A one-minute audio linguistics lesson: how New Orleanians pronounce “Chartres.”

Blacked Out!

Dear Kay,
HOW GOES IT? I’m watching CNN and seeing the incredible sight of Manhattan REALLY after dark. As best I could tell from your email today, you made it out to Long Island before all this hit–did you lose power there, too? I realize, of course, that you’ll only see this after power has returned. Can’t wait to hear.
I’m thinking back to the five years I lived in Manhattan, wondering what it would have been like to walk home from Simon & Schuster all the way to Brooklyn Heights. Such a river of people! Amazing. The calm of everyone is striking. Not going to let a little power outage do us in . . .
I tried to reach my brother in New Paltz, without success. I’m thinking they’re in the soup, too, two hours north of the city.
Stay cool. Here’s a wave from Pawleys Island, South Carolina, to cool everybody off.
x0x0 Ann



  1. EEKS! Hope you are ok, Kay, out there! What a site indeed. But, being a native NY’er, I knew we had the sang froid to look cool in the dark!
    My brother in law’s dad had to take 2 ferrys, 2 taxis, and one crosstown stroll to make it home from Queens to NJ last night. Ew.

  2. Kristine–You’re a native New Yorker? I couldn’t tell from your accent.
    x0 A.

  3. Ann, indeedy I am! Brooklyn gal born and raised, at least til the age of 9 when we went to Northern NJ! I know, with an english mom, my accent wound up a bit too polite for NY’er, you know what I mean?


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