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Happy Knitting Content

Dear Ann,
I do not turn on the TV in the morning, so it was through the Internet knitting world that I found out the sad news about the London explosions. From Belinda, who — CNN take note — is the perfect news source: factual, concise and braced with Churchillian fortitude. Belinda’s most recent email was entitled, ‘Happy Knitting Content’. On the theory that Happy Knitting Content can never hurt, and may help, here is:
Wait….is that a French Market Bag? Is it a Buttonhole Bag? No! According to Belinda, it is a “bastardization of the Buttonhole Bag and the French Market Bag”. She used Cascade 220, doubled I think but perhaps tripled, from the chunky look of it. It is striped, in a pattern that I would describe, technically, as ‘stripey’. But I would be wrong. Belinda’s stripes started out as Fibonacci stripes, but her guy told her they went wrong somehow and turned into binary stripes. That’s fine; like I said, stripey!
The hank of Rowanspun DK is for scale. It’s a small-to-medium size handbag. You could lose your phone in it, but you will find it before it stops ringing. The bag may or may not end up with a lining,. which may or may not be red.
There is other knitting content, but I’m not in the mood. Happy Knitting Content will always keep for another day. Meanwhile, sending thoughts and prayers out to Londoners.




  1. Yes, happy knitting news indeed. And an excellent use of the word Fibonacci, which is used entirely too infrequently after grade 11 math.
    I have been listening to the BBC and NPR online all day and have been thinking of all our friends in London. The cowardly, barbaric attacts juxtaposed with the brave responses of the victims and the medical and police helpers is almost too much to take in.
    We are all thinking of you–and are amazed and shored up and inspired by your resolute and brave response to such umimaginable events.

  2. “You could lose your phone in it, but you will find it before it stops ringing.” That cracks me up. I am forever having that problem with my phone. The French Buttonhole bag looks great πŸ™‚

  3. Wonderful combination of two of my favorite projects!

  4. Excellent bag, and phone friendly too. This is cheerful and welcome on such a grim day. Thanks for the smile.

  5. I really love that french market bag! Gotta get going on one of those pronto!

  6. a tangledup buttoned hole bag? a buttoned-up market bag? heehee thanks for my knitting fix today πŸ˜‰

  7. Hey, that’s my bag! Hurrah! ‘Come, then, let us go forward together with our united strength. And we will continue to knit throughout’. Apologies to Mr. Churchill (slightly altered quotation from his speech of 13.05.40), but I’m sure you get the drift. London is grateful for your thoughts.

  8. ps- I was so busy checking the quotation I very nearly flooded the entire house by over-running the bath. Only prevented by finding book of ‘Twentieth Century Speeches’ in, of all places, the bathroom. Must be more careful in future…!

  9. re: the wonky argyle sweatervest in snippets — i agree on all counts (so-so-ness of vests, argyle, golf; greatness of pattern). when will you make one, and what colours? πŸ˜‰

  10. I HAVE to make that bag!!!! I love it!! And I am getting a new phone today too.. lol
    I will have to figure out how to make one!

  11. I love the handle on that french buttonshole bag…Hmmmmmmm…. must knit…now….

  12. Love that bag – can we get pattern directions??

  13. i am with cathy – love it!!! it’s my dream bag, i think! will instructions be coming? pretty please? by the way, i love your blog, and i’m looking forward to the book!

  14. Oh! I never thought I would love a gray bag…and I do love it. I do!


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