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Back from the Mountain

Two book ideas came out of my week in the mountains with sister Buffy:
1. How to Cook Without Actually Cooking. This book would explain how to use cereal for three meals a day. Could be subtitled “Leave the Flavorful World Behind.”
2. The No-Dishwasher Diet. This would be subtitled “Do Without Processed Foods and a Dishwasher! Lose Ten Pounds in a Week!” I noticed in my week without a dishwasher that I often forewent food because I didn’t want to handwash another dish. Well, imagine if I LIVED that way. No ice cream, no brownies, no fudge. I’d eat maybe once a day. And that thought led me to the next obvious thought: if I had to live the way the pioneers did (sans Pringles), without any of the exotic, processed delights that I live on (Famous Amos cookies), I would weigh less. If I had to make my own potato chips, well, I wouldn’t be making them. Or eating them. Except for being totally miserable, it would be great.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. All sentences that seem true should be questioned.


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