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Mischief Making

Dear Ann,
It’s a little like Lucy and Ethel in the chocolate factory around here. Squares are backing up on the conveyor belt. Really fun, but leaving me short on time for stuff like doctor’s appointments. I will catch up over the weekend but I think it’s safe to say we’re getting close to 700 squares.
In my last post, I mentioned the need for dull/dark squares for the Grand Plan blanket design. People have generously emailed offers to dig up dark sock yarns from their stash and knit them up for me. Thank you so much, but I don’t think this will be necessary. Last night I took a look at the dull and dull-eligible squares, and I feel very confident that we are going to have enough. I am very grateful to knitters for taking time out of holiday preps and holiday knitting and holiday fatigue, to help out, and I don’t want to add more to your list by extending the deadline. If you’ve got unmailed squares, by all means send them in, but there is no need to knit more.
To others who have inquired so generously about helping with sew-up, that will definitely be needed. My reach is exceeding my grasp on this project (yay knitters!), and it’s more fun to sew in a group, with knitting water at the ready. I’m working on the details and will announce them as soon as I can.
Happy weekend everyone. Look for a square extravaganza soon. At some time, I’ll let Ann get a square in edgewise. At this point I’m a shameless blog-hogger. (AND LOVING IT!)
Love, Kay



  1. Wow, that is a lot of squares. My one little square that I have ready to send doesn’t seem like much, but still, can I have the address? I’m sure it would be happier in a group of it’s peers:) Thanks!

  2. in the words of mehitabel the cat
    toujours gai ann toujors gai
    thank you from a murky square

  3. mehitabel the cat is a personal favourite of mine, elizabeth.
    Woo hoo – 700 squares. But don’t think you’re gonna stop the knitters from sharing their love. I predict you’ll hit one thousand by the time this is done.

  4. 700 squares? That is either one really large blanket, or a couple of smaller ones. I figured I would need 144 sqares to do a blanket large enough for Afghans for Afghans baby project. 700 squares scares me a little…….and makes my wrists ache. But when your’e done……pictures, we need pictures! If I could fly across the country to help you sew up, I guarantee, I would!

  5. Kay,
    I didn’t get to square, but I’m happy to help in the sewing and even organize a Montreal-based sewing thing if need be.

  6. kay….kay….kay,…..what’s our next project? we must continue the LOVE!

  7. Way to go, Squared Knitters! I’ll be finishing up an A4A this weekend, fueled by Knitting Water appropriate to the hour. “Knitting Water”…I love it!

  8. snaps for invoking archy and mehitabel.
    i lurve them, ms. airheart.
    would use an exclamation point but can’t use the shift key, you know.

  9. Love the bin — full of and surrounded by SQUARES!

  10. By knitting water you mean..white wine? vodka? gin?

  11. OHHH! Another bunch of Archie & Mehitabel fans? Yes!
    (I believe M would also have said, “Archie, what am I going to do with all these dam* kittens?” I think Kay could justifiably adapt that sentiment…to “dam* squares!” But then, Kay KNOWS what she’s going to do with them!
    Kay, I wish I lived closer, I’d come help sew…You are just amazing…

  12. theres a dance or two
    left in this old dame yet
    have a good week end kay
    hope you are the same

  13. Love the squares and can’t wait to see the end product.
    YOur last phrase (and Loving it) reminded me of Get smart! We’re just at that part in Season one where Max started to say that! Was that your intention?!?!?

  14. The squares were such a nice project to work on. Easy, portable, quick and mostly mindless. Perfect knitting for all the spaces between. Part of me wishes I had made more of them, because they were relaxing even when knit at warp speed.

  15. I am definitely willing to join a sewing bee in by or to host one on the west side of the Hudson. Let me know which you need more– though it would be fun to actually meet if you do it before Jan 6 when I must fly off again.

  16. Do I detect a bit of panic in your phrase, “but there is no need to knit more,” Lucy?
    And Hanukkah is a tad early too–nothing like a huge project dovetailing with a huge present-y holiday…
    In the words of Karoly to Kerry Strug (google it, young knitters), “YOU CAN DO IT!”

  17. Hey there, I go to Sarah Lawrence up here in Yonkers and would love to be notified of a good ‘ol sewing-up bee.- Liz


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