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A 4:32 a.m. Tribute

Dear Kay,
It’s 4:16 a.m. Do you know where your four year old is? I know where mine is: IN MY BED. As is his wont, he clambered in and conked out. I’m awake, bleary and bloggy.
Here Clif sits, on the last day of soccer this season, in our Harris-Teeter grocery store giveaway chair. Oh, how many afternoons have I sat in this chair, watching Clif pretend he is a Transformer while his teammates scurry about playing soccer. Oh, how I have wondered whether athletic prowess is genetic. Oh, how very much knitting has taken place in this chair.
I’m going back to bed. Honestly.



  1. I was wondering why you were awake as you reminisced about Tuxedo Park.
    RE: soccer. My brother-in-law Jack, who coaches soccer and who has two athletically gifted children, tells me that standing out in the grass gazing skyward and picking one’s nose is perfectly normal up to age 8. So you’re OK.
    I bought wool today. I had not planned on knitting anything, but I have not seen any gloves I would let anywhere near me. I bought a 75/25 fuzzy blend and some minuscule dp needles. Black, of course. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  2. Having finally trained my older son that under NO circumstances (absent his brother throwing up) is he allowed to wake us before 6 am (5:30 is at his preferred time), he crawls into bed at 5:12 this morning and says “Mommy, is it 5 or 6? I can’t tell.” Curses! We forgot to reset his clock this past weekend! Explaining this to my husband later in the morning (who of course slept through the exchange), the helpful man observes “well, that was stupid of us.”
    Love your knitting chair. After avoiding organized sports like the plague (who wants to schlep around in search of soccer fields on a Saturday morning when we could be home watching cartoons and making omelettes?) I have since discovered that they are optimal for nice chunks of uninterrupted knitting time! During the day while I’m awake instead of at night after two glasses of wine! So yes, son, I think you should take more karate classes. Let’s get to yellow belt at least, shall we?

  3. I have to confess that it was upon seeing a pack of little boys in Central Park wearing shin guards just like these, many years ago when I used to do things like run in Central Park, that I made up my mind that it would be ‘o.k.’ if one of my future children turned out to be a boy. “OK”????!!!!!
    Mine also loves to wander the sidelines, looking skyward, while feisty, pint-sized females go for the goal. What’s UP with that? Glad it’s got the ‘normal ’til age 8′ seal of approval, seeing as how there’s nothing I can do about it. xox Kay P.S. You really must give Clif a stern talking-to. (HA!)

  4. Mary Neal–It is required of you as our Senior Correspondent, Fiber Arts, Tbilisi Bureau, to give us You Are There details about this purchase of black yarn. Where did you buy it? What else were they selling? Is there a group of Soviet Geogian women you could hunker down with and have a polyglot stitch n bitch? Do you need a pattern? We can airlift one to you if need be, or call you on our satphone and read it to you.
    Your concerned sister-in-law,

  5. I, too, have a soccer chair upon which tons of knitting gets accomplished. However, it’s my husband running around, not a sprog, and I’m guessing there’s less staring at the sky. Amongst the wives and fiancees and girlfriends, there is a pact: if you’re knitting or chatting and your honey does something great, like get or block a goal, everyone fills you in on it, so you can be really impressed at halftime. Hey, it works, and the sleeves are done. 🙂

  6. Rene–how great to get ‘Instant Replays’ the old-fashioned word-of-mouth way!

  7. ann–
    for awhile i, too, was waking up early, early in the morning….usually 4:44 am. every day, give or take a minute or two. fortunately, that passed. if i ever get back into waking up at that hour again, feel free to call. kidlit cliff is a v. handsome boy.

  8. i have to say that i look forward to the day when 10 month old cameron knows that he needs to sleep IN!!!


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