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Monday Morning Misc.

Dear Kay,
Suffering the aftereffects of too many malted milk ball mini Easter eggs. They were so crunchy, and so tiny!
Your Birthday Present Update
I do believe this is the longest I have ever left something in the blocking parlour. Your Half Belinda wrap stayed on the blocking wires for a record three weeks.
It looks a lot less like a fishing net now. In fact, I am going to have a hard time giving this to you so it’s a good thing that we have such a high mutual regard and deep affection that I would never go back on my word and KEEP THE THING or “lose it in the mail” or anything.
I don’t actually think this superblocking will result in some sort of altered fiber memory, but I figured what the heck it’s in limbo now anyway. For the second half of this wrap, I’ve ordered up some Handmaiden Silk Lace from the greatest yarn enabler of all time, Nancy of ColorSong Yarns. Very curious to see what this is going to look like with its shiny half added.
OK, here’s a dinner that needs to happen:
1. USAir Captain Sully Sullenberger
2. Richard Phillips, the cargo-ship captain who escaped the Somali pirates
3. Maria D’Antuoni, the 98-year-old Italian earthquake knitter lady
After they finished their cannolis, they could have a brave-off. I love these people!




  1. I’m TOTALLY WITH YOU on the dinner guests. I’d be too awe-struck to speak, though.

  2. I belong in the “too overwhelmed to speak” category as well. But if you invited me, I would come. (I don’t have any monumentally brave feats, though- although I do “plan” to let my baby go to kindergarten in the Fall…could that count?)

  3. don’t forget the last 2 guys who saved people that fell off the subway platforms in NYC. They should come too. They all can just sit around staring confidently at one another.
    The calm, the poise, the downright ain’t-gonna-happen-on-my-watch kind of spirit is what Obama was talking about when he said ‘there is nothing satisfying to the spirit, so defining of our character, than giving our all to a difficult task’. I keep that part of his speech posted right at my desk.

  4. You never can tell what the mail will do….

  5. My first reaction to the wrap is that it is beautiful, and my next was, “wait, there’s more?” It’s already gorgeous without any additional shiny sea silk!

  6. For the dinner, Rachel Maddow could host and Sarah Molton, Gourmet editor and host of a PBS cooking show, could make dinner….I’m free on Tuesdays…

  7. Would you believe I have not eaten a single candy egg this year? Not a one.

  8. where did you get that bowl? is that shino glaze? nice eggs, too.

  9. The 3rd guest is a crocheter lady.

  10. This half of the stole really blocked out nicely; and, it was nice to begin with. I say “lose it in the mail” (no one will ever know…).
    Spring has just sprung, here in New York. Since I just saw my first fully blossomed tree about thirty minutes ago, I’m thinkin’ that Kay will look bee-you-tee-ful in such a lovely wrap on a cool sping evening (especially enveloped in all of the love that is going into the knitting).
    Knit on!

  11. Oh yes, those ColorSong people are definitely enablers. Can’t wait to see what you’re adding. As for the dinner guests? I suspect they would all be a tad taken aback to be invited to such an event, but by the end of the evening all would be friends and know about one another’s families rather than talking tales of derring do. JMO

  12. we live in a good country proud heroes
    do you remember flip wilson and
    the devil made me do it well if
    we all visit colorsong yarn
    it will be all your fault the silk
    yarns look so lovely
    for all we k fasset fans kay is not aware

  13. Don’t forget to invite the Navy SEALS who were able to shoot simultaneously in the dark from a heaving ship and take out the pirates on their heaving ship at a certain distance. Nerves of steel!

  14. I love those people. too and you also for inviting them to the blog. Maria would love the wrap and could borrow it for the dinner!

  15. agree (manymanytimes) on the dinner for the brave.
    I can’t wait to see the other half of the wrap! Please show the skein as soon as it arrives.

  16. So will the little Italian Grandmother be making the cannolis also? And I’m with Paula: gotta have the SEALS.

  17. How about a Mason-Dixon raffle to attend that dinner party?

  18. What about the guy who landed the plane after the pilot died? And maybe the air-traffic controllers who talked him down, too…

  19. Hey, I was just “lost” over at the Color Song website–almost never to return. Whoa Nelly, some scrump-dilly-umpscious yarns!! Their amythist color is to die for. Yet, I shall live (live, I say) in the hopes of completing enough UFO’s to warrant yet another purchase. In the meantime, it’s bookmarked in my ‘favorites’…
    Ann, can’t wait to see the finished wrap, and what color you chose. Kay, you are one lucky person!
    BTW, I am also cool with the ‘dinner of heros’, and am DYING to know what it is that the Italian Lady was crocheting. Whatever it is, she should raffle it off to raise money for earthquake relief. I’ll bet the (world-wide)donations would go through the roof!
    Knit on!

  20. Dinner guests. Don’t we all love these folks!

  21. Dinner guests. Don’t we all love these folks!

  22. dear ann and kay
    do you think susan boyle would sing at the party


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