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Can You Repeat the Question

Dear Ann,
How are you? Who are you? Why do you keep calling me and saying things like “slip won kay too tawg pee ess ess OH”? Speak English, woman!
This just came in the mail. Hallelujah! I’ve been waiting all my life for The Answers. I’ve been waiting so long I’ve forgotten some of The Questions.
It turns out that these Answers are about the pedigrees of the mini-skeins Clara Parkes has been sending us. As I predicted, the answers are:
1. Fuzzy beast
2. Beast plus tree
3. Another beast
4. Beast again
5. Plant! Linen!
6. Plant! Hemp!
7. Rare beast
8. Smelly beast
So good to know!
The best part of the test was the textbook. Not being a sheep-hugger like most of you guys, I was not prepared for the utter temptation that comes with opening Clara’s beautiful book. Lovely things to knit with all kinds of crazy-delicious yarns. People: WHEN WAS SOMEBODY GOING TO TELL ME ABOUT THE LINEN BASKET LINERS? I thought I had friends. I thought people were looking out for me. Luckily I happen to have some Euroflax on hand.
In other news, tomorrow this plate, which was a wedding present, will celebrate 16 years of sitting on my kitchen counter. (You might recall that in 1991, things were very Tuscan. You wanted people, upon entering your apartment, to leave the Upper West Side and be transported instantly to Firenze.) I have this to say about marriage: it has not been all peaches and cream (or even Peaches & Creme), but it has been just peachy. Hubby and I feel blessed that each of us is privileged to spend our days and share our lives with the nation’s most disputatious person.
Bye now. I’ve got to walk the sheep.
Yes, we’re sad about the Yankees. If the old man fires Joe Torre, he’s going to be hearing from an outraged Joseph Bergmann. We agree with the sportswriter who wrote that after all he’s done, and been, in the past 12 years, Mr. T is entitled to manage until they have to prop him up in the dugout.




  1. LET’S GO RED SOX!!!!!

  2. Happy (almost) anniversary! Is that sheep walker a pin or charm? It’s so cute. I’m more of a football & basketball fan – but I’m sorry your Yankees lost (Go Colts!)

  3. dear kay i am not a sheep hugger
    either i have found lousia harding
    sari ribbon just lovely so many
    colors long lovely scarf narrow
    garter stich lovely drape
    oh my have the yankees indians red sox in
    my memory bank and fenway and yankee
    stadium and happy i do and family
    from all three states me red sox
    lonely is my middle name
    red sox to win lonely is my name

  4. Well Kay, now you can root for a winning team; THE RED SOX!! I’m not afraid to sign my name!! (Please don’t block me out of future comments.)

  5. As a Red Sox fan living in NYC, I offer my condolenses. Now you can root for a winning team! 🙂

  6. buon anniversario, kay ‘n hub — love the plate, wish i was in tuscany this week, and eating some pesche ripiene, perhaps?? hugs,

  7. That sheep walker pin (it is a pin, right?) is FABULOUS!
    Even as a Sox fan through and through, I agree with how you feel about Torre. He’s a class act and deserves to be treated with respect.

  8. Happy Aniversary!!

  9. Torre’s a standup guy and George S. should appreciate what he’s got. And I’m a Red Sox fan. I would try to say sympathetic things to you about the Yankees losing, but I can’t go that far!

  10. My name says it all……Go Sox, which I will be knitting tonight while I watch our boys, so leave the Evil Empire and come join Red Sox Nation, and if the old man fires Mr. T. then shame on him! But that is part of baseball, someone is to blame somewhere some how!

  11. Steinbrenner is a fool if he fires Torre. I don’t think there is another manager in all of baseball who could have taken a team with no pitching to the playoffs. He managed them to a brilliant second half of the season.
    If you want to blame someone, look to Cashman – he’s responsible for getting the players.
    And this, from a long time Yankee-hater (going all the way back to my beloved 1975 Mets) and current die-hard Red Sox fan.

  12. Greetings from Red Sox Nation. Say a prayer for the AL East!

  13. Hey, my/our anniversary tomorrow, too, but in 1990. Easier to remember how many years that way. Happy one to you.

  14. a memorable day for moi aussi…..my parent’s anniversary. three cheers, kay!

  15. I’ll be completely heartbroken if Torre goes. I’m a lifelong yanks fan, but I’m rooting for the Red Sox. In spite of the rivalry, I’ve always had tremendous respect for them, and Terry Francona should be rewarded for a job well done.

  16. Happy Anniversary! May the plate continue to enjoy shared ownership for many more years to come.

  17. Happy Anniversary!
    Although I am not a fan of the Yankees, I am a Joe Torre fan. I think he has earned the right to stay as long as he wants. On a selfish note, if he is fired, maybe one of the Chicago teams will pick him up!

  18. Isn’t it something how much knitters know about baseball? What a well-rounded group of fanatics we are.
    Go Cubs 🙂

  19. I know nothing about baseball. Sorry.
    But I do like that sheep thingy. Cute. And happy anniversary!

  20. Happy Tuscan Plate Day to you. We just celebrated our 24th this week. 24!!! I didn’t even think to mention it in ye olde blogg. When you get that old, you just sort of fade off into the sunset. Or something.
    We ate bacon-wrapped scallops, which we shared on our first anniversary together. The fact that we could remember THAT nugget was noteworthy in itself, I’d say.

  21. I just love that cinnamon bun thing you’re doing with your hair! Or are they Ho-Ho s?

  22. well, obviously i’m not the first red sox fan in here, but i have to confess i’m not at all heartbroken to have the yankees out of the running.
    congratulations on your anniversary!
    ps…i’m lovin’ that pin! walk the sheep indeed

  23. Dear Kay,
    Happy Anniversary!!! October 13?! That’s mine, too! 17 years!

  24. Dear Kay,
    Happy Anniversary!!! October 13?! That’s mine, too! 17 years!

  25. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Wooooo! Hurrah, and other such celebratory noises.
    Now, this Yankees thing – Am I to take it that something Bad has happened? This has not hit my radar in EastEnders London. As we are a Yankees household I must commiserate, and perhaps google a bit to find out what is going on. (I tell everyone about going to that Game, you know, even though I was still a bit baffled as to what was happening by the end).

  26. hope your day is a good one

  27. Buon Anniversario!
    Now, why would I like the plate con pesche more than the pin?? Bella la mia Firenze!
    A hug to Joseph too, because even if baseball is very low in my list of priorities, I know how he must feel. Little people have been very sad on this side of the divide frequently enough even for me to take notice.

  28. I have no idea about baseball (except I always know when the Phillies win because, well, I live in Philadelphia), but I assume that one sends their condolences at a time like this.
    Also, happy anniversary to you and your plate. I mean husband.

  29. Love the Sheep Walker! Hilarious.
    Happy Anniversary! May you have many more peachy years.

  30. Happy anniversary. I’ll raise a glass to you both, and wish you many more happy years.
    p.s. I might even write an e-mail…

  31. My husband is a die-hard Red Sox fan and even HE says that Torre is one of the best managers in baseball. Steinbrenner would be a fool to fire him.

  32. unfortunately that’s a steinbrenner trademark. i remember the billy martin days.

  33. Happy Anniversary!
    love the pin(clara sheep walker)
    great name for her also.!

  34. LOL!! That’s hilarious! =)
    It took me a minute to figure out that ‘language’ you posted there!! You know, I bet that’s what non-knitters think when they pick up a pattern. =)
    Your sheep are beautiful by the way!
    Have a great Sabbath day today.

  35. Happy Anniversary! We have a plate too..well, pasta bowl, definitely fitting in this house, but our anniversary’s a way off. I don’t follow baseball much- I TRIED, because see, 50 years ago, our Braves won the Series. And then 25 years ago, our Brewers won the Series. And I watched, thinking maybe THIS year….we’d win it again….oh well. Back to not watching baseball so much. I guess my sport is…uhm…er…is TV a sport? Anyway, MAZEL TOV!!

  36. we had our 8th on the 9th, and I’m a mets fan married to a sox fan( and pats fan,thank gosh) but I digress, happy anniversary, hoping to get to see you both in rhinebeck.

  37. Happy belated anniversary to the plate and its people!
    And I thought The Ultimate Answer was 42….

  38. OMG! I love the Bo Peep pin!


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