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Move Over, TMZ

Dear Ann,
I love the knitblog world. The collective “we” don’t miss a trick.
Today’s celebrity sighting is over at Snit & Knit.
It’s like Britney, with a venti in one hand and a toddler in the other. Only it’s a small terrier, snapped unawares. Thank GAWD I put the sweater on, is all I’ve got to say. Can you imagine if she’d been nekkid? On the street? In January? I’d never live it down.




  1. Olive – you are rocking that coat.

  2. That is awesome. So is that dogarazzi? canirazzi? The possibilities are endless.
    Do you realize how much it could freak people out if you ran around taking random photos of people’s dogs?
    Hmm. New fun weekend activity in Central Park this summer.

  3. Canine Kinnearing?

  4. No, it’s “pup”arazzi…..and she’s lookin’ goood!

  5. Damn she is cute.

  6. The Barktorialist!

  7. How could I not take a photo of Olive? I swear she was smiling at me!

  8. Beaming. Love it!

  9. Imagine something that tiny (and cute) being spotted somewhere so large and busy as New York!

  10. Did she recognize you, or just the dog?
    Did you know that there is a fan blog for Neil Gaiman’s Dog: F*ck Yeah, Neil’s Dog Cabal
    Olive deserves no less.

  11. I believe the word should be “knitterazi”, perhaps “knitarrazi”, either way she looks gorgeous!!

  12. Love that your dog got papped! fabulous!!

  13. Omg! it looks like Olive was Kinneared?! (my bad on the spelling)

  14. So FUNNY! So when is she going to write a doggie sweather book….you know ‘between the lines etc’…Ps She’s need a Yankee sweater spring training is just around the corner!

  15. Would love to see Olive (and you) in person. Perhaps you could bring her on tour.

  16. We should all be as photogenic as Olive. I love that sweater – that is so her colour.

  17. We should all be as photogenic as Olive. I love that sweater – that is so her colour.

  18. Late to comment but you (Kay) and Norma should get together and sell “Blog Dog” t-shirts. They will provide a light bit of clothing for late spring or intense air-conditioning.


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