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“Blank Blankingly Wonderful”

Dear Ann,
“Blank blankingly wonderful”: that’s what they’re saying about the brand-new UK-based knitting magazine, The Knitter, which hits newstands in the UK and abroad TODAY. (If you click on the pictures, they get really big.)
(OK, “they” might be a little biased because they have some connection to the magazine, like “they” might be the editor of it, or something along those lines, but still–the vivid endorsement stuck in my mind.)
The Knitter, which I can’t stop calling “The Knittah” in my head, is available in Borders and Barnes & Nobles stores in the US, so look for it. (Ask for it! scream for it!)
What I like about The Knittah, from the sneak peaks so far, is that it is unapologetically aimed at the knitter with a bit of experience; it also has a sense of humor, and over-the-top photo styling. Perfect armchair knitting — and a swift kick in the pants for when you’ve knit one dishcloth or scarf too many and it’s time to get going on something a little more exerting.
Another thing I like about The Knittah is that they are not afraid to show a guy wearing a sweater and a kilt, as if this is happening on a regular basis in our lives in 2009. (Again, the theme of “be the change you want to see in the world.” If we want the kilt to survive–and we DO, oh we do!– we must make the men wear the kilts. )
They Had Us At “We Are British”
Here’s another sneak peak: Come February, we’re going to be IN The Knitter. They are cooking up something fun for us. We can’t wait. You and me, honey–IN THE U.K.! Can you stand it? Girly hug & hop! Jolly good! Tickety-boo!
To celebrate the arrival of a new knitting mag, we asked The Knitter to let us give away a subscription. A year of The Knitter –the inaugural year, and it’s a monthly magazine isn’tthatawesome–will go to the person who can correctly fill in the blanks in the phrase “blank blankingly wonderful.” (Grammatically, it’s along the lines of “lip smackingly” or “earth shakingly”, but here’s a hint: it’s, um, colorful.) If more than one person gets it (not bloody likely), we will select the winner by random draw from the correct guessers. If no one gets it (more likely), we will do a random draw from all entries. Leave your entry in a comment to this post, please! (Edited to add: You must enter by 1 a.m. New York time tomorrow, January 9. Meaning, tonight!




  1. How about “gob smackingly wonderful”

  2. ‘not bloody likely’. I love how you just slip these phrases in…. x x x (that’s not an entry, but you know that)

  3. mind-bogglingly?

  4. hmmm…id have to go with “bum smackingly wonderful”

  5. stitch witchingly wonderful?

  6. How about ball windingly wonderful? Nah. That’s my entry, though, and I’m sticking to it! LOL

  7. Hmmmm….”ass smashingly”?

  8. I was thinking “ass-slappingly”, so I am going with that, though the difference between Stephanie’s guess and mine reminds me of the time Danny DeVito guess starred on the Saturday Night Live sketch “Simon” with Mike Mysers.

  9. Arse tinglingly wonderful? πŸ˜€
    Bobbled pillows? Hot guy in great sweater and a kilt? Oh YEAH! I’m so going to be on the hunt for this one!

  10. I was thinking “ass-slappingly”, so I am going with that, though the difference between Stephanie’s guess and mine reminds me of the time Danny DeVito guess starred on the Saturday Night Live sketch “Simon” with Mike Myers.

  11. The only guesses I have contain profanity, and I am not sure that is the direction you are going…
    However, put me down for an in-the-event-no-one-gets-it entry. Perhaps I will try again if I can come up with something less obscene.

  12. Okay, here’s my guess, since it’s British…
    “Bollocks bustingly” wonderful.
    Well, at least it’s kinda British, right? LOL!

  13. I am off to lunch and off to Barnes & Noble to look for that magazine!!! I love British knitting mags, they are such a guilty pleasure for me, especially since my favorite one, “Simply Knitting” comes with little goodies every month.

  14. The temptation here is to use one of my least favorite British terms and guess “minge moisteningly wonderful,” but I think that’s a bit too colorful (especially the color blue).
    I’ll make “bum spankingly wonderful” my official guess.

  15. This isn’t, um, “colorful,” but I like gob-smackingly wonderful.
    Mary G. in Texas

  16. Mind blowingly? (wink wink) That’s as colorful as I get today.

  17. I know it was the first guess, but I really do believe it might be “gob smackingly wonderful”, and I’m not above winning by random drawing.

  18. bloody beautiful.

  19. How about “needle moving wonderful”? That’s the best I can come up with, but I would love to get the magizine.

  20. Never mind the phrase, I’m rather taken with the hot totty in the kilt ;0) Wonder if he’s a true Scot ……

  21. i’m going with ass grabbingly wonderful. hmm…

  22. With a slight variation, I’m throwing out “butt slappingly wonderful.”

  23. “Abso-bloody-lutely wonderful”
    I’m going with that but I love the “ass spankingly” suggestions so far!

  24. Eye-poppingly wonderful. That’s my guess

  25. It seems to fit, because the first phrase that came into my mind was “arse-slappingly” as well. But maybe we’re all influenced by that kilt.

  26. “Kilt Blowingly Wonderful”
    That’s the best I’ve got! πŸ˜‰ My fingers are crossed that randomness will smile upon me!

  27. I started with gob smackingly, but saw the colorful comment and decided that can’t be right, so how about ball bustingly???

  28. How about time suckingly? Admittedly, most of my “colorful” ideas are better, but would require dropping an F bomb and I doubt that was your plan.

  29. Couldn’t be ‘kilt wrappingly’ wonderful, so it must be ‘thumb suckingly’ wonderful. No??
    Ah well. Lovely, carry on.

  30. wel i hope i am not too colorful but ….orgasmic shakingly ?
    i hope i am not banned from the blog now *blushes*

  31. The first bit is almost certainly “bloody” because that’s how they roll over there. The second bit, well, that could be just about anything at all, but I’ll go with “bloody amazingly”.
    Do you have the inside track on how we can get our own subscriptions?

  32. We seem to be missing the tried but true ass kickingly.

  33. “Frick-frackingly?”
    That just looks weird.

  34. So many really good comments…I particularly love the arse slappingly comments but seeing as how I am a girl-type person and ball bustingly doesn’t seem to fit how about:
    tit tinglingly?
    Men in kilts on the train going to a Rugby. One of my favorite memories from England.

  35. Arse arsingly wonderful?

  36. I say “gob smackingly wondersful”.

  37. “banging, shagtastically wonderful”.
    that’s my choice. I do want the mag, I do I do I do.

  38. Oooh red… Sin-Scintillatingly Wonderful

  39. I’m thirding or fourthing or somethinging “bum-smackingly wonderful.”

  40. I don’t want the sweater, I want the bloke in the kilt who is wearing the sweater! But, really, those cables are gorgeous! I can’t wait to get over to Borders tonight to see if they have it.

  41. a response to glorious knitted color photos might be: “eye-poppingly wonderful”.
    That’s probably not what was meant about colorful, though.
    hey, that gorgeously cabled and be-kilted gent looks like the photo of “Nevis” from Rowan 42. Is there going to be overlap with Rowan content, or was that photo about something else and not with a pattern?

  42. Flippin ‘ell wonderful? …you said colorful….

  43. Gob-smackingly wonderful sounds appropriately British

  44. was gonna go with gob-smackilngly but lost out so I will say Needle-tingling, which can have multiple connotations if we’re talking about yarny garments or those wearing them…

  45. HHow about knit knitterly wonderful?

  46. knob raisingly wonderful (?)

  47. Bloody British wonderful ?

  48. ‘bloody stitchin’ wonderful’

  49. ‘bloody stitchin’ wonderful’

  50. bum-crackingly? or perhaps the more colorful version, a**-crackingly?

  51. tail-spinningly wonderful. That’s my entry. yep. that’s it.

  52. K, I’ve just spent the past 20 minutes trying to do a search to find the answer, but to no avail. So I will just guess.
    How about Ball Bustingly Wonderful
    (you know, like a yarn ball?…pervert)

  53. I’m going to guess gobsmackingly… I just checked at a B&N here in Portland and I didn’t see it out on the shelf… I’m going to keep looking though! Or I might just have to track down that man in the kilt…

  54. Shit-kickingly wonderful!

  55. I vote for “Bloody Crackingly Wonderful” or perhaps “Bloody Dishingly Wonderful” becuase it looks that way to me!

  56. … or perhaps arse-spankingly wonderful (nod to yon Brits)

  57. I will try stash bustingly wonderful. Not very exciting but who knows….?

  58. I will try stash bustingly wonderful. Not very exciting but who knows….?

  59. I think that “ball bustingly” really wins. But i’d just be riding on someone else’s coat tails. I’m guessing “jaw droppingly”.

  60. Bloody knittingly wonderful!

  61. Bloody knittingly wonderful!

  62. I can’t view the pics from my work computer–yes, I’m slacking, but I’m on my lunch break for heavens sake! I can’t come up with anything that would not get me fired, but I hope I win the subscription via chance!
    ~Vive La Kilt!

  63. There are a lot of good x-xingly wonderfuls out there. The ones that I can think of (or make up) are heart stoppingly wonderful and winter wonderlandingly wonderful (I’m stretching there for some color). Or maybe Blue Christmasingly wonderful, because lots of people like Elvis!

  64. I second Bollocks Bustingly Wonderful! Also my monthy knitogether, Druken Knit Night, is the second Friday of every month @ Merlin’s Rest Pub in Minneapolis. Fridays are also kilt night. Knitters you know what to do! Ann and Kay make sure your next Mpls/St.Paul visit coincides with the second Friday of the month.

  65. Ok, did not see this on there yet – “bloody freakingly” wonderful. (freaking usually is a cleaner substitute for something I cannot type)

  66. hmmmm…
    freakin’ fantastically wonderful!

  67. You said colorful…..hhhmmmm…..
    Considering idea of tall, handsome bloke in hand-knit sweater and kilt, I vote: eye-buggeringly
    Hope that isn’t too colorful.

  68. When you say colourful, I immediately thought of, y’know, colour. Sadly, I can’t think of anything.
    I’ll go with ‘positively toppingly wonderful’, because I’ve been reading quite a bit of Wodehouse recently.

  69. My guess is: “Blinking Blooming Wonderful”. I tried to keep it ‘above board’.

  70. Flag flappingly wonderful!

  71. I’m sticking with flippin….maybe flippin bloody wonderful….

  72. Damn spankingly wonderful? (Sorry about the “d word”…I was going for naughty.)

  73. shit throwingly.

  74. Gut Bustingly Wonderful?
    Button Poppingly wonderful?
    Pants Droppingly Wonderful?
    Yeah, I got nothin’.

  75. better yet: ass shitingly!

  76. Lip bleedingly wonderful
    Bloody hellingly wonderful
    Knit purlingly wonderful
    That’s all I have.

  77. Bum-pinchingly wonderful!

  78. quite smashingly wonderful! or arse over teakettle-y wonderful!
    That’s all I got!
    Used to live in England, so I love to read the brit mags and wallow in nostalgia…

  79. Gob-smackingly wonderfuL?

  80. Ball-bouncingly wounderful!

  81. I’m going to go with “spine-tinglingly”? I know it’s not colorful, but…. after poking around on the internet for, er, more than i care to admit, it’s the best I could come up with.

  82. Ooooh! “bloody brilliantly”! Yeah! Maybe? Or not…?

  83. soft smooshingly – but I want a subscription – how can I get one? I never win anything & chances are the odds will be about 700 to 1 against me – so how do I give them money to send the mag to me every month? the Borders & BN’s in this area seem to get knitting mags several weeks after the rest of the country. And, since Chicago is one of the largest cities in the US, I don’t understand why.

  84. Bloody great wonderful

  85. I’m going to go with
    Lip Smackingly Wonderful.
    Great contest.
    Looking forward to seeing the
    mag on Canadian shelves.
    Marlyce in Windsor, Ontario.

  86. I’m going to go with
    Lip Smackingly Wonderful.
    Great contest.
    Looking forward to seeing the
    mag on Canadian shelves.
    Marlyce in Windsor, Ontario.

  87. I’m going to go with
    Lip Smackingly Wonderful.
    Great contest.
    Looking forward to seeing the
    mag on Canadian shelves.
    Marlyce in Windsor, Ontario.

  88. Hmmmm….some very creative ideas so far – having recently spent some time in some Dublin pubs, you’d think I’d have some good ideas, but I may need to depend on the kindness of the random number generator!
    Perhaps: bloody brilliantly wonderful?

  89. colorful or colourful?
    heart bleedingly wonderful (red)
    bubblegum poppingly wonderful (pink)
    ocean swimmingly wonderful (blue)
    leapfrog hoppingly wonderful (green)
    hot cocoa lovingly wonderful (brown)
    daffodil bloomingly wonderful (yellow)
    rainbow slidingly wonderful

  90. Here’s my stab at it:
    Bloody arsekickingly wonderful?

  91. Orange refreshingly wonderful!

  92. bloody gobsmackingly wonderful, I’d say. I already want to make everything in the preview pages

  93. is snatch-quakingly colorful enough?

  94. Knit-tastically? That’s not colorful…I keep thinking of Shirley McClain in Terms of Endearment “Fan-F**king-Tastic!!”
    I got nothing. Let’s hope we all have nothing and there’s a drawing (or drawring, to sound all British…)

  95. “knickers bunchingly wonderful”!! My knickers are in a bunch after looking at it!

  96. As I have 6 copies of “The Knitter” sitting right in front of me I’d better not enter this one!
    Lets just say I’m looking forward to the next issue – after all I was there when the idea seed was planted!!

  97. It could be bloody astonishingly wonderful

  98. Blood lettingly wonderful!

  99. I was thinking stash bustingly wonderful, but that’s probably not colourful enough, so let’s try bang f***ingly wonderful.
    However you say it, it looks absolutely wonderful and I can’t wait to get it, and I look forward to the issue that will feature you!

  100. I’m wrong for the contest –
    But I think it’s bobble cablingly wonderful!

  101. under-the-kilt peekingly wonderful

  102. Gosh, I was so proud of myself for thinking “Duh! Gob smackingly wonderful!” and then I came here and saw that that was the very first entry. Wah!

  103. shit-stirringly?

  104. How’s about: knicker twistingly wonderful?
    Or: knicker knockingly wonderful?

  105. i aDORE the sweatery carpet bags. lovely! (with a british accent) Drawing a blank for a contest entry, though. (kicks the ground, mumbling) i never win nothin’ anyway.

  106. It’s not too colorful but how about “Heart breakingly wonderful”. I would offer some others, but I really don’t think they’re suitable for mixed company such as this. πŸ™‚

  107. Blue blazingly wonderful? Off to the bookstore to buy the mag!

  108. How about ball bustingly… as in knitting balls, of course!

  109. How about sheep-shearingly wonderful?

  110. bloody (I know the word, I just can’t think of it) wonderful. I had a British friend in middle and high school – the words I learned.

  111. Well, I also hunted around quite a bit…and here is my guess…. Bloody Criminetly Wonderful!
    Good luck everyone!

  112. Well, I also hunted around quite a bit…and here is my guess…. Bloody Criminetly Wonderful!
    Good luck everyone!

  113. Shag-bangingly wonderful?

  114. Can’t think of anything that has not already been suggested, but please count me in! It sounds brilliantly wonderful!

  115. There are so many great guesses! Here’s mine: “panties droppingly wonderful”. Or, since it’s the UK I guess it would be “knickers droppingly wonderful”

  116. Purple passionately wonderful???

  117. I love it! I must have it! That is, if I don’t die of jealousy because you get to go to the UK. πŸ™‚
    My guess is “bloody smashingly wonderful.”

  118. Fan-fu#&ing-tastically wonderful? Awfully colorful, yet fun to say in the right knitting company (sans children).

  119. ..or how’s about ‘blood curdlingly wonderful’?

  120. bollocks-grabbingly wonderful?

  121. How about Bum Bonkingly wonderful? that’s all I got. just go ahead and put me in the “no one got it” column for the random drawing.

  122. Guess I would have to say dog’s bollock’s wonderful.

  123. I’ll go with earth movingly wonderful. It does look great!

  124. Ok, here’s mine: Bloody Fantastically Wonderful or Right Scrummingly Wonderful
    Not sure if either are really off-colour though.

  125. Red Ravishingly? That’s colorful. Sorta.

  126. Bloody Redly Wonderful!
    Bloody Cable-ingly Wonderful!!
    Carpet Bagging-ly Wonderful!!!
    I give up!

  127. How ’bout:
    Mind-purlingly wonderful?
    I think I may go trolling the shelves of periodicals at my local BN for this one…

  128. Bloody Blankingly Wonderful

  129. Oh man, this is hard!
    How about “Jaw dropingly wonderful.”

  130. Why, I’d have to say it’s ‘gob smackingly’ wonderful. Thanks for the info; I’ll definitely check out the mag.

  131. ground breakingly.
    I don’t know, haha.

  132. Ummmm, based on the fantastic cabled bags in the photo, “bag shaggingly wonderful”?

  133. I just want the subscription…

  134. It looks to be kilt-liftingly wonderful. And can I just say that my very own husband has been known to wear a hand-knit sweater and a kilt at least a few times per year. He’s got some pretty spiffy kilt socks, too.

  135. I think the magazine is absolutely positively wonderful looking, though that doesn’t fit into your saying at all! πŸ™‚
    I’d dearly love to win a subscription in the event that the correct saying isn’t guessed though!

  136. knit stitchingly wonderful!
    If I cursed, knit-b…..well, nevermind. =o)

  137. I will say in all fairness I did not look at anybody else’s comments, but my thought is “pants shittingly wonderful”. Even if that wasn’t it, I’m happy I spread that around.

  138. Knickers creamingly wonderful- a little nasty, and I don’t think anyone has said it yet.

  139. well all i can think of contains profanity…however when i looked at the sneak peak, i saw the sweater, zoomed in and said wow (about the sweater, really) then scrolled up and down saw kilt and thought i must have this magazine simply to own the picture…i am not an experienced knitter however kilts are very motivating.

  140. bloody shaggingly wonderful?
    oh I don’t KNOW – let’s just declare a winner before I can’t stand it any longer!! This new mag looks so great. Congrats on being asked to be a part of it!!! love ya M-D gals.

  141. Damn freakingly wonderful

  142. how about bollocks blazingly wonderful?

  143. Yanilicious!!

  144. bloody, freakingly wonderful

  145. f#$%, f@#$ingly wonderful? (I don’t normally use such language :-0)

  146. Jeez, I don’t know! Who made up this phrase?
    Okay, damn blastedly wonderful!

  147. Mind boggling wonderful?

  148. I noticed in all of her interviews, Juliet mentioned that the magazine had “challenging” patterns, and remembered that my Brit friend got more upset when her boys said bloody than when they dropped the F-bomb (“ya bloody bugger” always got one or the other of them grounded while “f@*^ing eejit” usually got a mild “language hey?”)so I’ll go with Bloody Challengingly… (and hope for a random!)

  149. Needle clackingly wonderful.

  150. Red Ravishingly?
    or colorful like Bloody Ravishing?

  151. Red Ravishingly?
    or colorful like Bloody Ravishing?

  152. Gosh doggy wonderful!

  153. Bloody Spankingly Wonderful!!!

  154. Colorful for knitters should mean fair isle or intarsia or something… hmmm. I’m going to go the violent route and say heart stabbingly.

  155. Oooh, pick me!!

  156. Tea biscuitly!

  157. Ostrich kissingly wonderful! (I know, silly …ostriches don’t even have lips πŸ™‚

  158. Err … umm … well … (avert your eyes)
    mother f***ingly wonderful

  159. Butt waggingly wonderful?

  160. Knickers creamingly wonderful- a little nasty, and I don’t think anyone has said it yet.

  161. “Bum smackingly wonderful” — that’s my guess.

  162. bumbershoot brandishingly wonderful! (That’s British!)

  163. I also like gob-smackingly wonderful? but my second preferences are the gender-specific tit-tinglingly and ball bustingly.
    Can’t wait to see what it really might be.

  164. Eye poppingly wonderful!

  165. I’m going with ball-bustingly wonderful!

  166. F*^king fantastically wonderful. (I often use such language.)

  167. Side-splittingly wonderful?

  168. I’ll go with my first thought: eye poppingly wonderful.

  169. I’m going to go with my friend alliteration
    Wane Witching Wonderful

  170. “Arse-kissingly?”

  171. “Arse-kissingly?”

  172. Well, it *looks* heart-stoppingly wonderful!

  173. “Bloody abso-bloody-lutely wonderful”–ooh, ooh, pick me, pick me!

  174. Ass-smackingly wonderful?
    A lot of these suggestions are priceless. Especially “minge-moisteningly wonderful.” That just caught me off-guard.

  175. Arse-twitchingly. I originally thought this in Amerricun but then I realized it would only be captivating to you if it were a British-ism. So I substituted in a British word for rear end.

  176. Arse kickingly wonderful!

  177. I know people have been trying to keep this somewhat clean… BUT, How about…… “abso-f__ingly wonderful!!!”

  178. Let’s try:
    Bloody Disbelievingly Wonderful.
    I think that’s too many syllables, but eh. I have to give it a shot!

  179. arse smackingly wonderful is what popped into my head since I couldn’t think of something good with bloody in it πŸ™‚

  180. Knowing what I know about British invective, I’m afraid to spell out what I actually think it might be. XD Therefore I will settle for “bloody f***ing wonderful.”

  181. Ok, I’ll go colorful!
    Is it “mind f—ingly wonderful”?
    (Side note: off to B&N right now)

  182. Gob smackingly wonderful

  183. Well, from what I see it’s quite the “eye-gasm” so maybe…. eye f***ingly wonderful?
    That’s pretty colorful!
    πŸ™‚ Corey

  184. Knicker Twistingly Wonderful!!

  185. Bloody F**king Wonderful!!

  186. Eye smashingly wonderful!

  187. take me to my needles

  188. ass grabbingly wonderful?? πŸ˜‰

  189. Kilt Swingingly Wonderful!

  190. Fun smackingly wonderful? Pathetic, I know. I’m going for the random drawing. Sign me up, I’m a knittah!

  191. how bout knittah blooming-y lovely?
    Obviously, I’m not a Brit.

  192. how bout knittah blooming-y lovely?
    Obviously, I’m not a Brit.

  193. how bout knittah blooming-y lovely?
    Obviously, I’m not a Brit.

  194. Tick tockingly! Well, probably not, but I have a new catchphrase.

  195. Freaking fabulously wonderful!

  196. Brit knittingly Wonderful?

  197. humm, love the photorgaphy in it… but the phrase… “tit smackingly wonderful”. not the best but it does stick in your mind.

  198. How about: bloody knitteringly wonderful!

  199. I’m not sure why, but like so many others, ass-smackingly wonderful was the first thing that came to mind. Hmmm.

  200. Luvvly-jubbly wonderful! or… Mutt’s-nuts wonderful!
    Gorgeous knitting aside, if the guy in the kilt is in every issue, I’m subscribing!

  201. 1. Bloody buggeringly wonderful
    2. Bugger boffingly wonderful
    3. Bloody boffingly wonderful
    4. Boffing buggeringly wonderful
    5. Bugger buggeringly wonderful
    6. Bum boffingly wonderful
    7. Bum buggeringly wonderful
    8. Wanker buggeringly wonderful
    9. Wanker boffingly wonderful
    10. Bloody wankeringly wonderful

  202. Have to go with gob smackingly wonderful,a nod to Roald Dahl’s colorful candy.

  203. freakin’ astoundingly wonderful?

  204. absolutely bloody wonderful

  205. my guess: shit-kickingly. I know it’s a Yank expression, but after all, the global village is getting very small.

  206. Cat-in-heat yowlingly?
    Bollix rogeringly?
    Whatever it is, I’m looking forward to it!

  207. I just want to find information on how to subscribe!! Any ideas??

  208. boon dogginly! I want to dress my chinese husband up like that Scots eye candy.

  209. boon dogginly! I want to dress my chinese husband up like that Scots eye candy.

  210. bum wigglingly wonderful?

  211. bloody freakingly wonderful?
    Ok – that doesn’t even make sense.
    Super fun magazine though! And I’m so glad to see a new knitting mag launching in these economic times.

  212. Perhaps this is too colorful (e.g. blue)
    Bloody f**kingly wonderful.

  213. I’m going to go with Bloody Arsetastic!

  214. With a nod to Gordon Ramsay, I’ll guess “Bloody F*@!ing Wonderful”.

  215. I’m going to go with Bloody Arsetastic!

  216. Well, I have to say, I WANT THAT MAGAZINE!!! But no info on how to subscribe *sob* …
    My guess: Bloody blinkingly wonderful
    Bloody gorgeously wonderful
    Know that’s not right, but sure would love to get a subscription ‘way over here in Thighland where protesters claiming to be democratic force airports closed.

  217. “Gob-smackingly” is what first comes to mind for me, too.
    But I’m thinking it might be more “colorful” like tit-twirlingly or nut-knockingly or something. LOL

  218. Fud-puckingly wonderful!

  219. No great guess for the contest, sadly. But I did want to say that the title of the post made me sure you were channeling your inner Rod Blagojevich. I’d like to add that the new magazine looks bleeping golden. (hee, hee)

  220. Abso-bloomin’-lutely wonderful (a nod to Miss Eliza Doolittle and Lerner & Loewe).

  221. “Brand Spankingly Wonderful”
    Yes? No? It looks like a really nice mag.

  222. “Brand Spankingly Wonderful”
    Yes? No? It looks like a really nice mag.

  223. “Bloody Briliiantly”
    And that refers to your post, as well.
    /shameless arse-kissing

  224. My immediate thought was “gob smackingly” but looks like lots of others have guessed that too. Maybe “crumpet butteringly?” Can’t wait to see the right answer.

  225. wool knittingly…know that’s not it but can’t think of anything & I want to enter.

  226. I’ll call forth my inner Mary Poppins and say
    “Spit Spottingly Wonderful” and hope for the random.

  227. How about “Arse Kickingly Wonderful”?

  228. Um….crikey cracking wonderful? Yeah, hoping for random…

  229. Um….crikey cracking wonderful? Yeah, hoping for random…

  230. bloody flippingly?

  231. Well, I can’t imagine I’ll get it, but it’s worth a try:
    bloody friggingly wonderful
    bloody f***ingly wonderful
    arse numbingly wonderful

  232. yarn lovingly wonderful.

  233. yarn lovingly wonderful.

  234. Shazaam! Very cool indeed. I’d like this.

  235. yarn lovingly wonderful.

  236. “Heart racingly good” ‘cuz that’s how I feel looking at the pictures of it!

  237. Cable crossingly, stitch countingly, knit purlingly, yarn overingly, slip-slip knittingly, wonderful.
    That’s all I got.
    Thx for the blog. It’s an enjoyment.
    Carry on.

  238. Cable crossingly, stitch countingly, knit purlingly, yarn overingly, slip-slip knittingly, wonderful.
    That’s all I got.
    Thx for the blog. It’s an enjoyment.
    Carry on.

  239. Colorful eh? I was thinking gob smackingly or just chuffingly but maybe tit lickingly or arse wiggingly would be better.

  240. My guess is….kick-assingly wonderful!

  241. Mind-buggeringly?

  242. I almost missed this contest!
    Bloody freakin’ wonderful!

  243. Well we are “chicks” after all, smile: Bustily Bloody wonderful!

  244. Tummy satisfyingly wonderful!

  245. Hmmmm…
    Barking bloody wonderful?
    Barking madly wonderful?
    That’s it for my limited imagination…

  246. pants-droppingly wonderful?

  247. pants-droppingly wonderful?

  248. Red ravishingly wonderful?
    Great to get a new mag on the scene.

  249. Red ravishingly wonderful?
    Great to get a new mag on the scene.

  250. Men in KILTS. Gerald Butler in a kilt. umm I forgot what I was here for. I love the Brits. Even if they have trouble with our mutual language :-}
    Will have to take a run to B&N and have a look at the magazine.

  251. Red ravishingly wonderful?
    Great to get a new mag on the scene.

  252. Gob smackingly wonderful

  253. How about “mind-buggeringly wonderful”?
    Or, if that weren’t colorful enough; “arse-buggeringly wonderful”?
    That’s all I got. ^_^

  254. I’m thinking gob-smackingly wonderful too.

  255. i agree with bum-smackingly wonderful…

  256. Bleedin’ Effingly Wonderful?
    er… Chockie-Dickie-Bickingly Wonderful?
    er… hey, random number generator?
    (If all else fails, there is that B&N gift card in my purse…)

  257. Sporran ratt’lin’ly wunnerful.
    (Pretty to hard to come up with anything new after 255 entries.)

  258. Maybe swift-turningly wonderful? or maybe ball-windingly wonderful?

  259. Well, this is just sick proof that knitters will say / do just about anything to satisfy our knitting urges. How low. How base and degenerated. How about “ass kickingly wonderful”????
    I love this blog!!

  260. Maybe ass backwardly wonderful.

  261. Blue bloomingly? You did say colorful…

  262. Blue bloomingly? You did say colorful…

  263. Blue bloomingly? You did say colorful…

  264. Gob Smackingly

  265. My husband suggests “cock-rockingly wonderful.” I sort of doubt that’s it, given the relatively few number of male knitters, but it’s worth a shot. πŸ™‚

  266. sigh, alas, when you say colorful, like the rest I pretty much think obscene so I’ll have to go with an ” if no one guesses correctly” entry. magazine looks awesome though.

  267. I was thinking ball windingly wonderful too, but that’s not terribly colorful… I had also thought of bum scrumpingly wonderful, just because it sounds funny… so good it steals your bum?

  268. I’m going with “mind buggeringly.” Jolly good, eh?

  269. I’ll roll with bum-spankingly wonderful. Not even close, I bet, but at least I’m qualified for the random part!

  270. I’ll roll with bum-spankingly wonderful. Not even close, I bet, but at least I’m qualified for the random part!

  271. My only guess is that the first word is “yarn.” I suppose I must take the “if no one gets it” route.

  272. um, what they said……
    my guess is:
    thanks and goodnight,
    please pick me.
    i heart you,
    shan de knitshanknit

  273. Gob smackingly….
    The first time I heard that phrase I was, well, gob smacked. A nice variant – spoken to a tired and whiny child is “Here, stick that in your gob” (referring to her pacifier, more appropriately called her dummy).

  274. What about “Eye Wateringly Gorgeous?”

  275. What about “Eye Wateringly Gorgeous?”

  276. What about “Eye Wateringly Gorgeous?”

  277. bloody amazingly wonderful!

  278. Bloody brilliantly wonderful.
    Bloomin’ bloody wonderful.
    LOVE the pillows with cables!

  279. I’m going to guess it’s “Shit Kicking-ly Wonderful.”

  280. Bum breakingly wonderful … hmmm, not likely, but I’d like a shot at the mag πŸ˜‰
    Besides it was worth reading all these comments, because I nearly fell off my chair laughing!

  281. Man, that time limit isn’t very good for your west coast insomniac readers.My british slang isn’t up to par for this one . . . maybe “kilt boffingly”?

  282. “Absolutely fabulously wonderful, daaaarling!” is my entry. I just love your blog with all the wonderful knitting, writing and humour. Alida South Africa

  283. I go with “your creatively wonderful”…

  284. Well, this is kinda hard for a Finnish person, but here goes:
    Bloody royally wonderful!

  285. Simply excitingly wonderful!

  286. “Red Hottingly Wonderful”? Lordie, that guy in the kilt is hot!

  287. “Gob Smacking Wonderful” – I’ll have to go look for the magazine.

  288. I can’t imagine a colorful phrase to describe a magazine with a cream pullover on the front and a beige background. I can only assume the color comes from language but that isn’t the Brits style in discussing a knitting magazine. I’ll go with bum spankingly then.

  289. So my first instinct does not fit grammatically: Just Bloody Wonderful. So I’ll juice it up a bit and say:
    Bloody Fantastically Wonderful!

  290. Um, bollock bitingly?

  291. I’m not even sure what we’re doing but I’ll add: Knicker-Twistingly
    I love you guys.

  292. I almost wasnt’ going to comment until I saw the ‘tit tingingly’ one … ha! mine’s along the same line – tit kissingly! πŸ™‚

  293. can;t think of one that hasn’t been done so i’ll settle for chance.

  294. Am I too late? I think I am. Wasnt it for 0100 01/09/09? If not then sign me up!!

  295. Ha! I knew there’d be a bit of shameless self-promotion in there! But,OK. I’ll bite. I’ll go find the magazine at B&N tomorrow. Even if the guy in the kilt and cables? They stole him from a Rowan mag. Just sayin’.
    Yarn windingly wonderful. Yes. I’m boring.

  296. How about…back scratchingly wonderful?

  297. bloody bollixly wonderful

  298. bloody bollixly wonderful

  299. bloody bollixly wonderful

  300. A color hmmm…… how about tickled pink wonderful.

  301. having lived in london for two years, i do happen to think that minge moistening is probably along the right lines; however, i’m going to go with ‘minge tingling’ wonderful!

  302. here’s my guess
    right blindingly

  303. Sounds interesting. I’ll check it out at Borders.

  304. bloody gobsmackingly wonderful

  305. It’s all been said. The magazine does look exciting.

  306. I know I missed the contest, but I hope it is bloody gobsmackingly wonderful–because it is!

  307. Banger, Bloody, wonderful,eh?

  308. Eye-smashingly wonderful? Probably not it but the picture makes me think of that. πŸ™‚

  309. Oh Crud! I missed the deadline! I love British Knitting magazines! And The Knitter looks amazing! Guy sweaters that Guys will wear! Score!!

  310. I has to be gob smackingly. But given the sweater/kilt scenario, could it be balls scratchingly?

  311. In my part of the world (Glasgow) seeing a guy in a sweater and a kilt is a fairly regular thing. That’s what lots of guys wear to watch the rugby or the football (soccer) on a Saturday afternoon!

  312. ah, this would be just the mag to read while eating bangers and mash — then off to put something new on the sticks!!
    I want it!!

  313. Good shaggingly wonderful?

  314. Mine is really colorful:? fuck fuckity wonderful.

  315. Gob-smackingly wonderful? If it’s anything more colorful than that, I’d better not type it.

  316. Gob-smackingly wonderful? If it’s anything more colorful than that, I’d better not type it.

  317. I agree it probably has bloody in it. How about “bloody knittingly wonderful?”

  318. I am no native speaker, but what is about red readily, hahah !? In any way, a great idea (I mean your prize, of cause),

  319. kilt flappingly wonderful

  320. Too late for the contest, bah, but I just wanted to point out that in some parts of the world ie here where I live no-one would look twice if a bloke wearing a kilt and sweater walked past. (Though much would depend on the bloke, I suppose.)
    Rowan’s bloke is probably English though, so not authentic.

  321. WoW those purses are fabulous! Im having a little giveaway of my own. Its only of interest to knitters. Back to reading your blog. I just discovered it and am enjoying myself.

  322. WoW those purses are fabulous! Im having a little giveaway of my own. Its only of interest to knitters. Back to reading your blog. I just discovered it and am enjoying myself.

  323. Gob-shite-ingly πŸ™‚
    (sorry for the lanbg

  324. Gob-shite-ingly πŸ™‚
    (sorry for the languauge, kids)

  325. Hopefully no one gets the answer – I have no idea.

  326. so the british might say ‘just bloody wonderful’ or the american version would be ‘just f!@#ing wonderful’… hope that’s not too colorful after all!

  327. Blushing Diana

  328. Blushing Diana

  329. Gob-smackingly wonderful

  330. Gob-smackingly wonderful

  331. Damn bloody awesome? ha. This is fun πŸ™‚

  332. Bloody well wonderful.

  333. Bloody Wet Shirt Colin Firth wonderful!

  334. OMG…how do I get a subscription to this? I’ve tried to find it locally and no one has it. I’ve tried the link you have in your post and all I get is the teaser of the magazine (MUST.MAKE.PILLOW). I’ve tried to find it on amazon…nothing. I’ve tried the B&N website, nothing. This is making me crazy! Do you have any suggestions as to how I can subscribe?

  335. Just curious if this magazine is available now. I’m in Indiana and I have contacted 4 Barnes and Noble stores- they have not heard of the magazine. It is not on the B&N website or the Borders site. I would love to get a copy and probably a subscription- can you help me out???

  336. I have not been able to locate The Knitter at B&N or Borders in Florida or NYC!!! Also doesn’t seem to be available for ordering a subscription online . . . . . . Help!!

  337. I’m in Southern California and I have been to several Barnes & Noble without luck! They look for it in the computer, but it’s not listed. What gives?

  338. Help! Someone responded to my post via an e-mail to me regarding how to find The Knitter . . . and . . . I deleted it by mistake and can’t get it back!!!! Whomever you are (bigbonedgal maybe?) could you send it again? Thank you!!!

  339. How does one subscribe?

  340. How does one subscribe?


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