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The Road To Recovery

Dear Ann,
I’m so glad we got that out of our system. I’m told that after a couple of weeks, one’s eyebrows return to a tint that bears some reference to the natural world. Looking forward to that.
Meanwhile, I’m getting something else out of my system: my very own Kiki Mariko rug.
This is not portable knitting, and as you know I have a broad concept of portability in the fiber arts. (Yesterday I was winding a tangled hank of Euroflax on the C train. Nothing to see here, people. Yes, I’m cutting it! Like you wouldn’t cut this mess? Please.) After a couple of hours, your Kiki Mariko is the size of a standard poodle. A couple more hours, you’ve got a St. Bernard on your lap. It’s a beast, and I’m only about a quarter of the way in. It’s very warm; would make good dogsled knitting.
I made some mods. I cast on more stitches so that I’ll end up with a more squarish shape to fit the spot on the floor that I have in mind. And while I started out following an 8-color sequence as in the pattern, I got bored when it started to repeat. (I’m very shallow.) I felt a lack of contrastiness. So I went back to the store and got a few more colors to throw into the mix. I’m not going for “balance” here. I’m going for eye candy, a bit of that off-balance Gee’s Bend look. My yarns are a mix of Lamb’s Pride Bulky from stash and store, and Manos bits and bobs from here and there. I know Manos is kind of hifalutin’ for rug yarn, but I had some, and none of one color, and it seemed like the right thing to do at the time.
I’m bringing this WIP with me to Chicago, even though it’s too big to knit on the plane without calling attention to myself, so that people can (a) see just how big a tube you have to knit if you want to end up with a large luscious chewy felted rug and (b) try it on as a skirt. With any luck it will be a strapless ballgown by Sunday.
TONIGHT, we will be at YarnCon! Bring us your tiny hats! Bring us your eyelash-glue removal tips!




  1. Well, the rug looks impressive so far. I’d be all for trying it on as a skirt/minidress/ballgown, but sadly, I don’t live in the Chicago area. Have a great trip!

  2. Cool lookin scrap rug you got there. Was watching some old season one Project Runway episodes last eve… sigh, the bygone days of Austin Scarlett and the world of couture. Wait! Do ya think the rug/gown will be coming to Portland? It could be respectably long enough by then to drag behind us down the runway/aisles of Powell’s– bring it on!

  3. Brr– that Lamb’s Pride Bulky sure looks cozy this morning 😉 have a fab trip, have a fun time!! mwah

  4. That sounds awesome, but how are you going to felt that beast?

  5. It’s a good choice. You can wear it as a skirt in the mornings when it is bitter cold here (seriously, have you looked at the weather?). Can’t wait to see you guys!

  6. Yeah, how big is your washing machine, anyways!
    Verrry pretty colours, indeed!

  7. Great rug. I need to make one of those!– Amy

  8. Hmmm, a dogsled blanket, maybe a dog blanket, mine would like that.

  9. Since you mentioned Gee’s Bend quilts, I just wanted to make sure you knew that they are being exhibited in Philadelphia until December 14th at the Phil Museum of Art. I saw the show at the Whitney years ago, and I must go see it again. It’s just so fabulous to these works of art in person.

  10. Olive oil to remove eyelash glue.
    Knit on!

  11. ! That is so beautiful. I really love how the colors are working together — it will be such a nice hit of color as autumn sets in.

  12. Just got the book the other day and all the Fair Isle projects are divine! Sucks that my eyes completely glaze over any time I try to figure out how you go about knitting them, but someday I WILL sit down and learn. You both are a riot and bring such fun to knitting, thanks!

  13. Wow! Beautiful.

  14. Such pretty knitting! It makes me think of the way some yarns look in the hank, and then knitting them into a fabric is sometimes less satisfying…you’ve created the pre-knit effect BY knitting! How cool is that?
    of course this is all just my reaction…hope it comes across as a compliment!

  15. Kay, about that Euroflax yarn, obviously you haven’t been to the Knot A Problem group on Ravelry. It’s a group of weirdos, umm, people, who actually love to untangle skeins or yarn! And, they’re willing to provide untangling service to others who don’t relish that task.
    Mary G. in Texas (yes, I’m a member of the group)

  16. You DYED your eyebrows? That’s commitment to art!
    Oh yea, Kay, now that I look closely, I see that those brows are not of a color found in nature!
    Your fan

  17. Hey Kay. That rug will be at least 5 feet tall when you get it ready for the washer. Just ask a 4 foot 11 inch knitter. It’s not real good for KIP but you could shock them at the airport if you tried. I love your rug. It’s yummy. I would be making one myself if I didn’t have about 23 Christmas trees left on my list to finish and a bunch of presents to finish along the way too.

  18. Mineral oil (ie baby oil) will take the glue right off.
    Loved the video.
    Excited to see what the rug looks like flat.


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