industry for making me wait til the end of March.
    But congratulations on the book and on the pattern.
    Yer biggest fan!

  38. So cute! Congratulations!

  39. Oh my lord, those are simply the bestest baby jeans ever. Wish I still had a baby who I could dress in em, instead of my wild toddler and crazy preschooler!

  40. Always the last to know ! I LOVE the baby jeans. You are sickeningly talented. If we were teenagers I would hate you (whilst secretly wanting to be you !)
    Heather x

  41. This is dangerous. Makes me want to have another one, just so I can see those pants on one of our own offspring.

  42. I ordered the denim for Blu yesterday, too cute. You are really very talented, I am toying with label ideas already. Congrats on Knitty.

  43. I am racing my son’s growth spurt and the summer weather to make them for him! I have another on the way… Little Whatsit might just have a pair to wear home from the hospital! Great idea!

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