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Calling All Do Gooders

Dear Ann,
Today’s anniversary of 9/11/2001 is, for me, different from the others. I’m not feeling quite so somber, so overwhelmed as in years past. I’m glad it’s raining here.
It’s as good a day as any to issue a couple of bulletins about Exciting Charity Knitting Opportunities That You Won’t Want To Pass Up.
Red Scarf Season Is Early This Year
If you’ve been living under a rock that has no broadband, you might not know that the beloved Red Scarf Project is starting–and ending–much earlier this year. Deadline is NEXT MONTH! This is rocking my world because in my world, January is a much scarf-knittier month than September. But I really love the idea of knitters showing tangible love to college kids who have aged out of foster care. It’s such a good thing, such a sweet gesture of human kindness.
So I said, oh all right, Norma, and cast on a nice unisexy garter stitch scarf (pictured above). I am knitting it on the bias (to give the project that essential something to scream about when I mess it up). I started with a sample ball of Classic Elite Waterlily, in Bramble. Whatta yarn! I love the way the color mottles. Almost imperceptibly, yet it mottles. Plus it’s all squishy and springy and beautifully spun and–oh. I guess you wool knitters are used to those qualities in a yarn. For me it’s a novelty, the springiness especially. When I was close to running out of the Waterlily, I started striping it with a skein of Knit Picks Swish Superwash in Clematis Heather. Swish is 100% merino wool. (Hello–have you heard about this “merino wool” stuff? It’s awesome! So soft! So perfect in the department of stitch definition. I have it on good authority that the name is derived from a breed of sheep known as “Merino”.)
I think this concept of “wool” could really catch on with the knitters. Although I doubt they’ll ever show much interest in the specific sheep breeds. That would be bizarre.
For all of the details on the Red Scarf Project, hop on over to Norma’s fab site. She will tell you everything you need to know.
Afghans for Afghans
Afghans for Afghans, dear to our hearts, is still chugging along with its wonderful, challenging work delivering handmade woollen clothing to children and adults in need in Afghanistan. I love this organization. It is so small, yet so mindful of its mission and so dedicated to giving people what is actually needed. What is needed right now is handknit wool clothing for children aged 7 to 14. Go here to read about A4A’s fall campaign to assist specific schools and institutions serving kids in need.
Also, if you happen to be looking for a new destination for knits that you made for the Dulaan project, think of afghans for Afghans. I don’t think they thought they’d still be in business in 2007, but they are still needed, so they are still urging on knitters and shipping handknits.
This just in: Commenter Allison reports that there is a Ravelry raffle going on to benefit Afghans for Afghans:
Wait, there’s more! Those on Ravelry can join Fans of Afghans
for Afghans group where we have a raffle for this campaign. Or
if you’re on the Ravelry waiting list, just enclose a slip of
paper saying “Ravelry” with your item and the good folks who
sort things will let me know. Deadline for Canada is 10/1; 10/12
for the US.

Now I have to go back to cooking up a little tutorial on something near to my heart, and to literally cooking up two epic meals for Rosh Hashana, which starts tomorrow night. Wish me luck as I try to locate the tablecloths. It’s been a while since I hosted an epic meal. The Mother of All Briskets is chilling in the fridge.



  1. Gettin’ on that Afghan bandwagon! You can tell people that a few Ottawa and Toronto yarn shops are collecting things till, well, soon! And the good people at http://findingfortygatheringknitting.blogspot.com/ will take care of the delivery, so you save on postage.
    They plan to mail Sept 25!

  2. L’shana tova!!

  3. Worthy causes indeed! You so good!

  4. Mmmm brisket. I wonder what we are having. I am not privy to the entire menu my mother has wrangled together since we do it as a kind of pot luck affair with each of the “kids” bringing something over to Mom’s. I only know that I am bringing a barley and black bean salad so that the vegetarian among us has some complete protein. Apples and honey only go so far. Have a great holiday.
    L’Shanah Tovah Tikatevu!

  5. Hi Kay,
    I saw your comment about the Dulann project and thought to check out their webpage (at least the top one Google gave me) and it says the project is still on-going. This is the link:
    A knitter never need worry that her fibre-love will go amiss!
    Enjoy Rosh Hashana!

  6. Wait, there’s more! Those on Ravelry can join Fans of Afghans for Afghans group where we have a raffle for this campaign. Or if you’re on the Ravelry waiting list, just enclose a slip of paper saying “Ravelry” with your item and the good folks who sort things will let me know. Deadline for Canada is 10/1; 10/12 for the US.

  7. Happy holidays! (I’m using that because I don’t know the correct terms.)
    I thought you were allergic to wool? Or was that Ann? Or do you just not like it, or are allergic to wearing but not knitting?

  8. What makes a meal ‘epic’, exactly?

  9. Happy New Year! A sweet & briskety one, to you & your family.
    I am also having red scarf seasonal dissonance but hope to break through any day now.

  10. Happy New Year. In Singapore this year for Sept. 11th (and Rosh Hashanah) which made the day much easier for me–wasn’t sure if it was the time or the distance that helped more. Thanks for this, have some red yarn stash, will need to knit up an early scarf.

  11. L’Shanah Tovah Tikatevu!
    Our church provides childcare for the Temple – they cover us on Christmas Eve…this is peace.

  12. Happy New Year, Kay!
    Knitters who would like some company while knitting for the current afghans For Afghans drive can join a knitalong organized by Heidi at http://afghansforafghanskal.blogspot.com

  13. You guys always make garter stitch look just awesome. Love the scarf & thanks for the info!

  14. To Reverend Linda:
    A simple, short comment, but what a beautiful picture of harmony. Thank you for sharing it, especially on this day which will always have a ring of discord.

  15. With all this do-gooding going on, and all the praise for “merino”, let me post this link here: http://www.woolisbest.com/?gclid=CNLqz4TqvY4CFQUiIgodLyb00w
    I’m finding out that many knitters don’t know about this abuse business with the merino sheep. If that link doesn’t work just google “mulesing”. It will make you SICK. Be careful which merino wool you buy! By being informed, and boycotting tortured merino! the situation is starting to change. There are many sources and manufacturers for merino. I can’t imagine that knitters (usually so “nice”) don’t *care* about this. They must just not know. I have written to several “big time/well known” knitters, and have had NO response. ????
    Come on, doesn’t anyone else want this to change fast?
    (I’ve got lots of red wool that I’ve been stashing, NOT from tortured sheep, ready to go, and we are knitting up a scarf storm, too.) πŸ™‚

  16. “Mother of All Briskets” — You’ve just gotten my mouth watering for my mother’s brisket, and I have to wait until tonight to eat it!
    Happy New Year to your family!

  17. Right-o. I got my 9/11 jitters out by taking a long walk in the pouringest part of the rain to get an ice cream (coconut curry ice cream, which was KILLER delicious). And I sat in the cafe and re-made my list of craft projects-to-do and re-realized that I keep writing down “Dulaan” and “Red Scarf Project” and “Afghans for Afghans” and somehow my list of completed objects never includes these things.
    So, thing 1 is to copy and paste the guidelines for all of them this year into one place, and then print and literally paste them into my notebook.
    And thing 2 is to pick up that blanket from you. To finish it for the old KnA-4-A4A joint miter gauge swatch baby warming action.
    Happy New Year! Have great holidays.

  18. OK OK I want to knit a scarf! And on the Waterlily, no it’s not just that it’s wool. That yarn is SPRINGy. It’s one of our book yarns (in that color, too), and I loved swatching with it. It was difficult to farm out the actual sample knitting and mail that stuff away.

  19. There’s a false rumor that Dulaan is stopping its work.
    Not true!!
    Check their web site: http://www.fireprojects.org/dulaan.htm

  20. This is really just a question: I went to Norma’s site to read about the red scarf project, and she said last year the org. received too many scarves to handle, so submissions are limited this year. To me, that indicates I should direct my charity knitting impulses elsewhere. I am mis-reading that?

  21. Wait, WOOL?!? What happened?

  22. Love the scarf!
    Have a sweet new year!


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