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Nailed ‘Em: Radical Knitting

Dear Ann,
Did you see our favorite dreamboat demagogue’s show last night, fulminating on the dangers of radical knitting? Go to Colbert Nation, look in the video section on the front page, and click on the picture of the tank covered in a pink crochet cozy–that’ll be it.
What that boy needs is a nice pair of cabled socks.



  1. Help! Couldn’t get the link, need to see what you are talking about!!

  2. I like the doily covered tank. But this was more of a crochet than knit expose.

  3. that. was. AWESOME!!!!

  4. Just caught this on the rerun. So awesome! Which of your knits will be considered a subversive act?

  5. Just caught this on the rerun. So awesome! Which of your knits will be considered a subversive act?

  6. Thanks for sharing the link! Love that man. I had a great time as an undergrad doing a research project on similar works of art…

  7. Love it! Cobert should definitely be rewarded with something handknit. Hmmm.

  8. Didn’t someone make him a pair of snowflakey mittens awhile back? He wore them with his suit, I think. Whatever it was, it was very festive.

  9. You know what they say about women with sharp pointy sticks…..be afraid…..be very afraid…

  10. I think I shouted something about you two needing to be on the show at the TV. It was late though so maybe I just thought I did. At least we know he’s got knitting on the brain, that’s the first step.

  11. Thank you for that link! WHAT a riot. Loved the Scary Artist story; also, the next three videos I watched before getting a grip and coming back to MDK.
    And here I was just beginning to think I had reached maximum carrying capacity for Time Spent Not Being Productive On Computer…HA! Another Bookmark, please!

  12. I thought of you when I watched that last night…wondering how many other yarn enthusiasts were also watching and laughing. You know how much Colbert loves to sing…maybe you should email his staff a link to your video and you may get a spot on his show to knit and sing!!

  13. That was hilarious! I particularly liked the shot of the knitted turkey.

  14. Looks interesting, but my work computer doesn’t have the right ‘flash’ download – and of course I’m not allowed to download anything!

  15. If only she could knit a doily to put over the US Capitol building and trap those auto industry CEOs inside!

  16. Thanks for the link and the laugh! Love Colbert Nation – I’ve used his “wikiality” segment when I’m teaching my class why they should not used wikipedia as a resource.

  17. Who knew knitters and crocheters were such a threat!
    thanks for the bedtime laugh!

  18. I loved it. Knitting as social protest. It was more of a crochet piece thought. Kind of like the tree wraps. Every city should have a subversive knitting league. Can you just see the press. THere could be a board on Ravalry like one of those events where it’s announced the day and time and everyone show up knit for a while on a target and then leave as quickly as they came. A knitting social game. What great fun.

  19. Oh my goodness! This is hilarious and amazing!!! I love Colbert. Yes, please, someone send him a pair of socks. I’m sure he’d love it! It might entice him to feature more knitting stories, as well.

  20. Why don’t we all send him a pair of socks? Isn’t it time for another knitting power statement? (And there must be a charity in New York that might use the socks).

  21. What a wonderful, subversive start to my day. Some great, inspiring ideas there for stash-busting!

  22. Wait? Am I dangerous? Are we all dangerous? Is the FBI monitoring this site?
    Oh man, and I sign my name to my comments…

  23. We are everywhere! Did you send him some socks? You should!

  24. I was watching colbert when this story came on and I laughed my head off. Indeed, he needs a pair of knit socks, perhaps a nice silk wool?
    I have noticed that he wears a lot of blue and I would assume that he has large feet given his height.

  25. Gale, photog who shoots sheep, has the best idea. Kay on Colbert show knitting, not socks but maybe a very blue (color suggestion by Liz) Condom Amulet. Someone could make this happen…am thinking Valentine’s Day so can have a large heart appliqued, cross-stitched, whatever.
    Going to talk about this in PDX where we’ll be for next couple of months. love, n


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