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Dear Ann,
PHEW! That was almost a DISASTER.
So I got my Buckingham Palace guard disguise all set–the Obamas were due to meet the Queen this afternoon, so I’m right there in the mix with all the guys with the hats and the rifles and such, and I’m doing my turn at the little station house thing, laying on the best accent I can muster. All “la-ti-da” and “Bob’s yer uncle” and “bits and bobs.” The Obamas were scheduled to drive right past me, at which point I was going to march right in and hang out with them and stuff.
And THEN. These three girls come up to me and are all, “Aren’t you KAY GARDINER?” One of them was all “You ARE! Remember? We stood around in the freezing damn cold drinking ice-cold BEER at that Ravelry party at Rhinebeck! You stole my goody bag, right?” And I’m all thinking, DON’T TALK. YOU’RE A PALACE GUARD. DON’T EVEN BLINK. And one of them says, “I hate dishrags. Why would anybody knit a dishrag?” which of course are FIGHTING WORDS in my book, and I just about blew my beaver hat when THANK Elizabeth Zimmerman the motorcade comes blasting up, and the girls all turn and start making googly eyes at the President, and I’m off the hook.
More later. Glad this rifle wasn’t loaded; that girl has no idea how close she came.




  1. Oh my gawd Kay, way to make me spit my Coca-Cola out at work!

  2. Young little Pups don’t even know what they are talking about. You are one Lucky Girl to be in the midst of this proud moment we send our new president and lovely wife off to represent us. I couldn’t be more proud if they were my own children. Have a ball! It looks like you already are….

  3. Too good. And just think of the interesting people who will google search “blew my beaver” and learn about knitting dishrags and such. oh Happy April Fools to us all!!!

  4. You are hilarious. Happy April Fools to you too. My mother was born on April Fools day and in 1923 it was EAster Sunday.

  5. You crack me up.

  6. “blew my beaver” !!!!
    Notice how I am restraining myself here….

  7. Kay, I am so glad you are keeping an eye on the free world. I heard Mr. Obama gave the queen an ipod, wouldn’t a dish rag have been more appropriate? Perhaps you should have a word with someone, maybe the secret service?

  8. Those girls don’t look old enough to use a dishrag, anyway!

  9. thank you its great to be bonkers

  10. Incomparable. As always.
    Happy travels!

  11. While you are there, check out prickyourfinger.com and if you are in Bethnal Green (perhaps not too likely), visit their shop. There’s not much for sale actually, but their web site blog is all British-art-school-girls adorable and so are they.

  12. Fancy coming all the way here and not stopping by at the palace for tea!!!!
    From Her Majesty

  13. Fancy coming all the way here and not stopping by at the palace for tea!!!!
    From Her Majesty

  14. This is an amazing photog!
    I had no idea you are so tall ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. How IS that dishrag book coming along, by the way?

  16. At last, evidence that the free world is finally safe! (Kooky, but safe).
    Thanks for the laughs–Happy April Fool’s Day!

  17. Perhaps if they were called “wash cloths” instead of “dish rags” they wouldn’t sound so lowly…


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