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Git R Done: The Sew Up Details

Dear Ann,
This fine gloomy morning I’m heading down the turnpike to Philly for a visit to Phila*craft HQ, so time is short. Here’s an aerial view of the most recent delivery of squares for the American Blanket(s):
Tomorrow I will post the link-a-thon of where these fine squares came from. But today I have news to share: the details of a little sewing-up party.
TIME: 4-8 p.m.
PLACE: Knitty City, 208 West 79th Street (between Broadway and Amsterdam)
What would we do without Pearl Chin? During the busiest time of the year, I asked her to keep Knitty City open for us on an off-night, and Pearl said “of course!” If you are planning on coming, would you please RSVP so I can give Pearl an idea of what she’s in for? Just send an email to me at bigbonegalAThotmailDOTcom. Just bring yourself, and your willingness to submit to instruction from that domineering woman sitting in the chair Kaffe sat in when he was at Knitty City last month. (No, she will not let anyone else sit in that chair.) (Yes, she is me.)
More square details tomorrow–I must fly!



  1. Wish I could be there!

  2. Dang! Dang! Dang! I love Knitty City!
    If I didn’t have to be at work that day, I’d SO be there.
    Stoopid work.

  3. Waaaaaah! If I could only swing it to divert my plane on the 17th to NYC rather than BTV, I’d BE there. I soooo wanted to be there. My office might have a hissy fit about it, though. Still, I’m not giving up hope. We shall see what we shall see. !!

  4. Kay, you are in big, big trouble. (1) You’re going to be just a few short miles away from me today and you didn’t tell, and (2) you scheduled the sewing-up gala before Christmas. I was so hoping it would be afterward, and Amtrak and I could share some quality time. . . please take LOTS of pictures.

  5. I was in Knitty City in October and it, and Pearl, were a delight. Good luck with the sewing, I’m too far away to help. 🙁

  6. countin’ the cars on the turnpike
    hellos to cristina
    sewing-up sounds like fun:: a warm pre-christmas activity. bisous and bon blankets

  7. I stayed ACROSS THE STREET from Knitty City at Thanksgiving! It seemed like everytime I looked, it was closed, but I finally got to visit it and bought a book (Knitting Lace Triangles by Evelyn Clark). I’ve never been within walking distance of a knitting store before (actually 2 since there’s another one on Broadway a couple blocks up or down). NYC was a wonderful place, especially at Thanksgiving.

  8. {sigh} Too far for me too, sadly – and my Saturday is going to spent in the 18th century until noon and at the ballet in the evening. BUT! I gave my squares a Stern Lecture before leaving, and they are under strict orders to lie flat, square up their corners, Ileft long tails on them and they promised they wouldn’t laugh and squirm when you tug on their tails even though they are frightful ticklish. Best I could do, hope it helps!

  9. the little folk sat all around
    me as i sat and knitted
    one is a stowaway
    this one wears red bells
    give her a tot of honey
    and a needle and soon
    all will be done

  10. Ah, I wish I could go. Just flutter my eyelashes at the PTB and work in the NY office long enough to go to the sew in.

  11. I only hope that the Kay&Kaffe chair is similar to those nail-parlor chairs with remote-control lower back massage options… Wish I could be there to share in the sciatica-inducing fun!

  12. I’ll be there in spirit, does that count? Gotta be here in California to work, etc.

  13. does that mean you’re still accepting squares? I’ve got a few sitting here but thought i had missed the deadline…


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