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BID ON THE AFGHAN! And Celebrate the Olympic Spirit

Dear Kay,
Incredibly enough, I was unable to watch the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics, due to unforeseen whateverness. Reading the paper today, I see that I missed Giorgio Armani’s supermodel-carrying-the-Italian-flag part. I missed the Flame, the Teams, the part that was like a Fellini movie–oh wait.
I did get a glimpse of this:
and of course I burst into tears. There he was, Cardiovascular Mohawk Dude, that symbol of Olympics past and present. On his Ducati motorcycle, just like always.
This is just the nuttiest thing I have ever seen. I want to see the memo that went to the Olympics Organizing Committee pitching this idea. “And then, a majestic specimen of human perfection a man leaps into the spotlight in a flesh-colored bodysuit in a flesh-colored bodysuit with veins and arteries all over it, symbolizing the value of good cardiovascular health the triumph of Lipitor over cholesterol the heart and soul of the Olympic spirit, and leaps astride the Olympic torch a Ducati motorcycle, which symbolizes the sponsorship of the Ducati Corporation the grace and beauty of Italian mechanical engineering human endurance. Also he has a mohawk.”
Higher, faster, stronger, everybody! I managed to symbolically cast on last night at least four stitches in the name of my Knitting Olympics project, which has been more swamped in intrigue and confusion that the U.S. skeleton team. I gave up on knitting the Olympic mascot Glee because Clif took my wobbly cube of Glee’s head and is using it as a hockey puck. Just when I was giving up hope and had written my check out to Team Sit Over Here and Just Watch The Way You Always Do, I got an email from Mandy, our own Olympic athlete in the category of Pattern Writing. Along with a turbo assist from test-knitters Kathy of California and Kendall of Omaha, this pattern is tighter than Michelle Kwan’s quadriceps. I’m going to test-knit another one just to make sure it’s as perfect as it appears. And when I’m done, I hope all our noble neckline designers will be done with their Olympic Knitting and ready to take on the next challenge: the Perfect Sweater.
Back to Torino! And do not under any circumstance forget to bid on the Noro afghan we’re auctioning for charity!!!



  1. He was odd, but then so was Yoko Ono, the Ferrari doing donuts, the odd multi-legged siamese twin dancing things, did I mention Yoko Ono, the acrobatic hanging on the wall/turn into a dove show. Really the whole thing was just craptastic.

  2. Yeah, I didn’t get that guy either. The actual lighting of the torch was pretty cool, though, and seeing the ski-jumper made of people was kind of nifty . . . but, thanks Inky–I had left the room and came back just in time to say, “Was that Yoko Ono???” Glad to know I wasn’t losing my mind . . . it was just the event planners.

  3. whoa….”mohawk” dude’s hairdo looked like sly’s on the grammy’s. what’s up with this old-timey fashion statement?

  4. at first i thought the whole thing was very hoaky, but then i really starting watching.
    it was conceptual and modern, but symbolic and accessible as well – it was really an intelligent postmodern (if you will) interpretation of a typically tedious and predictable show.
    i loved it. i suspect if you’d gotten to see the whole thing you would have too.

  5. Wow, I wish I’d seen the ceremonies. They look, um, unique.
    Also: what’s up with the Mario-looking guy in the bottom right of that photo?

  6. I feel compelled to send you Mohawk dude’s web site:
    He is a decent dancer, but probably more known for his photogenic qualities — he takes a good picture.
    And the supermodel was Carla Bruni, who actually works in France these days, where she’s carved out a career as a singer/songwriter — her first album came out a couple of years ago, and it’s an exquisite little gem.
    And the Formula 1 fan in the house was tickled by the attempt to make the Olympic rings by the Ferrari test driver Luca Badoer.
    I liked it. I should probably be ashamed to admit it, but I liked it. It combined the Fellini-esque with the cheaply made Italian television spectacles, that you can’t help but love because their so kitschy.

  7. Mohawk dude is exactly the reason I don’t watch the opening OR closing ceremonies or much else in between. I happened to catch a second of the Cardiac Mohawk Hour as I was flipping channels and honestly, it was like a bad (and I mean bad) dream.
    As for Mohawk dude–can you imagine what his resume looks like?

  8. A bunch of us were on an Olympic Cast-On party at Nathania’s, and when the Cardio Mohawk Dude came on, someone said “ooh, we could knit his outfit!” I looked over, and just said “You knit what?!?!?!” (youknitwhat.blogspot.com), and everyone pretty much laughed and said “yeah….” :O

  9. That’s pretty nutty. And is it just me or does that guy(?) in the bottom right corner look just like Mario of Nintendo fame?

  10. No mention of the 1980s disco music the welcomed the World’s Best Athletes?? I was so distracted by the strains of YMCA that I could hardly make my normal sarcastic comments about the odd assortment of hats. One really small team (sorry, I forget which country) wore really cheap baseball caps, which made me understand that you Must Wear Hats during the opening ceremonies and this county clearly did not get the memo. I picture a member of the team running through the streets of Turin looking for six hats in their conutry’s color–and hat will do–“hurry, we are due right after the X-C skier from Kenya!!!!!”
    It’s all good.
    I did get a stack of thank-you notes written, though.
    Did you know Mohawk-dude Stripped to this Mr. Goodbody outfit….and that he was the choreographer?

  11. A lot of it reminded me of Cirque du Soleil – the surrealism, the gorgeous bodies. The Ferrari scared me – it’s so hard to make them go slow! It was all very Italian, which was cool.

  12. I hate to tell you, but Michelle Kwan just dropped out due to a groin pull. Her quads ain’t what they used to be.
    I about died laughing when Bob Costas said of the music, “If they play ‘Bette Davis Eyes’, my night will be complete.”
    At least Mohawk Man was Italian. What possessed them to use Yoko Ono?

  13. I’m thinking some of this Olympic frenzy knitting may be training us for Perfect Sweater knitting!

  14. I’m with Liz on the Bob Costas comment. I forced my husband to watch all of the “pagentry”. I don’t know why, it’s like the Oscar’s even though the show usually stinks, I must watch….


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