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For a Hoot

Dear Ann–Run, don’t walk, to curlsandpurls.prettyposies.com, where my gifted curly headed wacked out pal Elisabeth has posted her artistic interpretation of …. me! Any fool can see that I am wearing Smoulder by our boy Kaffe, and that I did an impeccable job on it, even without benefit of a blocking board. (And yes, I am that cute.)
Curlsandpurls should be in our Places We Love, but that would mean you have to come back from the beach and do it. I’ve tried, I’ve really tried, but can’t figure it out. Each day that CurlsandPurls is absent from our list, a Sicilian curse of vengeance hangs over our heads (Lis assures me it’s nothing personal). I’m sort of used to it, but I worry about you.



  1. it really is good likeness of you kay. i think that i will give it to you to have as decoration for your blog. thanks for the props!! lessons on template editing to follow.

  2. Kay! I love it! It looks just like you! Oh right, I haven’t actually seen you in real life, but I can tell it’s dead on.
    Lis–Thanks for reading us.

  3. Love that little drawing!


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