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My Head Is Spinning

Dear Kay,
I hate to interrupt this graduate-level seminar in poetics (keep those indigoey limericks and haiku coming, you guys–see below!), but I need to make a brief announcement.
If you’re going to Rhinebeck, we want to see you. We’re cooking up a couple of blankets for Afghans for Afghans, so we would like to mooch some of your knitting skills. We’ll be in the Author Tent on Sunday from 10 until we keel over, so please stop by to add a few rows to these projects:
Project Number One: A Dizzy Blanket, based on the MDK Dizzy Rug above. We have never attempted one of these before, though we have long fantasized about it. Will it work? Will it weigh eighty pounds? We’re going to find out. We’ll have Lamb’s Pride Bulky yarn and largeish needles, so we’re hoping for a very long strip of garter stitch that some lucky soul (KAY! YOU WIN!) will fashion into a spirally blanket. If you happen to bring your own needles, that would even better!
Project Number Two: A Blanket of Mini Mitered Squares. If you’ve got miter fever, come add one to this projeck. We’ll have yarn and needles around for this as well.
O, the drama! I’m off to check the Rhinebeck weather forecast. Again.




  1. Wwwaaaahhhhh!! I want to go to Rhinebeck!!! If you need more mini-miters can you please post and we’ll send some??? Have TONS of FUN!!!

  2. Now jest a cotton-pickin’ minnit, there, Missy. I never said I was sewing up NOTHIN’! I am an Idea Person. I cannot be wasting my idea-thinking time sewing stuff up, now, can I?
    OK I’ll sew it up. But only if I get to put an applied i-cord border on it.
    xox Kay

  3. Okay, I’ll make the effort to get away from our booth and get over there. Of course, I’ve already made Ms. McYarnpants promise to drag you over our way anyway. I am all excited about this weekend!

  4. Sheesh! Why do I have to wait until next year to go? I, too, offer a plea on behalf of those of us who can’t be at Rhinebeck [we’re actually in the majority, despite the way Blogland makes it seem] to be allowed to send in our mini-miters so we can play too.

  5. I initially wasn’t going to be there on Sunday, but now I am – wheeeee! Hoping to stop by and get in a row or two for you guys. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Weather.com is now saying mostly sunny and 69 for the weekend. Clearly, the gods have come to their senses since they know there’s wool involved…

  6. Seriously? I’m in! I’ll bring my camera too, and we can have a tip o’ the hat to Franklin and his 1,000 Knitters projek. Everyone working on something together. It’ll be great!
    See you there!

  7. Hooray! I’m in. See you in Rhinebeck!

  8. I’ll have a small boy with me at Rhinebeck who quite strenuously disapproves of my yarn habit, but is excited about the sheep dogs and the needle felting kits I can buy to make things with. And quite possibly the maze… Which is to say that my chances of seeing you are slim and of working on the blankets even moreso, but I love that you’re doing that.
    And I got to describe a colleague as ‘perky evil’ a couple of nights ago. She loved it.

  9. But, but, but . . . I won’t be there on Sunday! I WILL be there on Saturday, though!

  10. Screw Rhinebeck. It’s overrated. Come to SAFF. That’s where the party’s at.

  11. Screw Rhinebeck. It’s overrated. Come to SAFF. That’s where the party’s at.

  12. Rachel,
    Perhaps you will luck out and there will be the annual punkin’ chunkin’ contest. A few years ago I had a boy in tow, and the afternoon was saved by watching local school groups and their catapults, trebuchets, and ballistas heave pumpkins around the Dutchess County Fairgrounds. Good luck and have fun!

  13. The Husband strenuously opposed my trip to Rhinebeck this year (something about having not knit any of the 90 lbs I bought last time), but I got my 3 year old in on it and she’s been bugging me about when we’re going to the sheep party ever since. Woo hoo!
    Now I just have to figure out a way to drag her out of the kiddie tent so I can get into some serious fiber porn action.

  14. I’m hoping to make it, but not super optimistic, it is the husband’s last weekend not working, so don’t know if I can convince him to join (since he HAS met y’all even if I haven’t yet).

  15. Well. I’m always in for some sewing up. The i-cord, I will leave to Kay, but with the sewing up, I can help. If I have to meet it somewhere or pick it up, it’s a perfect combo of making myself leave the house and legitimate excuse to sit on my butt for long periods of time.

  16. Oh, I’m only going to be there on Saturday (cost prohbitive hotel- I’d rather buy yarn) but if I see you I’ll say hi! (in a non-stalker-y way, I promise)

  17. For those of us a continent away from Rhinebeck who’d like to join the fun, how about letting us know how to contibute a mini-miter to the projeck?

  18. For those of us a continent away from Rhinebeck who’d like to join the fun, how about letting us know how to contibute a mini-miter to the projeck?

  19. It was great meeting you at Rhinebeck. What a wonderful day.

  20. Hope it’s going well and you get a crapload of dizzying stitches and squares.

  21. “…bookended by Still Making An Effort…”
    This is what makes M-D Knitting my favorite blog, knitting, non knitting, whatever. Excellent turn of phrase!

  22. i love your comment about Naomi. not only do i appreciate your talent for knitting, but your sense of humor cracks me up! thanks for the laughs (and the knitting knowledge).


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