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Live Blogging the Oscars

Dear filmfans,
7:08 Eastern time: Well, well, welcome everybody! So you guys will know, tonight I’m wearing a fabulous pair of vintage jeans (vintage mid 2007) (vintage Gap, reminiscent of the momjeans look so popular back in um 2007), along with a T shirt in a shade that we’ll go ahead and aubergine because that’s superclassylike.
I’m over at E! Entertainment right now watching people on the red carpet try not to act like they’ve spent the last eight hours fixing themselves up, as if they just happened on their John Galliano gown.
Heidi Klum’s rockin’ a straight red dress and what looks to be the entire inventory of the jewelry counter at Target. Heidi’s hubby Seal looks his usual fabulously cool self. Just shared that she’s been “sitting on one butt cheek” for over an hour in order to keep her red dress in order. “What a cheek it was,” Seal comments.
Taraji Henson, nominated for Benjamin Button, is showing us the tattoo of her departed father on her ankle? I missed what exactly was going on down there, but it had to do with her dad, and it’s symbolic.
Michael Shannon, supporting actor nominee for Revolutionary Road. BIG head on that guy–ought to win just on skull circumference alone.
7:15–Mickey Rourke has red hair tonight. Just wanted to throw that out there if you’re keeping track.
Sarah Jessica Parker. Commentator says, “That is a DRESS. Rockin’ a Miley Cyrus vibe.” Ouchie.
Josh Brolin is looking more and more like Glen Campbell every day.
7:19 I could have sworn the guy just said Amy Adams was nominated for her role in “Gout.”
OK the Robert Pattinson guy from Twilight is so pale! Is he really a vampire or something?
7:23: Sarah Jessica Parker is totally correcting her husband on the color of his clothes. “MIDNIGHT BLUE,” she practically screeched. “NOT black!”
7:27: Switching over to the Barbara Walters special. Anne Hathaway is trying to persuade us that she does “terrible debauched things.” SHYEAH! Her must-have goals for the next ten years: children, being in love, traveling all of Asia. In that order?
7:31: Backa to E! Beyonce is working the Vanderbilt colors tonight! Black n gold! Go Commodores!
Mickey Rourke admits that he’s wearing Jean-Paul Gaultier. He is talking about his dear departed poochie. I am actually moved!
7:39: Thanks for letting us know what YOU’re wearing tonight, Judith. Anybody else out there wearing Land’s End? I LOVE Land’s End! Superclassy!
Robert Downey, Jr, looking like a total movie star. So great.
7:44: Mickey Rourke says after $68,000 of therapy that most of his demons are gone. I am LOVIN this guy, even though his movie totally grossed me out. Says if he won the Oscar, “You can’t eat it, you can’t ____ it, and it won’t get you into heaven.” Gracious! Cover your ears, statuette!
7:45: Back to E! Phillip Seymour Hoffman is wearing a watch cap that looks pretty much like a swimming cap! Fella! That’s so wacky!
BREAKING NEWS: Kate Winslet is wearing a very soft shade of . . . AUBERGINE! JUST LIKE ME! I KNEW IT! I JUST KNEW IT!
OK now the guy is saying it’s gray. I’m going to have to research this. I’m not persuaded it’s not AUBERGINE.
7:56: Hugh Jackman on Barbara Walters, getting choked up talking about his dad coming to see him sing at Carnegie Hall. BBBBBBOOOOOOHOOOOO. She’s got him semi-weeping. Now he’s threatening to give us a little more “show” and a little less “biz” for his hosting gig. Ruh roh . . . that top hat I saw online yesterday may not be ironic after all . . .
YIKES! He’s giving her a lap dance! I cannot watch!
8:01: Over at ABC for good, Tim Gunn is Mister Klassee. I love that guy.
And yes, now that I’ve seen Miley Cyrus’s dress, Sarah Jessica Parker has a lot to think about.
BREAKING NEWS: Yoplait ad features knitting!!!!!
8:10 Hi. It’s Kay. Believe it or not, I thought the Oscars were tomorrow night. Isn’t it always on Mondays? Have I missed something? Feeling embarrassed. I have to CATCH UP NOW.
8:11 Have to give an AMEN, SISTAH to the Tim Gunn comment. I’m sure that if he ran into me RIGHT NOW, he’d say, “So, Kay, you are really working that Black Pants & Gray T-Shirt Look. It’s a CLASSIC. Who did your pants?”
8:13 Can I tell you where I just came from? We saw a 3:00 matinee of South Pacific. Joseph and I sat together, Hubby and Carrie sat a few rows away, and Most Moisturized Mom had her own single seat in the 3rd Row, which she thought was Pretty Sweet. It’s a fabulous show. But what I want to tell you is that sitting next to Joseph was Mrs. Bob Costas, and sitting next to her was Mr. Bob Costas. I may have told you that I think Joseph could be The Next Bob Costas. Despite this, I exercised my usual New Yorker restraint and did not say One Single Word to the Costas. Mrs. Costas and I grinned over the top of Joseph’s head at a couple of moments in the play. Like you do. I have declared them Very Nice People.
8:22: (Ann) [OK here’s my favorite South Pacific-related knock knock joke:
Knock knock.
Who’s there
Sam and Janet.
Sam and Janet who?
Sam and Janet eeeevening . . .
8:26: Vintage Balmain on Penelope Cruz. Isn’t she just the handsomest big-eyed ol’ movie star?
8:31: OK somebody’s talking about the Piazza del Campidoglio or something for the stage set? Are these people crayzee?
No matter how many Swarovsky crystals they use, it’s not going to look this great. Just saying.
Am I the only one who has low expectations for Hugh Jackman? I have never gotten the appeal of Hugh Jackman. His kind of sexy is a very fake sexy. My opinion. Go ahead and disagree.
OMG! The Craigs List Dancers! LOL!
See what I mean?
8:44: (Ann) Aw c’mon, he’s Australian. That’s cool.
8:47: Tilda Swinton looks like The Movie Star Of The Future.
8:52: Penelope Cruz and her SMOKIN’ vintage Balmain take the Supporting Actress Oscar! Mazel tov, P! “Art is our universal language.” Not Esperanto? All those lessons for nothing?
BREAKING NEWS: Two lines of Ralph Fiennes in In Bruges!
8:59: Tiny Fey/Steve Martin. LOVE (1,000)
9:00 (Kay) Quoting Charlotte Bronte! Yay!
9:09 (Kay) Best Animated Short, aka Best Animated Short Movie Nobody Saw. Sad! I’m sure they’re awesome!
9:10 (Kay) Speaking of MOVIES. Every Saturday night on our local PBS station, Channel 13, there is something called Reel 13. A classic, a short, and an indie movie, which are then all 3 repeated. Last night it was A Thousand Clowns, which I had never seen or even heard of. Amazing!
9:16: (Ann) Gwyneth Paltrow in an American Express ad . . . she’s no TINY FEY in an American Express ad.
9:13 (Kay) Hey. No slamming on Gwyneth. She’s the best looking blonde since Grace Kelly. As good-looking blondes, we have to show her R.E.S.P.E.C.T. And during the commercials, can we have a moment of silence for Good Looking Blonde Icon:
(Kay) Eva Marie Saint? Thanks, Eva, I had been wondering what to wear to my daughter’s bat mitzvah next January. I am NOT being sarcastic. You rock, Eva!
8:22: (Ann) Kind of crushed over here that The Duchess, one of the world’s terrible movies, didn’t take Art Direction Oscar. I mean, that was its only hope. And I say this knowing full well that Ralph Fiennes was in this movie.
8:25: (Ann) DUCHESS for COSTUMES! Forgot it was nominated! With a special high five for wigs! Have a peek at ’em during the next commercial.
8:30: (Ann) Tell me that guy is not a vampire.
8:40 (Ann) Cinematographer’s wife’s hairdo looks like a delicious ice cream cone.
8:44: (Ann) Jessica Biel talkin’ kinescopes! Methinks we’re heading into the Bermuda Triangle portion of the show . . .
8:49: (Ann) Spoke too soon–James Franco/Seth Rogen so funny. And yes, I saw Pineapple Express.
9:47 The Pig didn’t take the Oscar for Best Short Live Action! Crushed! Who are these German poseurs?
9:48 Ann, I keep trying to ask: WHATCHU KNIT ‘N?
9:58: (Ann) BEYONCEEEEEEEEEEE! Knitting a sleeve.
9:59 (Kay) OK, I generally like to be positive about things but that medley was awful. Baz! Baz! What’s up? OK, I know it must have been tough to include High School Musical. You should have said no to that. (Sorry to be crabby. I love a big musical number.) Back to my shawl. I am at Ruffle Stage One. Grim.
10:02 (Kay) Still wondering about those random “Maria! I just met a girl named Maria!” bits.
10:07: (Ann) Christopher Walken! YIKES! Don’t hurt me! And Kevin Kline, what a doll, that one.
10:09: (Ann) These round-robin complimentfests sound like it’s Nominee Bar Mitzvah night. “Josh Brolin, you’re turning into a very fine young man.”
10:10 (Kay) And I just want to say this: Josh Brolin cannot help how much he reminds me of Burt Reynolds circa 1976. I am not going to hold it against him.
10:14: (Ann) I’m seeing Glen Campbell, but there’s some Burt in there, true that.
10:18: (Ann) Feel like I just watched all those documentaries. Boofreakinhoo!
10:21: (Ann) Balancing his Oscar on his chin! Give that guy a medal!
10:21 (Kay) It’s a little late to mention this but Ben Stiller CRACKED ME UP with his Joaquin imitation.
10:33: (Ann) Pins n needles time: the sound editing Oscar . . . you know I have my favorite . . . and the winner is . . . THE DARK KNIGHT????? Wall-E was ROBBED!
10:41: (Ann) Whoopsy, kind of slid off into a fugue state during the technical Oscars. Lemme guess: Slumdog won the Oscar for best use of a car battery . . .
10:43: (Ann) Okay, y’all, this is where we have to DIG DEEP. The upcoming Jerry Lewis retrospective is going to be tough, but I know we can all do it. Remember: he is a national treasure in France. He is the patron saint of talking through your nose. Knit if you must, but don’t turn off the teevee. We’ve got to make it to Best Actress. Must . . . keep . . . viewing . . .
10:49: OK so he’s getting his award for raising $2 billion for Myscular Dystrophy. He really is a national treasure, nutty professor or not!
10:56: (Ann) Holy cow, I didn’t realize they were going to play the entire score of every single film. How many violins can we possibly take?
11:10: (Kay) I have given up Diet Coke. But I REALLY NEED A DIET COKE RIGHT NOW. Waltz With Bashir should have won Best Foreign Film, but I do want to see this Japanese movie about working in a funeral home. Sounds….fun!
11:17: (Ann) I’m sorry. I wanted to watch the Foreign Film part but was too busy doing Bollywood dancing in order to alleviate the BEDSORES that are setting in. Queen Latifah is a tonic, though, I have to tell you. I always like her.
11:23: (Ann) Reese Witherspoon is not representing for her Nashville hometown with that blue eyeshadow, just sayin. Though if anybody could wear blue eyeshadow, it’d be Reese Witherspoon.
And Slumdog director Danny Boyle is looking more like Rudolph Giuliani every minute . . . AND did you hear that on-air erratum he just gave–leaving out a choreographer from the credits? Classy!
11:35: (Ann) OK Kate Winslet is already weepy and she hasn’t even won yet. I don’t know how these actresses are sitting through these wedding rehearsal dinner toasts without boohooing.
11:35 (Kay) Kate wins! And her dress is GRAY! Grey for our UK and Canadian readers!
11:39: (Kay) “How did he do it? How for so many years did Sean Penn get all those roles playing straight men?”
11:30: (Kay) Ann, how do you feel about these “group hug” things for the acting awards? It’s kind of awkward, no? I’m betting this is gone next year.
11:46: (Ann) Spotty. Nicole v. Angelina was a total frost-off. Shirley MacLaine to Anne Hathaway: incredibly sweet.
BREAKING NEWS: first surprise of the night: Sean Penn over Mickey Rourke!
“You commie homo-loving sons of guns . . . ” hilarious. “I know how hard it is to appreciate me.” He’s so nervous. Awww!
10:58: (Ann) Best Picture . . . Rudolph Giuliani takes to the stage! The little kids are supercute.
11:58: (Kay) Good night Ann! Been fun! I got a whole row of my ruffle done!
12:00: (Ann) And . . . we’re . . . DONE . . . clocking in at a cool 3 hours and 30 minutes? I’ll get an official time from someplace official . . . HIGH FIVE, everybody! We’re all part of the elite few who managed to sit through the whole thing! I’m off to the Vanity Fair party now. I mean: the Vanity Fair party, uh, website.
Ann n Kay

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  1. Ann, I’m just about to settle down with working on a summer top (from King Tut mercerized cotton) while I watch pre-shows and then the Oscars. Thanks for the updates. –Judith
    PS, I’m wearing vintage 2007 Land’s End jeans tonight (very classy) along with a white tank top and a short-sleeved red camp shirt. It makes a bold statement. My knitting needles are the newish Addi Lacy in US 7.

  2. I’m just settling in, watching the red carpet, and am starting a Noro log cabin afghan. Hopefully I’ll finish by next year’s Oscars.
    Oh, and I’m wearing red sweat pants, blue fleece top and purple socks. Stylin’!

  3. We’re expecting yet another snowstorm tonight in Nova Scotia so I’ll be hustling to finish this pair of woollen socks while watching the show and hitting refresh. I’m not quite as dolled up as you ladies with your Gap and Land’s End. My pants are Walmart’s black stretchy finest and my sweatshirt may or may not have holes torn by an ill-mannered cat. Damn you, Judith, with your summer knitting and short sleeves.

  4. I’m wearing an aubergine(!) shirt and classic navy jeans from the Old Navy Fall 2008 Collection.
    One day I aspire to actually be at the Oscars as a nominee. But that may be a pipe dream. Oh well. πŸ™‚

  5. why am i going from here to the tv
    and back here again
    cause you do not bore me and they do

  6. I’m about to settle in to swear at the enormous cowl neck in seed stitch on my Hermia. I’ve ripped that sucker 4 times, but I finally got smart and ripped back the offending neck decreases, so perhaps I am done picking up 117 stitches…
    Stylin’ in black pants and an aqua t-neck that coordinates nicely with the Lorna’s Laces hand-knit socks (Spring Forward) and black crocs. Miuccia Prada, eat your heart out.

  7. I still believe that Kate’s dress should be call Winter Sky Gray….silver with a dollop of light aubergine….Or for those in the South we would call it— purple. Thanks for the up to the minute comments. I only wish you were on Knitters TV with this.

  8. “Oh Melissa, come see this!” screeches Joan
    “What mom, what is it?”
    “Meghan McGaffin is wearing more designers than we see at Fashion Week! Her khaki slacks hail from the hallowed designers of Old Navy, see how the rumples accentuate her hips?” says Joan
    “Lovely.” gushes Melissa “A vermillion wrinkled tee shirt from the 2008 Target collection accentuates her rumpled hips.”
    “Topping off the look is vintage black hoody, circa 1998”
    “She must have a team of stylists at her beck and call!”
    “Mom, look it Carol Burnett, let’s go mock her for being even older than you!”
    “Is she? Well, it doesn’t matter, cause she looks it!”

  9. Anne & Kay – I’ll be knitting an Ancestral Christmas Stocking to the glow of the Oscars and TV and hopefully several entertaining updates from y’all!

  10. I’m knitting a cable cuff sock, and I’m wearing an Aubergine (!!) polar fleece shirt and long johns, which sadly are not designer. I hope I can make it all the way through the broadcast. A caffeinated beverage may be in order.

  11. dang. i’ve got to get cable. when i hold the rabbit ears to the back left of the tv, and my 5 yo stops leaping off the back of the sofa, i can hear what they’re saying.
    wearing:mismatched socks, leggings, $29 sweater from H&M 2007, and drat, only one earring. must look in sofa for other one.
    thanks for keeping me connected!

  12. oops. knitting a self-striping sock, combo of 3 ravelry patterns.

  13. Squee! I just saw Diane Lane! I am wearing jeans from the Express and a denim blue BonneTerie t-shirt, knitting on my first Must Have Cardi! I love the Oscars!

  14. I like the updates, as I am cable TV-less. Me: jeans, plum knit shirt, gray sweater, handknit socks.
    I saw the runway pics on the innernets- what’s with the white, full skirt wedding dress look?

  15. I like the updates, as I am cable TV-less. Me: jeans, plum knit shirt, gray sweater, handknit socks.
    I saw the runway pics on the innernets- what’s with the white, full skirt wedding dress look?

  16. 5:28 PST. Thom Gunn LIKED Marisa Tomei’s dress??? More than a little too tricky for me.

  17. Two words:
    ‘nuf said!

  18. Two words:
    ‘nuf said!

  19. Hugh Jackman is utterly charming, versatile, humble, and has never done anything controversial except pick terrible movies to be in. πŸ˜‰

  20. Low expectations for HJ here, too. OK we already knew he could sing but is this intro a big fat waste of time or what? Nice dress on Anne Hathaway.
    Here in Oaktown it’s old Levi’s, even older gray (not aubergine) sweater, and slippers. Knitting is Tangled Yoke Cardigan.

  21. ann and kay
    your commentary is the only thing holding me to the oscars, although i’m considering jumping ship for the L word in another 5 minutes. I’m knitting alice starmore’s irish moss while wearing vintage black yoga pants and a gap product(red) hoodie.
    oh look! tina fey and steve martin not even being vaguely funny! enjoy!

  22. I an wearing lands end too (but not expecting any awards). But I have to disagree on Penelope Cruz’s dress. Reminds me of bjorks a few years ago. But isn’t Meryl’s daughter stunning?

  23. I an wearing lands end too (but not expecting any awards). But I have to disagree on Penelope Cruz’s dress. Reminds me of bjorks a few years ago. But isn’t Meryl’s daughter stunning?

  24. Working on an Einstein coat; wearing Target flannel sleeping pants and gray long-sleeved tee shirt. Also, I must say I love Jack Black for some unknown and probably not good reason…

  25. “Domo origato Mr. Roboto” shout-out FTW!
    Seriously, how cute is that Japanese guy who won for Best Animated Short?

  26. Someone really needs to say SOMETHING about how the only reason Goldie Hawn’s boobs threatened to jump out of her dress was so you could actually not look at her plastic face. Lordy, let me age more gracefully than this, please????

  27. I wonder if we’ll get that Yoplait add in the Pacific Time Zone?

  28. Ahhh! My cable (for ONLY ABC) just went out! You are my only link to the oscars now. I’ve switched to HGTV..

  29. Am knitting a red gaiter for hubby while looking stunning in my Old Navy pjs. I think the odd vibe coming from Jennifer Aniston was due to Brad and Angelina sitting in front of her.

  30. and the best acting award goes to
    bernie madoff for ponzi
    eva marie saint looked just lovely

  31. Why is Jessica Biel wearing the bed linens? Is Justin Timberlake under there???? HELLLLLLOOOOOOO?????

  32. I am working on an Einstein coat in, yes, Aubergine. Imagine that. I agree on the delicious ice cream cone hairdo. I wonder if some of these people have mirrors.

  33. I am knitting a luscious wrap from hand-dyed Sierra alpaca…wearing vintage (2005) Levi stretch boot cut denim with a equally vintage (2006) salmon hued Old Navy Polo and pink n’ cream rag cotton socks by Timberland…and NOT watching the Oscars, ‘cuz they bore me to tears but reading your blog because you two are hysterical! ( AND also because hubbo is watching NSACAR, yep, NASCAR wins over the Oscars at my house every time!)
    Thank you!

  34. Yoiks! Can anyone over 21 explain why Zac Ephron and Vanessa what’s her name were in that scene? Baz Luhrmann was responsible for that? Am I the only one watching who thinks there’s a whole lot of filler here?
    And what’s up with all the silver Barbie dresses? Best dresses so far: Tina Fey, Jennifer Aniston (yeah, both silver), and Amanda Seyfrid cracking the dress code with that great bittersweet orange!

  35. I watched The Duchess last night. I thought it was great. What’s your beef with it Ann?

  36. Gotta agree that the medley sucked. Good concept,
    but the camera didn’t really highlight the
    number all that well.

  37. Kevin Kline! Be still my heart! Just as cute as when I first saw him in Pirates of Penzance.

  38. I do love Hugh, but he’s more suited to the Tonys than the Oscars (he’s a theatre guy at heart). That was just awkward.
    re: Josh Brolin: He can’t really help it, I think. His dad looks too much like Burt Reynolds himself for those genes not to have gotten handed down.

  39. Finally made it here – dressed in velour wrap robe over microfleece jammies. Best dressed in the basement.

  40. I walked the dog during the show tunes portion – lucky me! I’m knitting my so called scarf on big #13s they’re making my fingers sore.

  41. I watched George Stefanopolous (sp?) this morning and saw the Joaquin on Letterman clip. I got the Ben stiller joke thanks to being a news junkie! By the way, I love Ben Stiller, he is hilarious.

  42. Queen Latifah – just great.

  43. Was that bald guy Ronny Howard? Opie, where are you?
    Queen Latifah, fabulous.

  44. wow – this individual callout to the supporting actress nominees is wonderful. They look truly touched.

  45. I just want you to know that my boyfriend and I are both vicariously living the Oscars through you! Especially my BF! He is super into the Oscars tonight. Umm, and he kinda chewed me out for my answers to the quiz. He said it should have been more of a team effort that we talked about together beforehand, because he went and researched it.
    This is a new side to him I have not seen in the past 3 years.

  46. “That’s commie homo sons of…”
    Yay Sean! He hugged my colleague who was working
    the local DNC the night Obama was elected.

  47. Thank you, Sean Penn.

  48. Did Sean remember to thank Robin, his wife?

  49. Sean Penn won!!!
    This best picture medley is confusing me.

  50. 12:39 AM, and now I’m up–slept through the whole freakin thing!
    Thanks, ladies for the blow by blow commentaries; they’re helping to defray my disappointment in my sleepy self.
    Congrats to the winner (of the yarny prize, that is).

  51. A Thousand Clowns–I love that movie! Saw it way back when it first came on the silver screen and have always wanted to see it again. Nobody I know has ever seen it; they think I am daft when I mention it. My favorite part is the guy allowing the kid to try out different names to decide what he wants his name to be, and he is currently Fido! It is very moving when the kid finally decides his name. Great movie.
    I missed being Lands End fashionable due to the rising Texas temperature today. I had selected my V-neck White French terry (with navy stripe at the neckline) Lands End top and Talbot’s dark navy jeans to wear to my Sunday afternoon knitting group. Decided that was going to be too warm, so switched to totally Talbot’s light gray/grey on darker gray/grey. On my TV screen, Kate Winslet’s gown looked light gray/grey and charcoal gray/grey (no aubergine), so we were matchy-matchy tonight during the Oscars. I wondered how long it took for her hairdresser to sculpt her “helmet-hairdo.” My short locks were free-flowing.
    Mary G. in Texas

  52. Why, for God’s sake, would you give up Diet Coke?

  53. It didn’t seem like an ENDLESS self congratulatory ego fest this year. I liked the group hug toasts from previous winners to current contenders… Less cut-throat than previous years where it was all suspense and all about WINNING. A move away from Newt Gingrich style partisanship? And how surprisingly sappy was Penn’s nod to M. Rourke’s survival and revival? But I LIKE tender more than snarky. Thanks for the knitterly pov… I got about an inch done on DH’s sleeve… big deal.

  54. The proper term for a gray pretending to be aubergine would be “elderberry.” I know, I’ve dyed with it. But wouldn’t expect anyone to guess that color. Just trying to move the language along….

  55. Well, it’s the morning after, and I missed the whole thing. I am wearing a red dressing gown, by the way. I missed the important bit: did Ralph Fiennes bring a date?

  56. Thanks. I didn’t have to watch the show, I just read your transcript. Yea!

  57. hi to you all – for my Oscar party I wore 2 t shirts – white under pale blue – and tigger boxers – and lots of sleep ! – our house does not have SKY so we hoped all would go well for SLUMDOG and went to bed! – but was up for breakfast tv @ 6.30 am – our correspondant – the girl on the tv was in black bought for 50 quid in Oxfam with extra sequins!!!!

  58. hi to you all – for my Oscar party I wore 2 t shirts – white under pale blue – and tigger boxers – and lots of sleep ! – our house does not have SKY so we hoped all would go well for SLUMDOG and went to bed! – but was up for breakfast tv @ 6.30 am – our correspondant – the girl on the tv was in black bought for 50 quid in Oxfam with extra sequins!!!!

  59. You two are cattier than FrankenJoan and her daughter. πŸ™‚ Knitting is the great “uniter”; movies, apparently the great divider. Don’t mess with my Hugh Jackman! He be so cute.
    I thought the production was over the top. The theater was gorgeous on our big a** projection TV; those crystal curtains fabu and the colors spectacular. And I liked the way the actor awards were presented, though I thought Anthony Hopkins should have been paired up with Frank Langella, the Nixon twins. Eek.
    Did Bob Costas have to sit on a booster seat? Bali Higher, Bob.
    Meow myself.
    Finally, I’ll bet those folks in southwest Omaha who were hosting Oscar parties were annoyed when an animal got into a transformer and took out the electricity for a few square miles of households. Power to be restored sometime today . . .

  60. Wow – the whole Oscar show through the eyes of Ann and Kay. I didn’t need to watch it at all… I love your running commentary. I was in jammies and wool socks (hand knit of course!)

  61. I didn’t make it all the way…(was sporting an ivory fleece dressing gown aka bathrobe, btw)… but I loved Tina Fey/Steve Martin. Do NOT fall in love with me!!!! ROFL. The BEST!
    Reading your rundown, I wish I’d managed to stay up for the rest, since it looks like I missed some good moments.

  62. Kay and Ann, thanks so much for the live blog! Due to a very large snowstorm crossing Vermont on Sunday, we had no TV reception and totally missed the Oscars, not that I would have ever made it to the bitter end as you did. Drat, I was so hoping to get some knitting done! But this morning I had a big upper-body workout with the snow shovel, so I’m feeling strong to finish the shawlette I’ll need to wear in Paris next month… πŸ™‚ Happy knitting– Gretcheng

  63. Have no internet at home–couldn’t follow the live-blog live. Kate’s gown maybe wasn’t aubergine, but did you notice how it sparkled and shimmered as she walked on stage to collect her long-awaited (she was robbed for Sense and Sensiblity) and well deserved Oscar!

  64. I agree, Hugh Jackman does nothing for me either. The coverage from you guys was far better than the award ceremony!!!

  65. I agree, Hugh Jackman does nothing for me either. The coverage from you guys was far better than the award ceremony!!!

  66. I agree, Hugh Jackman does nothing for me either. The coverage from you guys was far better than the award ceremony!!!

  67. I agree, Hugh Jackman does nothing for me either. The coverage from you guys was far better than the award ceremony!!!

  68. Holy moly! We are all Olympics nuts in my family, and thus are Bob Costas nuts by association.
    A family catchphrase: “Bob Costas is so tiny!”
    We send letter back and forth with tiny stick-figure Bob Costas on them.
    SO I MUST KNOW: is he actually tiny? Or have we deluded ourselves all these years?

  69. I’ll admit I wasn’t even going to watch the Oscars this year but didn’t want to miss sharing it with you. It was a riot and hope you do this again! Of course, nothing can top the presidential election since my favy won but loved your fashion comments throughout the show last night. By the way, I’ll take Hugh. I think he is quite handsome and love the accent. That he has a good sense of humor ties the whole package up quite nicely.

  70. Aside to Virginia: the first Mrs. Costas and I went to college together and she was about my height- 5’2″ .so I’m guessin’ he could be short also??
    Penelope Cruz was best dressed. Vintage is almost always the best choice.

  71. I loved this! You guys are great. I thought that Heath Ledger’s (sp?) mom and sister had 2 of the prettiest dresses there.

  72. Hey Mary G. in Texas — I saw A Thousand Clowns on the big screen too, way way back when, and to this day still quote it — threatened to name my kid Chevrolet, and have always wanted to answer the phone with Hello? Do you have good news or money? No? (click).
    I missed the Oscars due to influenza, the real thing. Can’t recommend it. On to youtube.
    Congrats to the best guessers.

  73. You know what? I didn’t watch the Oscars – haven’t in several years, but I gotta say I feel like I got all the great moments and highlights from your commentary! Great stuff!

  74. Here it is – 3 days later and I am chortling as I read your blow by blow account – whew – thanks for the great laughs. I did manage to stay up to the bitter end whilst knitting a Xmas present that was supposed to be an ’08 model (what was I thinking?) – I’m sayin’ it’s now a big head start on next year.

  75. Loved your take on the Oscars, loved, loved every minute of it. Thought SJ Parker doubled for the ballerina that twirls on the top of little girls’ music boxes…in drag! The fabulous Sophia Loren looked embalmed.
    I know the stars have discovered “designers” (and being designed) in the last few years, but somehow I miss the unmitigated disasters like Kim Basinger’s self designed one shouldered, collared satin horror. It made them so much more human.
    Can I come watch the Oscars with you two next year?


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