Best news all day: Clif’s friend is out of ICU, so much better. Love to you all for such kind thoughts.

Back from the Mountain

Two book ideas came out of my week in the mountains with sister Buffy:
1. How to Cook Without Actually Cooking. This book would explain how to use cereal for three meals a day. Could be subtitled “Leave the Flavorful World Behind.”
2. The No-Dishwasher Diet. This would be subtitled “Do Without Processed Foods and a Dishwasher! Lose Ten Pounds in a Week!” I noticed in my week without a dishwasher that I often forewent food because I didn’t want to handwash another dish. Well, imagine if I LIVED that way. No ice cream, no brownies, no fudge. I’d eat maybe once a day. And that thought led me to the next obvious thought: if I had to live the way the pioneers did (sans Pringles), without any of the exotic, processed delights that I live on (Famous Amos cookies), I would weigh less. If I had to make my own potato chips, well, I wouldn’t be making them. Or eating them. Except for being totally miserable, it would be great.

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1 Comment

  1. All sentences that seem true should be questioned.


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