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Insta Bags

Dear Ann,
Tell me this: does three bags qualify for a Gallery of Buttonhole Bags? How about a Cavalcade of Buttonhole Bags? A Buttonhole Bag Walk of Fame?
These two retro-fabby versions of the Buttonhole Bag Unpattern (see January 18 entry) were whipped up in record time by Robin of Nashville. Robin is a teacher and turbo knitter. I have heard tell (I believe you were doing the telling, Ann) that each Christmas, Robin gives a handknit cap to every second grader in her class. That is an amazing amount of knitting even taking into account that their heads are smaller at that young age. I like both of Robin’s versions a lot, but am especially taken with the streamlined green one, which is made of leftovers of Peace Fleece. I can only imagine the frenzy of midnight felting that must have been going on in Robin’s washing machine, to turn these bags out so quickly.
I’ll be casting on another one this weekend, just to keep up. It’s freezing here, so the more Lamb’s Pride Bulky on my lap, the better.
Thanks for the picture, Robin!
Love, Kay
P.S. I think that now, I can let go of the painful memory of Robin showing up in her Red Sox sweatshirt at the Nashville Afghanalong Sew-Up Bee back in October.
UPDATE! Run over to The Knitlette to see before and after pix of a Buttonhole that Abby made using double-stranded Lamb’s Pride worsted! It took guts to take such risk in the name of Felting Science, and it worked out great. (But Abby, only people as old as me, or at least as old as Ann, know how big a 45 record is!)




  1. Love these bags! Any idea if these would felt in a front-loading washer?

  2. Oh, buh-RUTHER. why’d you have to show me those? why? why? I need another project like I need a frickin’ hole in the head. !!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I especially love how the proportions can change. And Robin’s colors are springy deluxe.
    I do wonder: what are the outer limits of felting? I mean, was your bag, Kay, as small as it could get? How lo can you go?

  4. Kay – I’m loving the button hole bags. What method did you use to cast on the stitches for the button hole handle?

  5. Oh I love them both tbut the green the most. I really didn;t need another bag project on my list you know.

  6. I’m a slow knitter, I think. I did about 1/2 the bottom last night and the rest of the bag today at work. I used doubled lamb’s pride (not bulky) and size 13 needles. I’ll post a picture when it’s done! Thanks for the non-pattern!

  7. Here ya go!
    These are WAY too much fun. I’ve already cast on for another one.

  8. Just found my way here and… Oh my God! How I LOVE those bags! That’s all I wanted to say for now really, but I think I’ll come visit here again. ๐Ÿ™‚
    /Swedish Lisa

  9. Heh,thanks! Actually it’s a cd that Looks like a 45!

  10. Didn’t Polly do some kind of yarn wrapping around the handles of her French Market Basket? I may be hallucinating. But I think buttonhole handles would be cool with a contrasting/complementing yarn wrapped all around.

  11. Wow, such cute bags! Too bad I don’t have a washing machine… You don’t think I could felt at the laundromat, do you?

  12. Yes, I think that three does constitute a Gallery of Buttonhole Bags. And what a beautiful variety they are! I’ve only just discovered the beauty of a felted object with the fabulous French market bag.

  13. I made another one. Photos later today, hopefully. This one was with a mix of Nature Wool (doubled) and Lamb’s Pride (not doubled) and it’s thinner, but still neat. Oh, and I cast on for another one – this time in Lion Brand Landscapes. Obsess much? Not me!

  14. I saw you need a us 15 circular needle, enough to fit 72 stitches BUT how long is that. I dont want to go to the store and have to bring it back because its too long or too short.
    Thanks… Lena


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