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I See Your True Colors (That’s Why I Love You)

To All You Lovely Raffle People,
Thank you so much for your generous conversions of greenback dollas (and loonies) into pounds sterling for Oliver’s Fund. A total of 75 tickets were sold (raising a handsome sum–about 375 U.S. bucks) and logged on my trusty yellow legal pad in a way that can only be described as “methodical”. I programmed the Random Integer Generator to randomly arrange the integers 1 through 75, and the one that came out on top was 43, which belongs to none other than Stacie M. (What? No blog?) Stacie will be getting an email from me, followed by a prize package that will come in really handy if she is in high school and doesn’t have anything to wear for Eighties Day. (Velcro shoulder pads not included.) Girls just want to have fun!
I would also like to thank all the sneaky people who made a contribution and didn’t email me for a raffle ticket. (Oh yeah. You think I’m not wise to ya?) Y’all are fabulous, you know. When the hat is passed for a good cause (or the bar tab), you can always count on the knitters.
Happy Weekend Everybody!
Love, Kay



  1. Thanks again for doing this, Kay!
    (who has shoulder pads suitable for a linebacker up in the attic, ready for daughters’ 80s days at school! Not to mention Lycra and Qiana…)

  2. I LOVE that song!!

  3. Ok – I’m probably the only one who is going to get excited by the random number generator – but I am!!!
    Often when striping I like to use random patterns and until now I’ve just rolled dice each time I change colour. (That makes me sound a little sad – but ‘this too is reality’.) Now I can programme a whole suite of random stripes in seconds!

  4. If anyone needs any of those large 80’s button-style earrings to go with their shoulder pads, let me know. I just boxed up a bunch of pairs last week.

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thanks to Kay for her incredible generosity, support, help and love. I never have to ask, she always gives so freely. i can only hope to be as good a friend.
    Thank you to everyone who so generously donated. It is very much appreciated.

  6. hee hee, So long as Oliver gets his goodies, 80s be darned! That’s all the counts 🙂

  7. Thank you, Kay! I think “43” is my new favorite number! It’s been fun to follow Oliver’s adventures on the Hippo–and whatever we can do to help him have even more adventures is the best thing!

  8. Congrats, Stacie M!
    And thanks for the opportunity, Kay.
    Following the Dated Costume theme, I have a calf-length coat probably from the 70s, with those weirdly-puckered shoulders. I call it my “Oh-WEE-oh” coat, because I feel like one of the guards of the Emerald City when I wear it. Only to VERY cold events involving horses and/or dogs. Honestly. It’s a down-filled oh-WEE-oh coat. Ugly but functional. And available for loan!

  9. Thanks for the link to this old, but wonderful video. Timeless. Like you.


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