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Rainbow of Luv

Dear Kay,
I don’t believe in weird psychic occurrences, much. But I have to say, on Saturday night at about 10:30 pm, I walked like a zombie to my Shelf Of Cones Of Yarn, climbed on a chair, fished out a fairly heinous cone of Peaches and Creme yarn, and cast on for a Baby Genius Burp Cloth. I sat there for the next hour, cranking away, thinking about the fact that there’s a new Shayne niece due on June 16th, and I better get busy if I’m going to have anything to bestow.
Turns out, I do believe I cast on that burp cloth at what had to have been the first contraction that my sister-in-law had, because THEIR NEW BABY GIRL WAS BORN AT 9:19 am the next day! Just think: at this moment, there are six pounds and eight ounces more Shayne in the world. Really cute Shayne, too.
The reason I think some psychic force was at work is that under no other circumstance, at no previous moment, ever have I ever had the impulse to make anything out of this rainbow-of-luv Peaches and Creme. It HAD to be synchronicity, because really, this yarn has been sitting up there for more than four years.
Oh, delirious happy joy! There is nothing like a baby day, is there?




  1. That is a seriously gorgeous rainbow of love! Congrats on the new Shayne!

  2. Oh happy joyful day indeed! I had to delurk to say how beautiful this cloth was, and how perfectly perfect that you were working at the same time she was to be born!

  3. Hurrah for new life and the mysteries that accompany it.

  4. That had to be perfect timing. I lurve that color. What’s the actual name of it? Must have!

  5. What a beautiful rainbow! And how lovely, to greet a new 21st century person to the world WITH a rainbow!! I commend you (and shout “WELCOME” to the new person, too)

  6. Congratulations on that additional Shayne in the world. She will surely love the rainbow burp cloth. I might have to search for that colorway.

  7. I think Melanie in Gone With The Wind said it best ” The happiest days are the days when babies come!” It certainly makes one knit just a little faster to get those burp towels and bibs knitted up!!
    Deb from Nebraska
    PS: By the way, I’m in agreement–I love the rainbow yarn. I don’t think I have seen it on a cone around this part of the world…I may have to check their web site!

  8. Better yet: a girl cousin for the fellas!
    Congrats–is this a west coast baby?

  9. New babies rock!
    Incidentally, should you feel like making another, I could use it… no pressure! ;P (details on the www)

  10. Love the color! It goes with everything!

  11. Maybe have been a heinous cone but it sure made into a cute burp cloth!

  12. Sometimes I think the brighter colors of the Peaches and Cream are just meant for baby accessories. They can handle the brightness.
    Of course, not having babies to knit for usually, I make mine into tools for cleaning. They don’t stay bright for too long.

  13. Congrats to all Shaynes!
    Lovely rainbow you’ve made there, Ann. Baby knitting is just a special kind of satisfying πŸ™‚

  14. I have a cone more heinous than that–think Preppy Handbook Ombre.
    Congratulations, Auntie Ann!

  15. I am personally reenacting the Age of Aquarius scene from the 40 Year Old Virgin, which seems appropriate somehow.
    I think that technically, the 6 pounds of Shayne just changed its location, but it’s AWESOME NEWS anyway!
    And that yarn is perfect for a SoCal hippy chick. Wrap it up with some patchouli and send it OUT.
    Congrats to all Shaynes everywhere. Shaynegirlz rock! Group hug!
    xo Kay

  16. Congrats new babies are the best! I love the rainbow of Luv. I am sure it will get used a lot. I have a Bib o Luv the matches it should you need it.;)

  17. I love the rainbow of color – wish I could find some of that – it is like a 60’s flashback πŸ˜‰
    Congratulations on the new niece

  18. I think you CO the perfect # to get perfect stripes. That’s a cosmic moment too. Congrats on the new neice. I hope you live close enough to hug her often.

  19. Ok I learned my lesson. I read Kay’s post about new baby girl Shayne before Ann’s nice I have a new niece Posting. I was very confused for a minute about which Shayne was having a new baby girl. I love rainbow yarn. And it’s a nice cool cotton too. What great joy in the Shayne residences all the way around.

  20. Congrats on the baby and the cloth. Cristina, I think I have the Preppy Handbook Ombre too–making a dishcloth for the MIL, her kitchen is all preppy handbook colours–say no more.

  21. Hi yall,
    I wrote to you a couple of years ago when my friend was killed (by a drunk driver at 10 am on a Sunday! Grrrrr….) and told you your book gave me comfort during that time. Well, guess what: during my week of mourning I knit one of these for my pregnant next door neighbor. She loved it. The baby is a year old and busy running around his yard nekkid.
    Thanks again!

  22. what a lovely loveing event
    tis the fairys who led you to the closet
    they love rainbows and watching over babies
    the bib is so happy looking
    big bibs for adults for pary time
    perhaps pattern help she willneed
    fairyopolis in her life lovely books

  23. Wow! I’m just happy to see that I’m not the only one with a “shelf of cones of yarn”!
    Congrats on the new baby too!

  24. Wow! I’m just happy to see that I’m not the only one with a “shelf of cones of yarn”!
    Congrats on the new baby too!

  25. Wow! Congrats – we do have these intuitions, don’t we? And THAT is one gorgeous, stunning cloth! The colors!
    She’ll be a happy, happy baby in that!

  26. Congrats on the baby in the Shayne family. I love the burp cloth. All that rainbow is just right for spitting up on. πŸ™‚


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