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Public Service Announcement

Dear Ann and everybody,
There has been a rushing gush of newly-completed Mitered Crosses Blanket FOs over on Ravelry.com lately. People are finishing them by the score, and they are stunning. There are faithful replications of the original, by those who doggedly sought out Noro Silk Garden #269 (a shade that currently resides on the other side of the river Styx of discontinued colorways, but will be taking the ferry back to life in early 2012!)–and there are also many individual interpretations. The minds of knitters, and the depth and breadth and height of their stashes, are many-splendored things. (Go on over and wallow for a while.)
(Pausing to give myself snaps for Dante-based “shade” joke. Abandon hope, all who enter here hoping to avoid self-congratulatory blogging.)
Seeing all these FOs is deeply satisfying. It means this: blankets, while large and full of stitches, are not never-ending marches of tedium. If the knitting and yarn are tasty enough, and if the Friday Night Lights streams like a mighty river, a knitter can finish a blanket in two or three months, no problem, happy all the way.
***MDK Cares***
Here is the Public Service Announcement. If you are in the final stages of a Mitered Crosses Blanket, git busy and finish it up. Today, with the publication of Craft Activism: People, Ideas, and Projects From the Community of Handmade And How You Can Join In, a new blanket design has been launched into the world, with the help of tantalizing photography (by a tantalizing photographer).
This blanket (Fussy Cuts! page 90!) may tempt those who are susceptible to such things. I do not want to be morally responsible for anybody throwing over a nearly-finished Mitered Crosses Blanket to cast on an exciting new miracle of gartistry (garter stitch artistry). I will only say that you and I have made TWO large-format versions of Fussy Cuts already, and we are nowhere near the end of our personal Fussy Cuts journeys. While I may be off-the-charts susceptible to garter stitch blankets, I may also be the canary in the coal mine, and many others are doomed to my fate.
Be warned! Clear your decks, and more importantly, clear your stitch-holders and your size 6 or 7 circulars. Make ready the stash, the beverage, and the recliner in front of the teevee. Momma’s got a brand-new blankie!
More on Fussy Cuts, and Craft Activism, to come. Unbearably more.

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  1. The quilt and the afghan in the photo are absolutely LOVELY!

  2. Oh, Kay, why do you do this to me? Recently, you hit us with Clara Parkes’ soon-to-be-released sock book, and now the Craft Activism book. You know I am powerless to resist! I’m trying to reduce the number of books coming into this house (because I’ve run out of bookcase room), and limit myself to nook books or library books.
    Craft Activism is already available in nook format, but I only have a black and white nook (which I dearly love). Do I spend the bucks on a color nook, or put a clear plastic film over my current nook screen and color the photos with my grandchildren’s crayons?? Dilemma, dilemma……
    Mary G. in Texas

    I’m dying for the garter stitch!
    Oh, I’ll have to go kill so many more hours looking at finished MDKay-inspired gartistry.

  4. Gorgeous one and all. I need to finish Moderne before I start another blanket (among other UFOs), but it is inspiring and thanks for the book tip.

  5. Gartistry! I approve. I may need to work this into my Facebook and Google + statuses, like, now.

  6. AMEN TO THAT, SISTER. I am all het up about another Fussy Cuts, which may end up being the Fussiest Cut of Them All.
    I need to finish my Unexpected Knitting random garter/miter extravaganzoh. But I am not going to stop with the garter-stitch blankets. Luv em.

  7. You tease! Three blankets going isn’t enough, you are already priming the pump for a fourth?

  8. how do your children stand it?! you are SO funny!

  9. Just last week I pledged to finally finish all my almost-done blankets to clear the decks and my brain for something new…I wonder how much I can get done before Amazon delivers my copy of Craft Activism and I go straight to page 90 ?!??!

  10. I love this blanket! And I’m actually going to get the book (on my Nook Color) so I can carry it with me everywhere! Mary G (up above): I love the Nook Color. Go for it!

  11. Kay, I have to come clean: I started this blanket twice and twice I couldn’t get past the first square. It’s beautiful and beautifully written, but I admit that I went weak in the knees when I figured out how many ends there would be to work in! So, I’m making a modified version (which is to say that I totally weenied out and am just knitting big mitered squares). Another grand-niece or grand-nephew is coming in March and I’ve been given permission to go a little nuts with the knitting and sewing. So, a blanket of colorful squares is in the works. Of course, this means I don’t dare look at your site again until this is finished lest I get a severe case of startitis again! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks again for great patterns!

  12. STUNNING!!!

  13. Oh, I can’t wait for the Fussy Cuts pattern!! I hope it will be on Ravelry too.

  14. Mary G in Texas – the idea of covering your Nook in clear plastic film and colouring the photos in has nearly done tea-related damage to my keyboard this morning! Thank you so much for the big laugh.
    And Kay – can you be any more opaque about this? Will I be able to sleep? And – wah! – I’m only 7 squares into my blanket and I need LOADS more as I’m aiming for 42. Or 49. I can’t remember which. Damn my thought of using stash and small needles!

  15. Woo hoo!

  16. Thank you, Kay and Ann. This is more than knitting. Your creative designs and creations that you share with us are such a gift! So inspiring!!!

  17. first of all i’m awed by all of the different ways people have interpreted your mitered cross blanket.
    secondly, i have that blanket in my queue which i will start after i finish the fussy cut.

  18. I bow to the giant fundraising success of Mitered Crosses. I bought it. I may even make it sone day. But Fussy Cuts? Love it.

  19. I can’t believe I didn’t get the shade joke until you congratulated yourself. Glad you did. I’d have missed it otherwise, and it’s too good a joke to miss.

  20. Gah, I need to finish. I’ve been working on my blanket for much of the spring and with less dedication over the summer and it is nearly done (umm, with the knitting – blocking and weaving and sewing not so much). Must set aside time for this!

  21. I am 3/4 of the way finished with the I-cord edging of my Mitered Crosses blanket knit with Noro Silk Garden Sock. This has been one of the most enjoyable knits. I loved having an easy garter stitch square to pick up for mindless knitting between all of the other projects that I’ve been working on. I’ve been savoring the I-cord edging using it as a blanket while watching cool evening soccer matches. I’ve decided to make blankets for several members of my family for Christmas. This one is for my mom. So look for the finished pictures soon.
    My next blanket (for my son) is the Curve of Pursuit, first seen between the log cabin blankets of your first book. I have already received my order of Rowan Denim in three colors.
    But I still need a blanket idea for my nephew. I was leaning toward the wonderful mitered square but may have to go with this new blanket!
    Thanks for the ideas.

  22. “gartistry” – aaooooowwch!


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