If you’re Rhinebeck bound, we would love to see you at Jill Draper’s studio in Kingston on Saturday night. Details here.

All My Squares Are Packed

Dear Ann,
I’m leaving in 10 minutes but had to turn the page and close the book on Soccer Pullover. I spent all afternoon yesterday sewing it up with a precision I can only attribute to trying to live up to my washing machine. (Mach schnell!)
This means that late last night I did a Panic Pack. Squares: check. Boot-leg jeans: check. Caryn’s Kerchief (seems perfectly Grand Ol’ Opry, don’t it?): check.
See ya later!
Love, Kay




  1. Have fun !

  2. thinking of you sewing, eating, sewing, eating,… partying, touring, and chatting until the wee hours…ENJOY!

  3. Don’t forget to give us an update, you two. Have fun! I really wish I could be there…

  4. I am sooo sad every time I think of all of you sewing up these fantastic blankets without me! Hopefully we’ll get to hear the full story of Ann & Kay after the weekend as consolation to those who could not attend… Hint, Hint….


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