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Knitting at the Library!

Dear Kay,
A quick note to all you middle Tennesseans out there (and I do consider you an honorary middle Tennessean, Kay).
A new lunchtime knitting circle is forming at the downtown branch of the Nashville Public Library. We’ll be meeting every second Monday of the month in the second floor courtyard, which really is a little slice of heaven.
Our first gathering: this Monday, September 11. Noon to 2 pm. Come on! It gives you an excuse to see this beautiful library! Get out of the house! You never know who might show up–maybe we’ll even see Francie Owens, she of the mighty mitered square polymer pins. I ran into Francie last week at Threaded Bliss Yarns, so maybe she’ll come explain how you make miters out of clay. Seems complicated to me.
Here are directions and parking info. Parking is in the deck attached to the library, so it’s not too tricky. If you’re hungry, grab a sandwich at Provence, which is located in the building. (You can hear Rachael Ray’s happy-gal review of the bakery here.
Come one, come all! It’s going to be a ton of fun.




  1. Dang I can’t make it on Monday.
    Awestruck that you have been in the presence of The Francie. xoxox Kay

  2. PLEASE….info on the great picture… that is one fantastic eyechart. At least, are the miters leaning or do I need to get my eyes examined?

  3. To Tennesse from Toronto for lunch might be a stretch. But it sounds like fun.
    LOVE the blanket photo. LOVE the blanket. WOW !

  4. I’d have a tough time explaining to my boss why I have to go to Tennessee for lunch…D@^^ I miss all the good stuff. I swear that blanket is moving…

  5. is that fimo clay?

  6. I knit at the library every day. Because I work there, but still. I do knit at the library every single day.

  7. A knitting circle at a library sounds like heaven to me! And I second the request for info on that GORGEOUS picture.

  8. Love the idea of knitting at the library, combines my favorite two things but the comute from Cambridge may be a little too much. Thinking about it though–I work across the street from my own library, maybe I need to start a group here. Between the books, the knitting, the books about knitting, I’d never get back to the office.

  9. Great idea I love knitting at the library myself.
    If I lofved closer I’d be happy to join yous.
    Have a great time!

  10. I LOVE the Nashville Public library. (I love libraries as much, if not more than knitting, because I am a librarian.)(Good thing, huh?) I have never been to Nashville but teh Nashville Public Library is the subject of a great picture book, Goin’ Someplace Special, by Patricia McKissack, and it is a special place to me. (Read the book, if you don’t know it, you will see why.)
    So I really wish I could go, (and pick up the stuff I ordered from Francie!)but I’d probably have to leave the day before to make it for lunch.
    Have fun!

  11. Hi Ann,
    So this explains the 12 emails I have in my inbox placing mitered square orders. I checked your site and started giggling when I saw the big mitered square pin. I was thrilled to meet “The Ann” last week and I am planning to come to the library on Monday. I’ll bring some clay so I can show you how I make the miters. They are so much fun. I use Kato Polyclay (available at Hobby Lobby’s). You’ve made my great day even better. Today I received my copy of Polymer Cafe Magazine ( which my first article (for ponytail holders) was published!
    Francie Owens

  12. Francie, methinks you are about to get VERY BUSY!!!!!! What a great pin! I just barely got over knitting mitres, don’t know if I’ll ever make them out of clay–and stay married!!!!!!

  13. I’m there!

  14. I’ll be there with Zoe on Monday! I need to meet Francie – she has done Nashville-area craft shows with my sis and mom and my friend Karen at the Will.Co. Rec Ctr! How have I never met you face-to-face Francie? I have some of the miters!

  15. Hey I want to come. Maybe I could pop over from the UK!

  16. I’m trying to corral my knittas for a “field trip” from Boone, n.c. Our last road trip was to Old Fort,nc to the pisgah yarn factory (home of our hometown hero, peaches and cream) to score pounds and pounds of cottony heaven. The hospitable folks there even gave the weary kids balls to keep their fingers happy on the trip home! Hope to see you in Nashville! Kristi

  17. Knitting at the library = perfect! Have fun! 🙂

  18. Another reason to get a passport so I can travel around the U.S.

  19. Live in Nashville? Check.
    Can easily get to the downtown library? Check.
    Would love to join in with a knitting group, especially one which includes the co-author of one of my favorite blogs? CHECK.
    Noon-2pm? Ah, crud, I knew there was a catch somewhere. I start work at noon every day. SIGH.
    Oh well, guys, have fun!
    And Janet, I love that book, too. My daughter has checked it out (from the downtown Nashville library, no less) at least five times. However, the library pictured in that book is actually not the one that’s downtown now. I don’t know if that’s what the original one looked like, but the library moved to a new building in the late 60s and then again several years ago. That said, it is a fantastic library in a gorgeous building, and some of the original artwork from “Goin’ Someplace Special” is framed and hanging in the children’s room. IIRC, the book came out right around the time the new building opened, so it was really neat timing.

  20. I’m there! I work downtown and have a meeting at 1, but I can stop by for a little while. Very fun.

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