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What’s New In Dishcloth Design

Dear Ann,
Once again, I’ve been moonlighting from my full-time job as your part-time correspondent. Now, Miss Ann: I know you love dishcloths. I also know you don’t love them as much as I do. You like dishcloths, but you never get a crazy jones to knit 2 dozen dishcloths, ever. So, occasionally, I stray. I hang out with my dishrag peeps, and we get to cooking up dishrags. Crazy stuff.
Over the summer, I heard from Janet Nogle, one of the moms of the Monthly Dishcloth Knitalong (the longest-running dishcloth knitalong in show business). Janet, aka Sistah Wafflestitch, aka Our Lady of Sparkling Formica, invited me to contribute to the second annual Dishcloth Calendar for 2008. HECKYEAH! You don’t have to ask me twice! (Dishcloths fall off me when I’m walking.)
Here’s my entry for 2008:
The aptly-named Sunflower. I love it so much that I do not use it as a dishrag. I use it as an oversized coaster, and sometimes as a clock-radio cozy. I just like looking at it. For a dishcloth, it’s a lot of trouble. But on those days when nothing but a high-maintenance dishcloth will do, this is the dishcloth to knit.
This year, the Dishcloth Calendar is NEW and IMPROVED. You download it, for instant gratification. It’s well stocked with cheerful knitty goodness for the kitchen, bath and babies. (I know, because I got to photograph some of the entries in person.) For more information or to order, go here. (As I did last year, I will donate any designer compensation that I receive to Oliver’s Fund.)
Speaking of Oliver’s Fund, I have finally located some sock yarn to knit a few little squares for this fine project. Not being a sock knitter, I had thought my sock-yarn cupboard was bare. (Oh NO! Need to buy yarn!) Then I remembered that the sock knitters sometimes use the KOIGU, no? I had a bit of that, so I’m off to the races. I think it would be vastly more fun to use leftover sock yarn, but in my case that won’t work. As they say in Posh Nosh: “Prepare your leftovers” (of sock yarn) and join in!
Love, Kay

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  1. It must be something in the air??? I’ve been working on dishcloths too. :O) Got a hankering for them and actually needed a couple and it was a great way to avoid the grandson’s boring blue vest which should have been done long ago. (don’t talk to me about the gifts I’m knitting for Christmas….) :O) The dishcloth urge needs to be followed, though. So I did! I like the sunflower design. Gorgeous!

  2. Oooh, what is that slip-stitchy little stitch. I’m thinking Chanel jacket by way of dishcloth…

  3. That is just the thing for a cold day!

  4. okay, now I’ve got ANOTHER Brit Com I can’t live without. Where did you ever find Posh Nosh?
    Dishcloths are GORGEOUS by the way. That sunflower would not come into contact with a dirty dish in my house either.
    Keep em coming.

  5. I did catch your dishcloth fever once upon a time and it could reinfect at any moment. but in truth your statement ‘for a dishcloth it’s a lot of trouble’ could apply to the whole damn ball of wax. Honestly, once we are knitting dishcloths, can any single pattern be too much trouble?

  6. I’m gob smacked – to coin a phrase. Many thanks for posting about Oliver’s Blanket on your blog. If everyone who has headed over to The Stash Basket knits a square and buys even 1 ticket, our little friend will soon have his Flip-Flop Blue wheel chair! Thank-you everyone in eager anticipation!

  7. Purty.. pretty… PREEEETY… nice..
    Adding one more thing to my list ‘of to do things’ when my tendon injury gets well.

  8. WOW-zers, that darl’in sunflower dishrag just knocked me over!….and a whole year of dishrag glory on a calendar?!! I feel like it’s my birthday!

  9. “prairie points” on a dishcloth. tres chic!!!

  10. Kay, I really did think I was the ONLY one who had dishcloths falling off of them. Glad that I’m not alone in this obsession. Knit on, Carolyn in NC

  11. Kay, and I thought I was the only one with dishcloths falling off of me. Glad to hear I’m not the only one with this obsession. And that bookish girl baby quilt is just too cute for words.
    both a quilter and a knitter in NC, Carolyn

  12. Great dishcloths! And yay, Posh Nosh!

  13. Oh, gawd. I LOVE that dishcloth. I hope a pattern shows up somewhere….

  14. You mean there are other dishcloths to knit besides ballbands? I love the new design!

  15. Oliver’s story is just what I needed today. Thanks! Now, does anybody by chance know about how many stitches in standard sock yarn and guage would yield a 4″ mitre square? That way I could spend more time knitting them and less time trying to figure out how many stitches to cast on.

  16. What’s the possibility of sharing your dishcloth patterns, esp. the sunflower? I haven’t seen any in the magazines I buy. I’ll look next trip to the yarn shoppe. Thanks. Janfar.

  17. (just keeled over from sunflower dishcloth envy)
    are the patterns in the calendar? hmmmm?

  18. There once was a dame with a cooker
    Who searched every shelf, niche and nook(er)
    For a recipe nice
    To make pudding from rice
    That would sweeten the sour’st old…well, you know.

  19. The calendar flew off the printer at 1:00am this morning, and I am impressed. Great job Kay! Dug through the 30 balls of cotton in my stash and found the colors for Sunflower Dishrag #1. So Get on board, People, and download your copy…there are treasures to be found and dishrags to be knit!! go, GO!!!! ( I got that “birthday” after all)

  20. I’ll never forget the time I became aware of the term, “dishrag.” I used that term without thinking and my college friends, there in the dorm kitchen with me, said “A WHAT?” My humble roots shone through my cool college veneer just every so slightly and I never used that term again. Nonetheless, I just love “dishrag” now. It conjurs up images of my grandmother in her kitchen.

  21. I have a dish washer so the dishrag thing is kind of lost on me. Kaffe Fassett has a web site with his bio on it on the web it is interesting I thought you all might want to read it. The attire of her majesty was pretty good. I had to work so I did not partaketh of the festivities of yeserday eve’n. hop every one had fun…Christine sellin cars in maryland


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