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911: Personal Grooming Emergency!

Well, I would be studying up on Blogging 101, shopping for more software and electronics, and solving all my pixel issues, but catastrophe struck yesterday afternoon in the form of a chip in the polish on my big toe. I can assure you, Ann, that I will not leave the house in this condition, and not just because I’m scared that a madwoman will come after me with a bottle of Cutex. I’m dropping everything and making haste to the pedicure fix-it joint, PDQ. Have a nice weekend, dear readers. Double dog dare somebody to make, and wear, Cherry Boobs. [Note from Ann: I added a link for our friends who haven’t yet seen this. Scroll down once you click the link. It’s the sweater with the, um, cherry boobs.]



  1. Cherry boobs: ha, ha and no way!

  2. Kay, thank God you’ve got the sense to recognize a grooming crisis when it whacks you in the face.

  3. I’m there (for cherry boobs) provided the compensation is right… my mama didn’t raise a shrinking violet and now that I’m a ‘respectable’ grown-up I prefer to humilate myself on my terms …so I’ll go get the wool next time I’m in Liberty. Would you like a matching top ?

  4. Hey, a pedicure emergency is still an emergency! Cherry Boobs, yoiks! I’m afraid. Is there a link?

  5. Rene–OF COURSE we needed to add a link. See the entry now for your own personal peek at the season’s fruitiest sweater.

  6. Oh. My. God. My retinas are burned, and possibly scabbing over. Clearly, Kim Hargreaves needs to design a matching skirt, Cherry Butt, so the fabulousness can catch you coming and going.

  7. LOL Rene!!!! Sounds like something that really NEEDS to be on Knitty…..Design it!!
    A whole new meaning to Fruit of the Loom.
    Must get my own Cherry Butt off the blog (which burns shockingly few calories) and to the gym.


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