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No. Fourteen

Dear Kay,
The photograph on the right is the Last Photograph Taken of Us before our wedding on May 12, 1990. So young! So fresh! We had just come from a pre-wedding warm-up event, and our name tags said “Bride” and “Groom.”
The happy tusk guy was a gift from one of Hubbo’s Canadian cousins. He sits by our pictures all year round, but it’s especially appropriate today because the traditional 14th anniversary gift is . . . IVORY. Could there be a less environmentally correct gift? Asbestos?
The hand is David’s, who unlike many four year olds could sit stock still with his hand in a tub of goo for ten minutes.
Clink! Here’s to marriage!



  1. Happy Anniversary, from a gal who was also wearing anklets in 1990 (but remains unhitched, except to an almost-three-year-old)!

  2. Happy,happy fourteenth anniversary !
    We need to change the ivory to…Koigu ! O.K.,I’m obsessed. ;-]
    I am amazed to say that our next anniversary,this July,is our 22nd.Not as amazed as my M-i-L. :0)

  3. Happy Anniversary! My husband and I celebrated 14 years last month as well! Here’s to marriage!

  4. Happy anniversary!
    Is there an anniversary where “wool” is the gift of choice? (Well, in our cases, it’s pretty much the gift of choice for *all* anniversaries!)
    I just had to ask, however, whether the tusk guy is *supposed* to have fertility implications, or whether that’s just the way my mind works?

  5. Congrats and happy anniversary. Love the socks by the way:) Very Lady Di.

  6. happy anniversary, happy anniversary, happy anniversary, hhhhhaaaaappppy anniversary (as cribbed from and old flintstones!)

  7. Happy Anniversary,
    14 years eh? Just a novice, it was mine and hubbies in April –28 years, as he says he would have got less for murder!!! He loves me really.
    Have a great evening!!

  8. (Wondering what’s wrong with detergent as a fourteenth anniversary present … seems useful to me …)

  9. Champagne indeed! Always have a bottle on hand, that’s my motto. (Or one of my mottos. I have come to believe that Koigu should always be on hand, too.)
    Many happy wishes to you and your husband. Quite the anniversary still life!

  10. happy anniversary! warm thoughts

  11. happy Anniversary, Ann!
    wool is the anniversary gift for the 7th anniversary, for whoever is interested..

  12. Happy Anniversary!
    Champagne and Koigu all round I say.
    My Myron and I are still wondering, after three kids and 18 years, whether we maybe should get married.

  13. Happy Anniversary, Ann. We celebrated our 14th anniversary on May 4. I got my traditional bouquet of champagne coloured roses.

  14. Happy Anniversary! My 23d was Dec 21 and my anniversary/Christmas gift was a 3hr round trip to Countrywool for Claudia’s New Year’s Day Sale. He drove and entertained the 3yo while my 12 yo and I filled a HUGE bag with fibery goodness. He got hockey gear for his gift. We were both happy!

  15. happy, happy!!!! marriage is a great institution… like a fine wine, improving with age. and,… you can begin to look forward to your second childhood, once the “nest” empties! xo’s

  16. Happy anniversary! Hope you had a wonderful day.

  17. Can you say PREPPIE?? Wow, you and hubbo look like you stepped off an LLBean catalog! Just adorable!
    Best wishes to you both!!

  18. Congratulations & happy anniversary!!! I was going to mention the socks but then thought back to what I was wearing in 1990 and decided against it!
    I hope you had a lovely celebration!

  19. Happy A-day to you!!!

  20. A delightful day, an anniversary! Each day you can spend together and not kill or maim one another is a day to be celebrated. And while you’re at it, why not defy the laws of nature and just spend ’em all together! I LOVE LOVE LOVE being married and wish that more people would stick around for the long haul. I’m so happy for you, Ann, and hope that I can make it fourteen years. I’m just a newbie at four li’l ol’ years myself. Break out the preppy wedding dress and take it for a spin. Did it have pink and green alligators on it? You’d fit right in this season!

  21. I can’t believe it has been 14 years, Ann! Happiest of anniversaries to you both.

  22. Ok, I AM LATE. But I figure, I am almost always the last one to post on one of these things, so I could write just about anything and no one would know if my babbling was relevant, coherent, incoherent or full of inappropriate language at this point. I was thinking of you on your day (although you posted on May 10th, I know when your anniversary really is, and it was a “Great Day in May”). Hope you and hubby had a happy day without much childcare (that seems to be the goal at this point and in fifteen or so years we might be wishing for a little of that childcare again). Fourteen? Really?
    Lots of love,


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