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olive and kermit thank you all

dear everybody
oliv and i thank u for yer contributionz to Haiti. oliv haz a big headache at the moment becuz the elastic on the fairy princess crown that the big lady put on her has cut into her neck circulation
but she sez it wuz wurth it
and shed do it agin, ackshully
my own personal feeling is that this terabul crisis in haiti is gong to go on fer a long time so dont make this a onetime deal
heres where to give money to




  1. I wunderd to how spl skwrl but u r rong
    Skwrls in park mite haz rabeez! iz sez so on de sine!
    luv u so much

  2. See if you can convince the squirrel to wear something ridiculous for a picture.

  3. all gud.

  4. Can’t tell you how much Kermit spookily resembles my nutter cat Bear, to the extent I thought ‘that’s a nice picture of Bear’ until I remembered I was reading someone else’s blog. Bear also likes using the Internet but his spelling is not as good as Kermit’s. I will make him wear the Santa hat he detests and donate on his behalf. Well done Olive and Kermit!

  5. Olive and Kermit, I thank you for nudging me that last little bit; I chose MSF to donate to, thanks to your efforts!!

  6. Kermit, I think your spelling is better that Ev’s! But if you catch a squirrel (and it lives) it can come and live with me, I’ve always wanted one. Ev says not yet, but who’s going to listen to a rabbit that can’t spell?

  7. You guys are troopers, that’s all I can say…

  8. bliss you all

  9. Youse guyses are awesome.
    Sorry about the elastic induced headache. It happens. All for a good cause, though.

  10. Olive and Kermit, you twits. Why didn’t you ask me to proofread before you posted? Be ready for a pop quiz on S-Q-U-I-R-R-E-L. Expect it when you least expect it.

  11. You guys kill me. If Miss B and D were still with us, they would have something much more pithy to say, but I know they are smiling down from somewhere and thanking all of the animals for the fundraising help!

  12. I referred my own blog readers over here since Olive and Kermit said it better than I could. Thanks so much. This post has been corrected n times because Duncan the Chocolage Kigttgy wants to be part of the good fight, too. That’s Chocolate Kitty, now that he’s got off the keyboard.

  13. Thanks to Olive and Kermut–it takes a cat to put the “mut” in Kermut….
    Anyway, for those who are so inclined, you may also light a “virtual candle” for Haiti (or for any reason) at gratefulness.org. It’s free.
    Bless you guys.–LoveDiane


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