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Breakin’ News: Merle Hazard Takes Over PBS Tonite!

Dear Kay,
Hubbo-I-mean-Merle Hazard is gonna be on the teevee tonight! Tune in to the PBS NewsHour (formerly McNeil/Lehrer). Here’s a little preview.
A great warm-up to the State of the Union! Check your local PBS station listing for the time.
Merle on broadcast teevee! What next? Jersey Shore?




  1. Totally unfair, I watch that almost every night, but tonight have plans, will look it up on the web when I get home.
    Go Merle!

  2. PBS!! Can the Oprey be far behind?

  3. mmmmmmrrrrr-UL, mmmmmmrrrr-UL, mmmmmmmrrrr-ull!

  4. Merle HAZARD, not Haggard.
    Jeeze, I really need to stop doing drugs before (or while, I guess) posting comments on your blog.
    Or for that matter, while knitting. OY the mistakes I’ve made recently. I’m giving myself schpilkas!
    (Do you think that somebody could at least invent a Yiddish dictionary for spell check? I mean, really, is that too much to ask? We’re adrift here.)

  5. Also, drugs are bad, kids. Very bad. Don’t do them. Or you’ll end up like Miss Virginia.
    Although, you probably will eventually anyway, given the whole degradation-of-the-mind-as-you-get-older thing.
    With my luck, I’ll end up with all my faculties as I get older, and then where will I be? FULLY AWARE OF HOW CRAPPY THE AGING PROCESS IS.
    Also, don’t swear. The moral of the story: Don’t swear, or do drugs. Really. Or I’ll get mad. If I can remember who you are.

  6. He was great! I actually heard the radio promo in the car and recognized the voice, though I thought I might be hallucinating. Luckily I made it home in time to watch the segment on TV for the full effect.

  7. Thanks for once again posting Merle who gave me a chuckle when I really needed one.

  8. Merle is going to be bigger than Charlie Bit My Finger!

  9. I just saw him on PBS, very exciting. I think he is the best voice for the rest of us “working poor who are hoping for a break sometime soon” thank you, thank you, thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I heard your husband singing on NPR today. (Newshour?) I kind of freaked out a bit with excitement, but there was no one to share with.

  11. “Dog on a Skateboard” would be too much to hope for, but we hope anyway.

  12. I thought I recognized that mantle!

  13. We watched! Congratulatons, Merle (and Ms. Hazard).
    My mathematical finance professor husband kept snorting and hmphing about John Taylor’s equation, even though I pointed out that ALL of economic theory is an oversimplification. Otherwise it wouldn’t fit into a C&W song so succinctly.

  14. love the hat

  15. Gawlnabbit! Here I was on freaking Capitol Hill, waiting for the big speech to begin, and I MISSED MERLE. It had BETTER be on the Newshour website!

  16. Merle was GREAT. He’s been fabulous from the beginning, though the gal duo is pretty impressive also.
    Is American Idol in the cards?
    Cheers, Karen


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