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Afghanalong Map Update

Dear Ann,
This is not just another Afghanalong Map Update. Throughout the last six months, the Afghanalong has brought many surprises (who could forget the ‘Haggis Whistle’ that accompanied Heather’s Scottish squares?) and moments of pure wonderment at the generosity of strangers. But this one takes the cake. So I will just give you the facts.
We have a reader, Tish, in New York State. Earlier this year, Tish wrote us a comment sharing that her sister Jenny is in the Army, stationed in Afghanistan. Soon after, Tish sent us some squares. Emotionally speaking, that was enough for me. I had not foreseen that we might get squares from soldiers’ families, and it was deeply moving.
Yesterday, I got another envelope from Tish, stuffed with squares.
Including this one:
And this note:
Enclosed are more afghan squares. One Noro Kureyon and the rest Peaches & Creme 100% cotton (cheap Wal-Mart clearance, but they get softer w/ each wash and wear well!) One of the rainbow squares is via my sister (she learned how to knit as a child, but claims to have forgotten so I knit it and had her send it back so you could mark A-stan off on your map). ….. She is working with women’s groups to make sure their concerns are being heard.
I hope this gets to you in time. Sometimes the mail turnaround from here to A-stan and back is only a week or two and sometimes more like a month or two (the square had a long trip!) I’ve enclosed photos of my sister…..Take Care. Tish
P.S. My oldest son just shipped out to A-stan w/his unit. My sister hopes to meet up w/him this week. He is also a lapsed knitter!

Tish, here’s the updated map, showing A-stan in red:

And here is a photo of sister Jenny and a young Afghan friend:
Tish writes that Jenny’s tour was scheduled to expire in October, but she has extended it to spend more time working on Afghan women’s issues. We wish her all the best, and especially a safe return.
Thanks so much, Tish, Jenny and family.
Love, Kay
P.S. UPDATE! Tish just emailed me this fantastic picture of Jenny meeting up with Tish’s son Matt under the bright Afghanistan sky:
Would somebody PLEASE pass the Kleenex! Godspeed, Jenny & Matt!
Love, Kay



  1. Good golly! I’m not much of a weeper but this story even got me all misty!

  2. Truly heartwarming! I can’t help but feel so small sitting here in my air-conditioned office.

  3. This just made me weep… I think that it’s lovely that she had her sis send back the square so you could add Afghanistan to the map! Hey, do you have Iraq on there? I could try and have the bf send one back… I am so happy that Jenny and Matt were able to meet up over there!

  4. Excellent, most excellent post. Thank you, ladies!

  5. Throw the Kleenex this way across the pond….
    love, Jill

  6. Amazing! Good thing I’m at work and so have to control myself!

  7. What a moving story!!
    If the whole world population were as good hearted as knitters there would be no wars!

  8. Oh gosh, nothing like a good cry first thing in the morning. Good thing my 9:00 meeting is a phone conference (sniff, wipe, sniff). Just look what you guys have done. What a wonderful thing.

  9. !!! Thanks for making me all misty eyed. Boo Hoo to You Too!

  10. It’s so much more than knitting.
    Thanks Kay (and Tish! and family!) for helping us keep it all in perspective.

  11. I am verklempt! If only we could all be this way more often, perhaps there wouldn’t be the need (or the war conditions) in Afganistan. A big hug to our good people over there who are doing their best.

  12. Kleenex definitely! What a sweet story. Best wishes to Tish, Jenny & Matt and their families and I hope Jenny and Matt get to home soon.

  13. the tenderest of afghan related stories ever……
    “can we get the world to knit…. in perfect harmony?….” tra la…..
    waiting endlessly for delayed flights in airports, i always search out other knitters to sit with. why,… they are as lovely a group of humans, as are musicians, and even birders!

  14. *SOB* That is just all SO great!

  15. Ann and Kay … what you’re doing for the distressed people of Afghanistan is beyond words. I sent some squares a few months ago and am proud to be a part of this grassroots humanitarian effort. You inspire me!
    Thank you!

  16. Oh my. I’m stumped for words. Thanks.

  17. This is the ULTIMATE in heart-warming stories!

  18. That is just TOO COOL!

  19. Thank you for all of your good wishes. I’ll pass them along to Jenny and Matt.

  20. What a great story. Per mybrother-in-law (he just spent 10 months in Iraq and will start a 12 month tour in A-stan in March ’05), and as evidenced by Jenny’s work in the mideast, there is a lot of good going on in these countries. My brother-in-law is always quick to point out that the bad gets more press than the good. So, I am glad you are sharing the good!!!

  21. past the kleenex please….sniff

  22. I keep looking at that photo of Jenny and her Afghan friend, and that picture of Jenny and Matt, and I’m haunted by them. I hope so much that they’ll be home soon.


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