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Fete Accompli

Dear Ann,
You missed out on a real old timey sew-up hootenanny Monday night. So sorry! I will try to convey a flavah of the evening.
You know that I prefer to avoid hyperbole and overstatement of any kind. But dang it, there was magic in the air. For example:
The Beasts of the Field
Ann and Lenny had never met before. Ann aka St. Francis of Lawn Guyland, is a pooch magnet.
An Angel? A Seraph? A Really Great Gal?
It’s time for new plugs and points on the KayCam, because this picture of Dawn does not show the halos emanating from her head and hands. Dawn was there when we got there, like a beacon from On High. Or maybe just from Beacon, New York. (I get On High and Upstate mixed up.) But the magic was for real: Dawn seamed 3 (3!) of the 9-patch units, and then spent her ample free time fixing everybody else’s mistakes, including reconstructive Kitchener surgery on a square that must have gotten the scissors when I was opening the envelope. Dawn, we don’t know who you are or where you came from, but please come next time.
A Visitation From the Beyond (Texas)
Katie showed up and said hi and I gave her a square and rattled off her marching orders and she said, “I’ve only got 15 minutes because I’m visiting from Houston and I’ve got sights to see!” Our little sew-up bee got top billing over the Rockettes! We were the pre-theatre sew-up menu. Thanks Katie! Hope you found the pizza place!
The Mother of the Blogzine
Is there anything more wondrous than a couple that knits together? How about a couple that whipstitches together? Ron and Naomi were there. Naomi has exciting news: she has a brand-new, consciousness-raising blogzine, Knit a Condom Amulet. Check it out! Stick with Naomi, and you are going to learn something.
Lovely Lady Links
Even a control freak can’t control everything. I sort of kept track of who was there. If I’ve left anybody out, send me an email. Here’s who else was there: Wendy, Catherine, Mary, Liz, Cara (who taught a little girl to knit in the store), Katherine, Amy, Cynthia, Grace, Alex, Megan, Zontee, Claudia, Anne, Jill, Katy, Jenn, Lisa Daehlin, Stephanie, and Abby.
The Loaves and the Fishes and the Chairs
Many thanks to Pearl Chin of Knitty City for her generous hospitality. We used every chair in the place, but there were always just enough. When one person had to leave, another would appear to fill her chair. Thanks also to Erin, who kept the cash register open late on a Monday night, and also sewed!
The Fruits of Our Labors
All but one of the 9-patch units are SEWED UP, as are most of the borders.
Thanks to my vigilant harping and prodding, we’ve got 99.5 percent of the ends sewn in, with no ambiguous dangling. (When you’ve sewn in an end, cut it short, people! I don’t want to wonder whether it’s been sewn in!)
You can see the pattern emerging, right? RIGHT?
This is where things will stand until the week after Christmas, when I will sew up the remaining seams and embark on a dramatic i-cord expedition (or not). Look for this work of many hands in a raffle drawing in early January! (Fear not: I will remind you. But buy tickets now so you can get in on ALL the raffles. Instructions in sidebar.)
Thanks, everybody. I’m off like a prom dress. Grip me my double-points: today is Teacher Gift 4 of 4!



  1. Looks beautiful! I wish I could have been there to help sew up. Just wondering, am I the only one who meticulously examines the square pictures to try to find my contributions? πŸ™‚ It’s so exciting when I think I see them!

  2. Kaffe-licious. Brava to all the seamsters.

  3. Wow! The design, the size, the squareness of it all – what a blanket!

  4. I see my square! I got a shout out, WHOOT!
    I had such a lovely time. I learned that wip stitching is easy and fast (duh). Somehow I stayed on the yarn diet (although I’m sure to break it at Knitty City in early January!). I met Zontee πŸ˜€ and ate lots of cookies. Good times.

  5. Okay, so I couldn’t make it, but could help in early January probably, if you need……

  6. It’s going to be a STUNNER, Kay!! Wish I could have been there to join in.

  7. Dear deity-of-choice, I hate i-cord. You’re braver than me. It looks lovely. Well done all of you!

  8. Wowee! Looking great! I continue to be distressed that I didn’t do any whipstitching. But it looks fabutastic!!!!!!! Way to go!!!!!!!!

  9. That is beyond beautiful. The squares, the sewing and the final result.

  10. Consider yourself GRIPPED Lady!
    ps: you are AMAZING!!!

  11. No, Theresa, you’re not the only one who squints and searches. I showed everyone who came anywhere near a computer monitor when I spotted my four in the “crop circles” pix! (The mailman avoids me when he comes into the store now.) To Kay and all the stitchers, great job! I got me some tickets bought. Come to my house, little blankie, please, please, please.

  12. wow what a beautiful blanket! as i am moving to Philadelphia next week, i will be able to come to the next seam-up, assuming there is one.

  13. Kay, I’m so sorry I didn’t make it – I was planning to and I ended up having to work late. I promise I’ll be there for the next one.. There will be a next one won’t there??

  14. Wow! It’s gorgeous! I wish I lived closer.. it looks like there was fun and good will going on and that’s always wonderful to be around.
    Happy Holidays!

  15. yes i hit the zoom button
    go looking mine are in the picture
    knitters leave foot prints
    thank you kay and my goodness
    how connected we all are all over
    the world tis an amazement etc etc
    wonderful store thnk you for helping

  16. Hey. Dawn came from up here in Ithaca. Send her back!

  17. it looks great Kay!!! I had a great time – although I haven’t heard from Love-em-and-Leave-em-Lenny. He never writes, he never calls. I wonder what lap he’s sitting on today (do I hear a country song lurking in there?)

  18. Fantastic!Sorry I couldn’t make it for the stitching.A four hour bus trip each way and the Christmas Crazy Crush just spur of the moment trips. The blanket is beautiful.

  19. It’s looking wonderful, but it is the scope of this project, in DECEMBER of all times, that is truly breathtaking!

  20. That’s truly spectacular. Great work all!

  21. Yay~! I’m on teacher gift 4 of 4 too. But can I knit two Maine Mitts in two nights? Plus make a dessert for the company party tomorrow night? Plus work and take four hours to drive daughter to a doctor’s appointment tomorrow afternoon? And sleep?
    No problem!

  22. I’m with Mary! Kaffe-licious!!!!!!!!

  23. Reading that post was almost as much fun as it would have been to be there (and I hate whip-stitching). Great job, guys!

  24. kay, thanks for the links and support. ron enjoyed his first time in the confluence of good deeds and blogger enthusiasm.
    i hope everyone has seen/admired your Ballband Condom Amulet as Keychain amongst the free patterns on the new site. inspired. -naomi

  25. Oooh! I love those green squares. They just pop out and say Hi!

  26. So, so beautiful. Everything. The emerging blanket, the knitters, the sewers, the whole thing.
    How will I ever repay all your kindness ?

  27. It’s fantastic America. Truely beautiful.
    The First English Blanket has been won by Elizabeth Durand. Lucky, lucky lady!

  28. Oh! I’m lovin’ it! It’s definitely Kay-worthy, and I’m so proud I’m bustin’.

  29. Sounds like a perfect evening of knitterly fun, and what a wonderful job on the design – the idea of creating that pattern out of all those bitsy squares just floors me, it really does! Congratulations to all the sewer-uppers.
    And now that I have *not* won the first UK blanket, I will be focusing my amazing powers of blanket-attraction on *this* blanket exclusively…

  30. That looks great! I really like purple surrounding the green in the last picture.

  31. Just gorgeous! Whomever wins that blankie is very, very lucky.

  32. All that square sewing makes me feel a little woozy, but I still wish I could have been there. Its looking fab!

  33. Astounding! Really, I am speechless…

  34. That is a seriously beautiful blanket. I don’t know whether to spend my paycheck on raffle tickets or every sock yarn made since 1975.

  35. The blanket is looking fabulous!

  36. OMG! I am reading along, zombielike, having not had enough coffee yet, and I am thinking, DANG, that woman in that picture sure looks a lot like my friend. Then I said. WHOA, she is IN New York City now! It’s HER!! I hope you enjoyed hanging out with Katie as much as I do down in Austin! Now she is famous!!!

  37. Hey Dawn is the best knitter in Central New York, hands down! Truly one of the masters of our beloved craft.
    You can take her classes though πŸ™‚ She teaches a variety of classes from baby sweaters, to designing sweaters. She’s got a baby sweater class coming up sometime after Christmas. You can check http://www.knittingetcithaca.com for updates and other classes. No affiliation other than I really like Dawn and I teach the occasional class at Knitting Etc; too. Cheers!

  38. The blanket is gorgeous. As for the back full of ends to weave, could the whole thing be backed with fabric? Fleece,flannel or something? The ends would only need securing and close trimming then. :O) That’s what this lazy knitter might do! Sorry to be so far away and not be able to help. I’d have loved to. samm


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