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Ultimate Beach Blanket

Dear Ann,
Try to imagine the thrill I got when I opened the email containing this photo:
About an hour ago, in London, my e-pal Belinda finished putting the border on this mitered squares blanket. In case you have been dozing off during my previous lectures about denim yarn, let me point out that this is an all-denim blanket. You know how the Kay loves the denim. You know how the Kay loves the mitered squares. Super Fantastic!
This blanket may well be the Mother of All Mitered Square Blankets. The Big Dog. The Whole Enchilada. It has 100 miters in it, to make 25 squares. (My own blanket had a paltry 80 miters.) A month or two ago, I made one square to show my support for mitered squares, denim, and Belinda. Here it is:
Can you find it?
Here’s a fun fact: the border on this blanket was made in one piece. Belinda picked up stitches (presumably on a custom-made super-long circular needle) around all four edges. She picked up one stitch at the exact point of each corner, and increased one stitch before and one stitch after that center stitch on every other row, to miter the corners (how appropriate). Think about that. I’m guessing, what—1000 stitches per round? Belinda is out of her mind. In a good way, of course.
As we speak, this blanket is in the washing machine getting its border faded and shrunk. Hopefully Belinda will send us a glorious finished picture worthy of Rembrandt.
Belinda: On behalf of miter-nuts and denim-freaks around the globe, my blue needles bow down to you.
Happy weekend!
Love, Kay




  1. Ultimate, indeed! I was just thinking about miters while browsing the Webs sale, as there’s some cotton possibility more reasonable than the DB Cotton Angora (which is going to become a cushion). . .

  2. It’s me again. Thought I’d scope the archives before asking if I’d just totally spaced on seeing the completed creamsicle blankie. Which leads me to ask about this comment from you: “I’m knitting them together (pick up stitches and 3-needle bindoff)” Huh? Is that about seaming, or some ’round-the-square technique we should all know? XXO

  3. Enquiring minds want to know – will Belinda ever get the blue dye off her hands ?? Now that is a seriously impressive throw. Gorgeous.

  4. Wow!
    (I’m now speechless, I can’t say anymore and nothing I could say would do this justice)

  5. Oh, man. Belinda has blown my mind, totally blown it! I so covet that thing that’s it’s just unholy. What a beautiful blanket. Jeepers.

  6. WOW! I was just keeping DH awake last night trying to talk to him about mitered squares. What an a gorgeous blanket! Amd the border all in one piece, am still trying to get my head around that…

  7. Beautiful! And like all Denim nearly indestructible. So use it with pride to see that green-eyed envy in all who behold it.

  8. Be still my heart! That is the coolest afghan I’ve seen since the great Beach Blanket of 2004, what a tremendous undertaking! The more I see those crazy miters, the more I need to start mine!! I know I keep threatening to do it, but I just need to finiah a couple more projects…100 squares…hmmm…do I dare?

  9. I am not worthy. I was posting about what to knit for my niece who is headed off to college (afghan?) and was referred here. An hour later, after reading and re-reading the seaming post, I realize that I will now be thinking about this for the next 48 hours. Hats off to Belinda and Kay! But I think I might reserve this level of knitting ambition for my own offspring.

  10. That blanket is amazing. I can’t imagine what length cable she used for the border. The longest I know of is 60″ but that couldn’t be long enough, could it?

  11. Wow … that’s beautiful!

  12. Just jaw-dropping amazing!!

  13. that blanket is just gorgeous! i am jealous of the square action going on around here. belinda did a fantastic job!

  14. I want it. Now. Absolutely Fabulous! Need to make mitered squares. Now.

  15. That’s freaking gorgeous! I don’t even want to imagine knitting the border like that. Holy stuff! You definitely need to get a finished pic. I think I might need to check back in the morning to be sure that I didn’t imagine this.

  16. Simply fantastic!!! Just put me to shame for not even able to finish a denim sweater properly.

  17. Thank you all for your lovely comments, and yes, the hands are skin coloured again. I actually used 4 circulars to do the border, but didn’t enjoy it at all. Finished pic later. Mitred squares are just so hypnotic to knit, it went really quickly. And for the record, Kay’s is right in the very centre.

  18. I love that blanket. I haven’t seen anything using all the denim shades together till now. I just bought 15 skeins of ecru, tennessee and dk cotton red and I’m regretting it! I should have gone all-blue! The next blanket will be all blue! How beautiful! Annhb

  19. Oh! I’m speechless! You are my kindred spirit, the queen of mitered squares!

  20. I love it! It definitely looks worthy of a good lie down. Which is exactly what I would have to do if I had picked up all those damn stitches.

  21. Absolutely stunning and inspiring (and I think I managed to spot your square!).

  22. As someone who is still suspicious of the whole “shrink to fit” promise of Rowan Denim, despite Kay’s continued testimonials, I’m just shivering at the question of how in the heck the border magically shrinks with the blanket. But it is beautiful!

  23. Late to the party (bloglines didn’t tell me you’d written)
    Wow. Like as in doing the math, bad enough that I have been dreaming of making a mitered square afghan of my own since the wonton display of Kay’s last fall, but in denim? All hopes for Kim Hargreaves denim aran (or even a meager scarf) has just died a quiet death. Give me Mitered Squares.

  24. I have to kowtow to Belinda for her patience! That is great stuff!

  25. That is one superb blanket! I have to admit I am jealous, no doubt about it…

  26. Amazing. So inspiring…
    Question- what yarn was used?

  27. Wonton? Kowtow? How come I’m the last person to know about these Chinese buffets?
    No, really, this blanket is amazing. When the page loaded I thought for a moment Kay was showing a picture of the bottom of a beautifully tiled swimming pool because of the psycho-square rippled effect.
    Belinda, did each side of the border have it’s own circular needle or did you run the cable along each corner and have the needles meet in the middle of each side?

  28. Each side of the border sort of had a needle to itself but I wasn’t too worried about keeping it even (mainly due to two lots of different needle lengths, ahem). I have to say I didn’t count any sts as it would have been too scary, but I was averaging around 1.5 – 1.75 hours to knit a round. I don’t know what came over me. Madness, as Kay said. It’s rippling a bit in the picture because it had been tumble dryed but left screwed up whilst I was knitting the border. Currently it’s back in the washer again (can’t resist the fading) but this time when it’s nearly dry I’ll spread it out properly and smooth it, then I will take a ‘finished’ photo, send it to Kay and if she’s feeling happy she might put that up.
    And Evelyn, I’m with Kay, denim is the best – go for it, really.

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