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MDK Finished Objects Spotted in the Field

Dear Kay,
My spies have unearthed evidence that there are TWO handknits lurking the halls of Clif’s school:
Clif, with Robin, teacher/knitter extraordinaire
The dragon got an eye and not a bit more. I particularly like the snug fit achieved when this sweater is worn over the school uniform sweatshirt. Very Hans and Franz. (I’m still aching to put sleeves on the thing.)
And the Kiri shawl found its destiny. Robin has no idea how totally loaded up that shawl is with good wishes and happy thoughts. If a shawl could sing [channel Debbie Reynolds here] “Good mornin’, good morrrrrrnin’! It’s great to stay up late!” well, this shawl would be singing that song. I love seeing her wearing that shawl o’ love.
Things I learned about knitting on demand for a six year old:
1. Do not use a yarn that calls for size 4 needles. Use giant yarn, fluffy huge yarn so enormous that one stitch makes the back, and one stitch makes the front.
2. If you are going to put a dragon on the front, make the background one solid uniform unstripey color. Do not fall prey to the idea that it’s cute to have stripes. Stripes are the intarsia craftsperson’s bad dream.
3. Do not let the small fry know you are at work on the sweater until there are two ends to weave in. Just don’t even mention it. Say it’s a placemat or something.




  1. Ann, it looks FANTASTIC without the sleeves. Save yourself the work and the agonising. Knit something truly awesome for yourself instead! And the dragon looks great on the stripes. You worry too much about your intarsia technique! x x

  2. Wow! This is inspirational! Two things I want to knit in the same photo. The shawl is beautifuler on a person than it was before – and that was hard to top. It looks like sunrise.

  3. Both handknits are absolutely gorgeous!! And Sir Clif the Dragonwearer looks like a Polo model, all layered and wistful/dreamy looking. I vote no sleeves since he’ll probably get a lot more wear out of a vest than a wooly sweater, ‘specially down South. Besides, with all those (obviously essential to the design!) stripes, think of all of the shirt colors he can wear under it! Oxford button-downs, long or short sleeve Ts or polos, tasteful mock turtles..

  4. A vest is the best
    No harm to the arms
    For those boy shirts underneath
    To the whole world their colors will speak!

  5. I love the dragon vest… I like the no sleeve look too. I did think that you were nuts to add stripes with the dragon but it looks wonderful

  6. I totally agree with the guide for knitting for the small and impatient. I have had to knit a rabbit for a five year old between dropping him at school and picking him up again. After his father took him to a hockey game he came home wanting a whole squad of rabbits, complete with refbunny. You know that next week it will be something else (in my case, ducks)
    I’d not bother with the sleeves – if the client says that it’s done then it’s done. Don’t waste your time gilding the lily.

  7. I have absolutely no plans to make a sweater for a six year old at the moment, however your advice will be taken to heart. Thank you for your wisdom!

  8. I think they both look great–and yes, why not leave it as a vest? It looks fabulous.

  9. I love it!

  10. Oh, and who needs sleeves anyway? Seriously overrated 😉

  11. Wise guidelines. Love the sweater, um, I mean vest! And the shawl looks lovely on his teacher 🙂

  12. Gawd he’s cute. He looks so chuffed. (Robin’s cute too acourse.)
    I think the dragon without wings looks a little like the Mudflap Girl. Can’t you sneak some wings onto it while he’s asleep?
    xoxo Kay

  13. OK here’s a mudflap girl and she really does not resemble the dragon. My apologies! It’s just the silhouette-ishness.

  14. I’ll believe that last statement. Kids just keep bugging you when you let slip that you have intended to knit something for them.

  15. Love it, it’s looks great!

  16. Both vest and shawl look great! On the sleeve front, just remind yourself that this is a picture of Who He Is at this point in his life — a sleeveless kind of boy, an iconoclast, happily following the beat of his own drum, and it indicates a spirit less likely to fall prey to peer pressure in those dangerous teenage years. Allowing him to stick to his guns on this shows you’re the kind of mother who really listens to him and gives his opinion weight. Good parenting!
    Or, you know, maybe that’s just what I tell myself when the girls want to wear something awful, like a princess skirt and soccer ball t-shirt and six different barrettes out of the house.

  17. Wow! You finished the dragon sweater already–it looks fantastic 🙂 Great work on both–Beautiful!


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