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Afghan Photo Shoot

Dear Ann,
Remember the Afghanalong for Afghans? Remember how dutiful I was about taking pictures of every square so that all could ogle and kvell? Remember how I sucked at taking pictures of the finished afghans before sending them off to Afghans for Afghans? Remember how you mentioned that to me, in a spirit of love?
Well, in a spirit of love, I managed to take some pictures when I was packing up our most recent shipment. These are blankets that were finished up at off-site sew-up bees. Enjoy!
The Green, Green Afghan of Chicago
Green is a special color in Islam. So this is a special afghan. A while back, I sent off a bunch of green squares to Evelyn in Chicago. She and Susan, another Chicagoan, got together (they had never met) a few times and sewed it up. Eventually, after the blanket spent some time in Evelyn’s bathtub with the rest of her stash, they managed to say goodbye to it. Isn’t it something?
This afghan totally validates the ‘Sea of One Color’ approach to square-sorting, in my opinion.
Le Rouge et la Rose
Amber, who came to the New York Sew-up Bee last September (scroll down to September 14 for a glimpse of Amber laying out squares), volunteered her Brooklyn stitch n’ bitch group, not only to sew up an entire afghan, but to tidy and border the all-red afghan that was started but not finished at the sew-up party. A while back, we arranged a coffee bar hand-off, where I received a shopping bag containing these two beauties.
Le Grand Rouge. O, la la! The Sea of Red!
The Perky Pastel Afghan. I was really worried about this one. I fretted about pastels looking flat, and somebody in Afghanistan saying, ‘Sorry, we don’t do pink.’ But I’m not worried anymore. I love this blanket. It sings. I think the key is the citrusy yellows, which wake up the pallid shades.
I also love the happy surprises: a crochet square and its neighboring avant-garde intarsia square, and a square embellished with crochet roses.
Off they go, with a dishcloth cotton one we’ve already shown, on the first leg of their journey to Afghanistan. Goodbye, my little afghans! Go in peace!
Love, Kay
P.S. I hope this digression about knitting doesn’t impede the mighty river of reminiscences about Mr. Bradley The Electrocutin’ Anti-Darwinian Biology Teacher, in the comments to yesterday’s post.



  1. Ah, if only everyone could realise that peace is as colourful and love filled as these Afghans then the world might smile a great deal more. All of them will I am sure be treasured by their recipients but suspect the green one will become a treasure of the kind that peace can only express.
    Maybe a bedspread for Benedict will remind him of his peace pledge:0)

  2. The afghans are beautiful in so many ways.
    Also, excellent article about MDK linked on the right! Don’t miss it, everyone.

  3. Funny how it looks more like a real afghan on a sofa. The bathtub clearly didn’t do it justice. (Although I should clarify, as Susan can attest, the bathtub does not hold “the rest” of the stash. “The rest” is housed in many other places, including the 7th floor storage locker lovingly referred to by my husband and neighbors as the Yarn Annex. The bathtub just holds the “what I want to knit right now” part of the stash.)
    Love this trio. They all just look so happy!

  4. Ahhh, shucks. So nice to see the afghans again – somehow they DO look better through the eyes of the Kay-cam. And the crochet square is a subversive! A knitter who had just barely learned to crochet and said “What’s with the hookin’ stigma, man? I’m making one for center stage!” Though we can note that it is topped with a knitted, not crocheted flower, another act of yarn standard subversion.
    Glad you like the wacky intarsia – those two squares were actually last minute “We need two more! With yellow and pink!” The entire time I was knitting the intarsia, I was thinking “This is so bizarre, what am I doing? What is this? This is so weird! Can I stand to even put it in there?”
    Making squares was such a joy, and such a release from the usual knitting contraints:
    Yes, but will I LIKE it?
    What if I don’t want that in that EXACT spot?
    Is this really the right yarn to use?
    Do I have enough of it?
    The answer, when knitting squares for afghans, is just yes, yes, yes, do, do, do, it will be fine, it doesn’t matter, it’s not the end-all be-all, JUST DO IT. Throw in the stripes, crazy new stitch patterns, and somehow, if you have a Kay-cam & the magic of sort-by-color, it all works out.

  5. Fantasticfghans.They’re all beautiful.
    Emma [the totally out of step person who still thi0nks de-cluttering is a bad thing !].

  6. Aw, Kay, sorry to semi-nag you about taking photos. But LOOK AT THOSE AFGHANS. Fantabbyfabulous. I so wish we could see who’s going to be receiving the blankets.
    Evelyn, the bathtub stash. Too funny.
    And Amber, right on! Just knit already.

  7. They all look great! The color sorting definitely worked. I’m always too afraid the different shades of pink will clash, but it so works πŸ™‚

  8. What a lovely project!

  9. I see my squares. I {heart} those afghans…. simply gorgeous.

  10. so that world map sweater, i know that woman to made it. I have seen it in the flesh.

  11. The afghans are simply gorgeous. I am at amazed at what an assorted pile of squares from all over the world could become! Wonderful!!

  12. you gals have made this a much better world with color and love and stitches from the heart!

  13. Although I am not a green lover I just adore the green afghan (and the others too of course) They are all soooo lovely and put together with so much taste, it’s amazing.
    Best wishes from Germany

  14. I love the afghans! They are so beautiful … partly I think is because of the beautiful souls making them! Congratulations on the accomplishment!

  15. oh! through this post I just learned about Afghanalong for Afghans and am SO sorry I missed it. Do you know of others? I’ve always wanted to contribute to Afghans for Afghans but am dettered by the though of an entire afghan (not a good excuse, I know!) but this is such a lovely idea!

  16. Wow they are beautiful!!!

  17. Every time I see a photo of a finished afghan, I’ve this funny tinge going over, it must be love.

  18. gorgeous afghans! What a wonderful project!

  19. …wow. (your photos of afghans seem to be timed to deliver beauty & inspiration at precisely the right moment!) what gorgoeous pieces of handiwork! cheers

  20. beautiful.

  21. Oh my, I’m getting a little misty looking at the Green Afghan. It LOOKS SO NICE through the Kay-cam lens! It seems like such a long time ago… and yet, I can hardly believe its done. You mean we’re done?!?
    Amber is so right about being freed from the usual knitting restraints. It was good prep for the weekend of classes I just had with the wonderful Debbie New. Oh my.
    About (as my daughter calls her) My New Best Friend Evelyn’s Bathtub Stash: it’s the perfect stash place! I’ve seen it, and I love it. If you saw it, you would want to knit it right now too. Its enough to make me move my Car Trunk Stash inside the house.
    Thanks Kay and Ann, for the whole darn experience. A blankie, a new knitting buddy, a whole lot of inspiration…
    xxxooo, Susan

  22. I love them! Beautiful, gorgeous! I wish I could be there, take a part in your sew-up parties. πŸ™‚

  23. The afgans look great! Kudos to the sewer-uppers.

  24. September? gee, I won’t fee so bad about only having one of my two finished. I am meaning to ask you for the address to send them off to, because I’m THAT close (hlding up my thumb and other thumb).

  25. While you were enjoying your last-minute seder preps, I was hosting my own little afghanalong! We were short a few sewer-uppers because they too were cooking all day, but my school moms sewed up 101 squares into 2 great blankets which we will raffle off in May. I had to bring the laptop into the living room to show them this entry!
    If you ever write a book on “How to Have a Sew-Up” include chapters on The Woman with the Pins, and Masking Tape Labels are your Friends. We were even (mostly) done before it was polite to get out the gin, so it was entirely fueled by coffee and pizza (and muffins and bread and Timbits and ….). The whole thing was really inspired by photos and sew-up party reports on various blogs, so thank you for that!
    We’re handing the blankets off to crocheters on Monday for borders, but I’ll send you a pic of the completed masterpieces when I can! As if you need a picture of another afghan….


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