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Map Quest

Dear Ann,
Look at this cool thing! I saw it over at Wendy’s, and glommed right onto it in that embarrassing way that middle-aged people have of imitating youthful trendiness and getting it horribly wrong. (See, e.g., Kay saying ‘Dude’ 20 times a day. Dude! It’s pathetic to the izzle!)
I especially love the feature where you can add a picture AND a shout-out. Please, shout out in your native language and/or regional dialect. If you’re from Scotland or other places where Ann and I don’t understand a word of what is going on, a translation would be most appreciated but is not required.
But Wait–There’s More!
In a week’s time (12 a.m. Saturday, November 18, New York time), there will be a Prize for the best picture (Ann and I will fight about this all next week) and Additional Goodies for the person who is furthest from Nashville and New York (one for US and one for Worldwide). Prize and Goodies may or may not include yarn. We’re not sayin’, we’re just sayin’–we might have some yarn. It might be Cascade 220.
So, readers, now would be a good time to shout OUT. I think it will go a long way toward bridging the chasm between the hemmed-edge loonies and the Seed Stitch Society. Put a human face on the picot, you know? See all your friends from the lounge!
P.S. OK. Less than hour into this thing, and I’m totally addicted to looking at pictures. It’s like that Wim Wenders movie about an invention that allows people to watch movies of their dreams, and that’s all they want to do for the rest of their lives. Ann: Hon, we have a Knitting Preacher Lady. I mean, I knew that. But somehow to see a picture of Emily, knitting away in her Reverend Go To Work Outfit, is just awesome. And the lurkers! Oh my! The lurkers quite suddenly have faces! And very red hair! And pets! Ain’t it cool? The only thing I am wishing for–it’s a beta thingie, after all– is people’s urls or email addresses. Feel free to include any information of that kind in your Shout Out, if you wish.
A note to International Folks: The map looks like it’s just of the U.S. but with the scroll buttons you can see the whole world. I could have shown a world map, but this way you see a fairly good level of detail for where the pins are stuck. You can zoom in for a closer look (see my building? that’s me waving out the 12th floor window!)and out, for a bird’s eye view. I heart the wonks who figger out how to make this stuff work. I bet they don’t even knit, bless ’em.




  1. Can I get special consideration if it’s my birthday on November 18? (I will be 48!)

  2. Hey, how unfair is it that we New “yawkahs” can’t cwallify for a prize . . . . .i’ll be there (wherever there is)

  3. Let me know if you need me to translate my Joisey-ese. I know it’s sometimes difficult for you people on the other side of the River. (Just be grateful I didn’t pull out the Philly slang. You’d be lost for sure!)

  4. Well drat – wish I cuold go back and add my email address. That’s me out in Walnut, CA – the one wearing the crawfish costume.

  5. Love, love, love the Friends of MDK map. I was just going to do a little blog reading and get busy on the knitting but I can’t stop looking at all the pictures! Kay, isn’t this cutting into your Durrow time? 🙂
    P.S. I would be beside myself pleased if you could wander over to my new blog.

  6. That’ll teach me to follow links while I’m eating breakfast. I suppose the word ‘vultures’ should have alerted me….

  7. How exciting! I’m so there (as is Grumbles). Oh, and um, please go and check out my new blog too!

  8. some people just cant read the instructions and end up getting it all wrong…
    But here it is in the correct way: “Hej fra Danmark, Kay’s bedstemors hjemland.”

  9. This was great fun despite the fact that I can’t my pic to upload. Maybe because it is 6 am and I haven’t had any coffee. Thanks Kay, this was a hoot.

  10. What, nobody from Fair Isle yet?
    This is great fun!

  11. there WAS a photo there, i swear. 😉
    bonne fin de semaine everybody, today i’m– well, knitting for rememberance day and for peace.

  12. Ya’ll, that is so much fun. I donated a Katrina photo to the cause, as I’m the only one representin’ from the hinterlands. And Katrina really does spell “Raa Knit”(s) Or “A Knitar.” Or “A Ra Knit.” Or “Knit A Ra.” Whatever the hell that means.

  13. Okay, but I got the deal from At Knit’s End Kerstin and so I am not the only cool kid on the block. I love it! I have gotten zero work done! I have readers in Isreal! A Dakota! Down-Under! Who knew?!
    Did you know you can add all the pictures to your site in a scrolling format? Next on my list. I wanna win, gots to find a good picture. ta-ta.

  14. FYI for all who care, I ordered my yarn from the Fiber Gallery and they are willing to order other shades if they don’t have what you want in stock.

  15. Oh man, now I have SOMETHING ELSE I have to look at all the time, in addition to my dogster account and my email…
    I DEFINITELY don’t have time to knit a sweater NOW! 🙂

  16. Me! I’m there! Look at me!
    Too bad I didn’t read the rest of the way down before I posted. I think Butternut is farthest as far as urbaneness goes.

  17. I might not make it to be the farthest away poster, but you’ve got to admit I’ve made a very good effort. 😉

  18. Yes, Frappr is quite fun! Thanks for showing it to me, and thanks for adding your pushpin to my map!


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