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Holiday Hideout

Dear everyone,
I hear a voice yelling out, “Help! Help! I’m traaaaapped!”
I discover Boy Under Tree.
Hope you get what you wish for under your tree.
Merry Clifmas to you all!




  1. What a great christmas card that would be. you should consider doing one for next year.

  2. So was he just checking out the boxes to make sure they passed quality control or was he having a sneaky peak πŸ˜‰
    Happy Christmas to you too.

  3. What’s he doing under the tree? πŸ˜‰ Wishing you a very happy Christmas time!

  4. Aw, what a nice picture!!

  5. LOVE that pixie grin…..he is the true gift!

  6. Great picture! Merry Christmas to you, Kay and your families. Happy 2006!

  7. oooh..i have that same blue penguin paper. it’s fun. the other is green with santas. i love it. Merry Christmas!
    see ya soon πŸ˜‰

  8. That’s so cute. I could imagine the same thing happening to me if I was at home to fondle all the gifts under the tree this year. Merry Clifmas to you and yours!!

  9. MERRY MERRY MERRY Christmas to you and yours! Such a great picture. Now he just needs a bow on his head and he could blend right in. Bow = Christmas camouflage.

  10. I imagine the scene as you find the trapped kid, and say, “just hold on, I’ll rescue you in a sec, but I’ve got to get a picture for the blog!” He doesn’t seem to be in great distress though…
    Happy holidays to you all, and I hope Clif finds what he was looking for!

  11. merry christmas to both of you and your families!

  12. Happy Holidays to you, Ann and Kay!!

  13. Yes, it’s true, the fact that you have a picture of this spontaneous moment does make one suspicious of Directorial Input. But I have met Clif, Clif has kicked the back of my seat in the car, Clif and I understand each other: I hereby certify that Clif would climb under the tree unbidden.
    Hope the contents were as exciting as he seems to expect! xoxo Kay


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