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Yo My Dishrag Peeps

To my fellow Earthlings who have an irrepressible urge and an irrational exuberance for knitting dishrags and other sassy items for kitchen and bath,
G R E E T I N G S:
I have News. THE DISHCLOTH CALENDAR IS ON SALE TODAY! THE DISHCLOTH CALENDAR IS ON SALE TODAY! Janet Nogle has organized the first-ever-that-we-know-of calendar with knitting patterns for dishcloths, washcloths, and other spa and kitchen items. I haven’t seen it yet, but I am so excited I can barely…do the dishes.
To pre-order a calendar, go here and follow Janet’s instructions.
I submitted my humble pattern out of pure stinkin’ vanity and the pride of being asked. Recently, though, I learned that those who contributed designs to the calendar are going to be sharing the proceeds of sale. Oh boy! I love a windfall–and I will be donating my share of this found money to Oliver’s Fund.. Emma and Allan are still raising money for the expensive lift that will enable them to transport Oliver’s heavy electronic wheelchair by car. This added mobility will make the chair–which was purchased with the help of knitting bloggers and blog readers from all over–much more beneficial. Earlier this year, I saw Oliver and his new chair in action. It’s amazing what a 7-year-old can do with a little added horsepower.
Dishcloth Knitters, ACTIVATE!
Love, Kay

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  1. Okay, okay!

  2. ps, the link she is not working so good.

  3. hmmmm…already have my calendar for next year but i went and donated a bit to oliver’s fund anyway! what a cutie! (and nice dishcloths, too…yowza)

  4. Thanks Mary, I fixed the link (I think—darn Blogger!). Go forth and beget ye dishrags. xox Kay

  5. Well being that I am both a dishcloth knitter and a wheelchair user, how can I not order! Thanks for the link ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Time to shop!

  7. What could be a better cause??

  8. Excellent colors, useful object, good cause, who can refuse?

  9. Just ordered the calendar. I think your design will make good use of the odds and ends left over from your “Mason/Dixon” washcloth – that are oh so addictive!!
    Looking forward to your cushion class in Omaha.

  10. awesome & thanks for the tip. the dishcloths your made remind me of those great denyse schmidt fabrics using a similar color palette.

  11. Where do you get that brown yarn? Is it Peaches (or Sugar) and Cream?
    I don’t think I’ve seen brown at Michael’s, Jo-Ann’s or AC Moore. Unless I’m wrong, and I’m cool with that. My local walmarts have crapola for cotton (but all the acrylic you could want).
    Or do you just buy coffee table-sized spindles right from the manufacturer?
    And that blue seems a lot lighter and nicer than my bright blue…


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