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Happy Orangeoween!

Dear Kay,
May your pumpkin puree facial leave you glowing, and may a black cat cross your path.
And may the two-mouthed monster pumpkin leave you be.




  1. The 2 mouthed monster pumpkin look is in this year I think. Way cool!

  2. Not sure what y’all are implying with that double mouth business. Trying to figure out which one of your boys came up with that one.

  3. Mmmmmm… pumpkin puree facial…
    Perhaps the pumpking double mouth is the better to eat you with?

  4. Also, looks like it already got your poor headless kitty. ;))

  5. Sister Buffy,
    You know the drill. October 30: an early morning push to start carving pumpkins. David, who’s out of school, nags me all the way through Pop-Tarts (Pop-Tarts fer chrissakes! What more does he want?), I manage to get out of the bathrobe and scuffs so I can go out the front door to start bringing in the gourds. I ask him to conceptualize his designs for the three pumpkins, and I start carving. I carve and carve and carve. David drifts in and out, mostly out. Next year, I swear to myself, we’re getting one pumpkin.
    We get to number three. I look at the drawing and say, “What’s this?”
    “A beard.”
    “I can’t carve a beard. It’s too . . . hairy.” He assures me that I can. That is how we end up with a two-mouthed monster pumpkin.
    xox Sister Ann

  6. Three?! Sis, I’m coming south of the Mason-Dixon SOON to check up on you. This tangled blog is affecting you.


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