All My Squares Are Packed

Dear Ann,
I’m leaving in 10 minutes but had to turn the page and close the book on Soccer Pullover. I spent all afternoon yesterday sewing it up with a precision I can only attribute to trying to live up to my washing machine. (Mach schnell!)
This means that late last night I did a Panic Pack. Squares: check. Boot-leg jeans: check. Caryn’s Kerchief (seems perfectly Grand Ol’ Opry, don’t it?): check.
See ya later!
Love, Kay




  1. Have fun !

  2. thinking of you sewing, eating, sewing, eating,… partying, touring, and chatting until the wee hours…ENJOY!

  3. Don’t forget to give us an update, you two. Have fun! I really wish I could be there…

  4. I am sooo sad every time I think of all of you sewing up these fantastic blankets without me! Hopefully we’ll get to hear the full story of Ann & Kay after the weekend as consolation to those who could not attend… Hint, Hint….