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Christmas Eve Tidings

Dear Kay,
I just checked the weather in Omaha, and it’s looking to me like you’re having Some Weather out there. Among the thrilling things I read was this: “11.4 degrees. Blizzard warning. Light Snow. Blowing Snow. Freezing Fog.” ALL AT ONCE?
FREEZING FOG? JEBUS, woman! I don’t even know what that is.
Did Pa Ingalls’s friend bring you that stick of horehound candy yet? Anybody sleeping in a snowbank?
Things are really mild around here, with only two dramas to speak of: 1) The Lights On The Tree (see above for the confounding midsection area) and 2) Will The Turkey Thaw By Tomorrow Morning?
The fellas have already gone to sleep, a sure sign that they are 13 and 10. They are thinking that early to bed will mean early to rise and thus early to open presents. They seem skeptical at my claim that Santy Claus will in fact come and take it ALL BACK if they wake their parents too early.
There’s knitting down here, but I’m too sleepy to write about it. There’s always knitting, isn’t there? Or the likelihood of it.
I hope everyone has a peaceful, warm holiday, however you celebrate these wintry days. The new year is right over there, a new decade even.




  1. Thank you both for sharing your lives with us, your knitting wit and wisdom and always making me smile whenever I visit. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to you both!

  2. Thank you both for sharing your lives with us, your knitting wit and wisdom and always making me smile whenever I visit. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to you both!

  3. To you both, I wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2010.
    Ann, I hope the boys stay asleep until a reasonable hour, but I’m not going to bet on it !

  4. Thanks to both of you for your wonderful writing during the years. May the new year bring morem of the same. Have a peaceful and happy holiday season. And may the boys sleep late!

  5. Thanks to both of you for your wonderful writing during the years. May the new year bring morem of the same. Have a peaceful and happy holiday season. And may the boys sleep late!

  6. Happy New Year to both of you. Stay warm and dry in Omaha, Kay.
    And, Ann, time to brine the turkey. That takes care of the worry about thawing things out. It’s my new favorite way to cook turkey.
    Hope Santa is good to you.

  7. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Ann! Wishing you a fiber-y holiday full of yarny treats.

  8. My tree has one of those dark bands, too! Perhaps we’re the start of a trend? Luckily, the son who decorated the tree managed to spread the functioning lites out a bit, so the dark spot isn’t as obvious. (You can check my page to see how it turned out.)
    Hope you both have a terrific holiday and the best of new years!

  9. Merry Christmas! If your turkey isn’t thawed when you get up tomorrow, might I suggest a cold water thaw? You just cover it with cold water and change the water every 20 – 30 min. It should be completely thawed in a couple of hours. Google it for more information.
    Enjoy your feast!

  10. Well, there’s knitting HERE (always some belated stuff, right?). The only thing is that it’s the same 1-2 inches of a “keyhole” scarf. I keep having to rip it out and do it over again. Nothing like the holidays to make a person botch up a simple 2-row repeat so thoroughly…
    Anyway, ditto on the gratitude for you guys being there and sharing it all with us. You have enriched the experience of knitting, and of community, in a most special way.
    Happy Holidays!

  11. Happy holidays to all Masons and Dixons! And I sincerely hope I am the only one awake right now…

  12. I’m the only one awake in my house right now. So happy to see the wonky-lit tree and read about freezing fog. We have wind, no snow, and roast beef for dinner — but I have no white flour to make Yorkshire pudding, what will I dooooo? Oh well, I’ll worry about that later.
    Happy Christmas to you all, happy 2010!
    Maybe I can get a row of Birch done before the kidlets arise?

  13. Thanks for sharing your humour and drama. Merry Christmas to you both and looking forward to the decade of MD.

  14. No longer dreaming of a White Christmas in Omaha–ever– and feeling quite fortunate that we don’t have to travel either into or out of town. We do have Kay captive here, so will be on the lookout for her when we dig a path to Personal Threads (after Christmas sale!) and String of Purls. Kay, have Pa hook up the team to the wagon and get yerself to Black Horse Antiques in Valley for a nice selection of rug hooking wool.
    Merry Christmas to all.

  15. Happy Holidays Ann and Kay, to you and your families!

  16. Happy Holidays Ann and Kay, to you and your families!

  17. Merry Christmas, Ann and Kay!

  18. Happy Holidays to you and your families! And thank you both for MDK throughout the year. And the books! The gifts that keep on giving.

  19. Happy holidays to all. Ann, I think the tree looks great. Record snow here now in cape cod too with the family in laws.

  20. In early December we had the middle of our tree go dark. I bought a whole new set of lights and just wrapped them around over the bad set, and a week ago the middle went dark again. This morning, it was dark at the bottom of the tree too. And these were all brand new lights bought this year. Maybe its some sort of Christmas light strike.

  21. Yes, there is always knitting. Thank goodness! We had to cancel plans to be with family this Christmas due to weather, so I am grateful for my knitting and this community of knitting friends. Merry Christmas all.

  22. Yes, there is snow, frigid temps, blowing snow, and there might also be fog, but I can’t see very far out my windows due to the above mentioned blowing snow. I have never in my life seen such vast amounts of snow and I grew up in Minnesota. And it is not done snowing–might go on for another 24 hours or so. I am ready to leave Nebraska.

  23. come to florida you can help shovel
    the snowbirds out of walmart
    what is in the green and red box left background
    nice wreath on the door- love to every one
    on the block

  24. Hope you had a great day Ann and Kay! I made the corn (casserole) from last year, and my mom and sister said it was awesome!

  25. Merry Christmas Ann, Kay, and everyone!

  26. Merry Christmas! Your tree looks like ours. Despite our best efforts there is a band that just doesn’t have any lights.

  27. My tree looks like yours, too. And it’s supposed to be pre-lit! We are enjoying last bits of the first White Christmas in Dallas in 83 years. Stay warm.

  28. For many reasons, we don’t get to enjoy a Christmas tree. When I clicked upon this last nite in the dimmed room, I got that ‘twinkly’ feeling for just a minute. Thanks for sharing. Hope your holidays and 2010 are good to you and your loved ones.

  29. Happy Holidays to you both!

  30. happiest of holidays. Et bonne année 2010 à tout le monde!!

  31. Have we all learned nothing from years of knitting?! That dark band in the middle of the Christmas tree is not an “error;” it is a “design feature!”
    And now let us welcome the new year,
    full of things that have never been.

  32. God Jul!

  33. Merry Christmas, and a Happy, Healthy New Year.
    Thank you both for the joy you bring us throughout the year, with the ups, downs ins and outs.

  34. BTW, didn’t last year’s tree have a “dark band”, as well? Perhaps your living room was built over a sacred Druid alter, or something… 🙂

  35. Merry Christmas, Ann and Kay! And a happy New Year!

  36. Just in case you didn’t see the holiday wishes in my previous comment a few days ago, Happy Holidays to you! Loved sharing this past year with you, your lovely European travels where I couldn’t wait to get the next installment; your knitting adventures, etc. What a treat to find a new Mason Dixon post!
    DH got a half finished afghan for Christmas and DD’s didn’t get anything handmade. I had last minute work commissions that put everything personal to the back burner. They understand and know they will get the stuff when it’s finished. It’s the only way I can not stress obsessively about UFO’s for Christmas.
    A very Happy New Year to you and yours and at least your tree isn’t leaning in either direction this year!!!

  37. Happy Holidays to both of you and yours. I just wanted to share that the lights I carefully strung on my house look the same way–half of each string is dark!! And they are new, so I have no answer. Anyhoo, Happy New year, too. It does not need fancy lights.

  38. I hope everyone fared well over the blizzardyness.
    There’s actually a word for frozen fog: Pogonip. According to Shoshone legend, don’t breathe pogonip or you could die. Something to do with ice shards. The Old Farmer’s Almanac always gives a December warning: Beware the Pogonip.

  39. If Freezing Fog is not the name of a rock group, it should be. Dibs!!

  40. HOREHOUND…… mmm been a while since I had any. Brings back good memories


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