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And the Magpies go to . . .

Dear readers,
Merry Christmas, everybody! Kay and I have been reading and laughing and weeping ever since the Ultrafestive Holiday Contest began. We received over 70 entries, ranging from the sleek and minimal to a 200-word entry. You rewrote songs, rhymed “Rowan” and “growin’,” and cranked out the best yarn-related haiku and limericks the world has seen.
Now. The judging process. I now understand what it feels like to be the Pulitzer committee. Or The Bachelorette. As I said earlier, I wish I had seventy bales of Magpie to send out. I considered changing the rules and having a straight drawing, because the entries are uniformly fantastic. But my darling, literal Hubbo pointed out that a contest is a contest, and no mucking about with the works is allowed. So, after an agonizing process of printing out entries, spreading them all over the floor, and changing my mind about seventy times, I bring you the winners of the First-Ever Mason-Dixon Knitting Ultrafestive Holiday Contest:
First Prize
A double haiku, coming in at exactly 20 words including the clever, space-saving “two-for-one.”
With aran weight wool
my stitches fly off Addis;
results: delicious.
Covetously, I
haunt Rowan’s website, dreaming
of two-for-one sales.
Gwendolyn K.
Second Prize
Another haiku:
ain’t no boyfriend curse
gon’ stand between my man and
this rowan sweater.
Heather L.
Third Prize
my mom had cancer. had to move out of 2 apartments. was squeezed out of a job. starting over. again
Lisa M.
Fourth Prize
Not once have we met
Haven’t wrapped my fingers ’round you yet
Little short in the pocket
I’ll knit you up like a rocket
So, winners, please send your address and which color Magpie you prefer. (See December 8th’s letter if you need a refresher.) And to everyone who entered, we have a tiny little something we’d like to send you as a thank you. Please send along your address to ann[at]masondixonknitting.com.
What is most exciting about the Ultrafestive Holiday Contest is that we heard from knitters all the way around the world: London, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, Birmingham and Boston, New York and DC and Austin and Macon and points unidentified. So many new folks! So many .edu types! We hope to hear more about your adventures in pastry school, and law school, and med school, about mothering FIVE children, and getting that new job.
I’m a sometime lurker myself (the Museum of Auto Diesel History message board has no idea that I’m in there every day), so I understand your reticence. But in the new year we hope you guys (and we did have dude entries! Right on!) will become a part of Mason-Dixon Knitting. There’s plenty of latte in the carafe, so pull up a chair.



  1. Season’s Greetings.

  2. Merry Christmas (and Happy Hanukah!) all!

  3. NADOLIG LLAWEN! Light, laughter and love to you and yours.

  4. Merry Christmas and congratulations to the winners, whose entries are wonderful.

  5. Haikus must be in the air! I just posted a link on my blog to some great (authentic Japanese) knitting haiku. Mariko (Super Eggplant) was inspired to compose a haiku last night about her holiday baking. And now all of these wonderful haiku.
    Happy holidays everyone.

  6. The haikus were inspiring, so…
    Mason-Dixon rules!
    Though I don’t know how to knit,
    I still enjoy it.
    I don’t know if there’s a prize for the ABB rhyme structure in a haiku, but there you have it. Happy Holidays to all (and congrats to the contest winners…)!

  7. You chose the winners well! Happy Holidays.

  8. I am just thrilled to have Macon mention in MDK.
    Happy Holidays!

  9. thanks for the fun contest! can’t wait to see the next one. happy new year!


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