Learn how to crawl: the New York City Yarn CrawlΒ is on through Sunday, September 25.

Learning to Crawl

Dear Ann,
The big news up here is that the very first New York City Yarn Crawl is coming up this weekend, October 9-12, Friday through Monday.
We have a Fambly Double Whammy this weekend–a bar mitzvah and a bat mitzvah occurring simultaneously (luckily they are brother and sister, so the simu-davening will be occurring at one convenient location)–so my personal Crawling Time will be somewhat limited. I am determined, though, to hit at least a few of the shops that are participating, focusing my efforts on venturing out of my regular circuit of fave shops.
Ann, you won’t be here, but your knitting will! The Yarn Crawl was kind enough to invite us to be part of the fabulously silly Scavenger Hunt contest that Blue Sky Alpacas is sponsoring. Here’s how it works:
Each of the 14 participating yarn shops will have on its premises a sample project from either Mason-Dixon Knitting: The Curious Knitters’ Guide, or Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines. The item will be recognizable from its photograph in the book, or for those who (very sadly, I weep for them, really I do) do not have the books, from a quick search of Ravelry’s patterns archive using the search term “Mason-Dixon Knitting”. (Not that I check this listing daily or anything.) IMPORTANT NOTE: The item will not be hidden, so please do not dig through yarn bins or otherwise disturb the yarn shop. The item will be in plain sight somewhere in the store. The item will bear a tag saying, “Mason-Dixon Knitting #__”.
When you have located the item, make a note of the information on the tag AND the name of the shop in which you found it.
At the end of your personal yarn crawl, send an email to NYCYCScavengerhunt@gmail.com, listing each item you found BY NUMBER, and the shop you found it in. All entries must be received by 5 p.m. New York time on Tuesday, October 13, 2009.
There will be one grand prize winner, of this fabulous prize:
A kit to make this luxurious Blue Sky Alpacas, quilt-inspired throw. I’ve seen the kit, all dolled up in a beautiful basket. It is to covet. This is a blanket for people who wrap themselves up in a regular quilt and say, “This thing is just not thick enough for me, and also I’d like 28 skeins of alpaca/merino in it.”
There will also be a wonderful second prize involving Jade Sapphire Mongolian Cashmere. Don’t lose hope if you don’t get to all 14 stores. Enter anyway! Scavenge your heart out!
The winners will be chosen by random drawing from among all entries with the highest number of correct scavenger hunt finds. That is, if several entries have all 14 items, the drawing will be from those entries only. If nobody finds all 14, the drawing will be from all entries that have 13 items, and so forth. Given what I know about knitters, and their energy for visiting yarn shops, I’m guessing there will be a few 14-item entries.
May the best scavengers win!



  1. I would very much like to do that yarn crawl with you, Kay, wrapped up in a little ball in your handbag (or tucked in a napkin, like a leftover 1/2 bagel) that blanket! i shiver from its loveliness.

  2. That blanket would go so well with pet hair, not to mention bite-marks and claw-snags. Why yes, we share quarters with two cats and a dog, which is why I have never knit an afghan– polar-fleece couch throws are the only appropriate type of lap blanket for this household. I have enough trouble keeping the cats off ny works in progress.

  3. I have sent this to DD#3 whom I gave life and enable to go to Brooklyn College, suggesting a picture of one of the Brooklyn items would be a very nice gift to ol’ mom in Chicago.

  4. And mazel tov on the bar/bat mitzvahs! May they receive only enough pens.

  5. “It is to covet.” Yes. That’s true. The good news is that I won’t be in NYC so I wouldn’t have to get all nervous and hopeful about winning!

  6. Happy crawling to all New Yorkers! Here in Canada it is Thanksgiving weekend, so I will be trying to feed my brother’s enormous teenagers. I think it would be less work to get to 14 yarn shops….

  7. grand prize indeed! wish i could skip town to come participate! have fun new yorkers!

  8. That blanket is luscious! Sounds like a fun time.

  9. That sounds like so much fun! Too bad I’m not in NY. Especially since the blanket looks amazing – and extra toasty!

  10. Not one word about Olive!?!

  11. I’m all set to crawl around town on Monday! Too bad that some of the stores are closed that day – there goes my chance to win the blanket πŸ™
    Mazel tov on the bat/bar mitzvahs!

  12. Yeah Kay, you can tuck me in your handbag like a leftover 1/2 bagel, too–only, with me, you’d end up with a hernia…
    Sorry to report knee troubles, which will keep me away from the ‘yarn crawl’ this year.
    That blanket IS nice! It looks great for snuggling on a windy daylike this.
    Have fun this weekend!

  13. This is all well and good but where are the Olive pictures?

  14. Sniff! One of those few ocassions when I weep I’m not American. I sooo wanna do that yarn crawl. Have a lovely day!

  15. Ooh, so envious of this fun local (for you) event. Hope the idea spreads to Boston. I haven’t found 14 yarn shops YET, but my number of reasonably LYS is growing. Enjoy!

  16. Um….but where’s the next picture of Olive?

  17. I quilt, and while I’ve never BEFORE said I’d like 28 skeins of alpaca/merino in one, I’m now seriously considering. Sadly, too far away to crawl with y’all. Have fun!

  18. sob! I am on my way to Chincoteague this weekend..not that THAT makes me sad, but, a YARN CRAWL??? Very sorry to miss that!

  19. the throw is just beautiful
    the squares would make pillows
    quite nicely i would think
    i can not yarn crawl either
    hope the days will lovely
    may the years ahead be pleaseing
    for your famlies

  20. Also planning to Crawl to some neighborhoods I rarely get to and shops that I’ve never shopped. . . like Brooklyn, where the blocks are long and I always get lost! Hope I spy the MD knits.

  21. OMG! That is the most beautiful throw!! It looks so comfy and warm! Probably awful for a constantly hot-flashin’ girl like me to snuggle under (for the time being), but it would not diminish the absolute joy I would get from knitting it! Now, if I could just figure out a way to fly clear across the country on almost no notice to attend a yarn crawl……I’d be there!

  22. I can’t wait for the yarn crawl this weekend! It’s going to be a complete blast.
    Plus, I actually “need” to buy some more yarn.

  23. A yarn shop crawl and a Mason Dixon hunt at the same time. NYC is fun anyway but what fun that would be. I feel sad that I have to stay in Nashville this weekend and can’t participate in the adventure.

  24. “for those who (very sadly, I weep for them, really I do) do not have the [Mason-Dixon] books..”
    Kay, I too, weep for them, as they are missing out on some of the best knitting, funniest writing, prettiest photos anywhere. In fact, I first “found” you and Ann at the library, and only after that began to follow your adventures online. (And of course I subsequently purchased your tomes as well.)

  25. Now I am really mad about this unplanned London thing for work, I didn’t think I’d make it to all 14, but I would have tried for this prize!

  26. Oh my gosh, that sounds like so much fun! Isn’t that afghan just gorgeous! Will be thinking about all of you crawling the yarn stores in New York this weekend from here in Arizona.

  27. Hiya, Kay-
    I’m off topic here, but I finally made your No Fail Cake recipe for a batch of cupcakes today. Guess what: the name need not be changed on my account. Delicious! Moist, and fantastic in texture, but there’re only 10 left, and I didn’t start the frosting yet.
    Thanks for that whole series on recipe boxes way back when.

  28. to all the yarn crawlers send post cards

  29. How I would have loved to have been part of the Yarn Crawl! Please give all of us non-crawlers a first person glimpse of the fun! I love the blanket but everytime I see the picture, I see a beautiful rug for my living room instead of a throw.

  30. Wish I could try for that prize. Sadly, I will be here in RI…thinking of all the knitting I need to catch up on and pining for the blanket.

  31. Shouldn’t I get a prize for visiting 10 yarn stores but only finding 2 MDK items??? I obviously either need new glasses or to buff up on my MDK knowledge πŸ˜‰
    I had a great time visiting some known and a couple of unknown (to me) stores yesterday. I actually managed to cram in all ten stores that were open on Monday in one day! Bought some cool yarn, too, but what I really need now are new shoes!


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