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Olive and Kermit’s Give-Money-to-Haiti Blogathon

Dear everybody,
Yes, there’s a telethon tonight, Hope for Haiti, that will be broadcast on every channel in the known universe. No, George Clooney did NOT call to ask if we wanted to participate. He hasn’t called in, like, OK ever. But that’s OK.
We are proud to announce that the two biggest stars in our firmament, Kay’s dog Olive and and Ann’s cat Kermit, have joined forces to raise money for Haiti.
The fluffy cat, Eliot, is kind of grumpy, or seems to believe in anonymous giving. We think. We actually have no idea whatsoever what goes on in his small brain. So he’s not really involved in all this.
We’re not going to add up everybody’s contributions or anything like that. The idea here is simply for everybody to take a minute and give something to this most serious of crises, to any of the organizations listed right here in the New York Times blog.
Here’s the link right here.
It’s a long list of organizations. They’re all good.
If you have a blog, and your pet would like to be a part of this celebrity blogathon, please consider drafting Snowball or Rover or Inky the Gecko and blogging the link (here it is!) to the Times’ list of charitable organizations this weekend.
The situation is dire, as you know. It doesn’t appear that it’s going to improve anytime soon, so please do what you can to help.
Kermit and Olive are donating their time to man the comments section throughout the weekend. Neither one of them can hold a telephone, but with a running start or from a high piece of furniture, they can hit the keyboard on a laptop with a great deal of emphasis.
Kay and Ann
“Yo peeps and homies! It’s me, Olive! Yes me! Olive! Olive! I challenge teething juvenile animals everywhere to sign up humans to sponsor them for chewing up paper and tangling up yarn.
Personally, I’m prepared to chew and drag crap around all night, if that’s what it takes!
Who’s with me? Kermit? Can you emboss those little marks on some legal pads? Can we count on you my man?”
My barky brothers and sisters! Listen up! She told me she would give $20 to George Clooney if I’d wear the coffee pot cozy! This was easy money! Go find something she wants you to wear, and wear it! Do it for me! Do it to help people! We love people! Where would we be without people?
OK, so NOW do you believe me that it’s an ACTUAL COFFEEPOT COZY? For reals! You cannot make this people stuff up! My Big Lady’s friend Other Ann, No Not That Other Ann, The Other One made it for her as a tribute to the book No Roses For Harry (which is an awesome book by the way, a true-to-life tale of how knitting can go horribly wrong, from a terrier’s perspective).
C’mon. You know you have something ridiculous in your house. You know she wants you to wear it. I challenge you to get more than 20 bucks to Haiti for it.

I’m not gonna lie to you. The Princess Dress? Are you serious? That thing really puts my ears back. It’s an ear-flattener par excellence. What are they thinking? Why is this amusing? But hey–if there’s money involved? For Haiti?
Just keep repeating to yourself: It’s for a good cause, it’s for a good cause.
Olive signing off! Before she finds the Snuggie for Dogs! I am not kidding you! Big Lady is cuckoo!

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  1. owen says: what are you laughing at, Mama? your silly old knitting website again?
    it’s that “great deal of emphasis” line. I’ll make certain to meet with George’s people tonight. and, thanks for the reminder.

  2. You must be kidding about the fluffy cat! Look at that hypnotic stare…it’s telepathic mind control:
    Okay, fluffy cat. I gaaaaaaave. 🙂

  3. bytheway, Miss apple brown Betty, our resident canine, is on an island getaway with our dogless friend. yes, seriously. the amazing Rachel takes her to Whidbey Island, to a farm. for fun.
    so, no chewing or dragging at our house tonight, but we’ll make sure we follow you two tonight.

  4. sitting here all teary eyed and just added a post supporting olive and kermit… my feline posse – emil, tristan, isolde and katie – say “meow meow” (or way to go!)

  5. Annabelle’s in. She’s off to get her beauty sleep now, but she posted a quick note on my blog before she hit the hay.

  6. Did ya’ll see Madonna? She was a bit odd looking no?
    The fluffy cat also induced me to give… it reminds me of the Hypno-toad from Futurama.

  7. I think the Fluffy Cat sounds just like Antonio Banderas as Puss in Boots in Shrek.

  8. you do know that the show hasn’t started for us behind-the-times west coasters? hey, will Ann stay up late for this?

  9. food lady dressin me up like lady gaga
    olive u said i wuldnt have to do this part

  10. it is mi, Ev in Lundun, i ‘av to tell u my humans (u kno, the nise tall male one an the short shouty female one) gave sum munny over ‘ere an i didn’t even ‘av to dress up! I fink u ‘av given ‘er ideas now, i mite ‘av to bite ‘er if she tries anyfink….

  11. Now, what can I knit to dress Ev in? I think she should be part of this for solidarity with Olive and Kermit. Eliot is definitely exercising mind control from that photo…

  12. There’s only one word…. hilarious. I think I’m in love with Olive!

  13. the rain falls upon my pillow
    my tears fall wettly
    my small world
    a world without me
    i gave to save the childern

  14. Excellent idea, with the dog and the coffee cozy.
    I am now going to knit my coffee pot a sombrero. And then I’m going to make my cat wear it.
    (oh, and I’ll donate to a Haiti cause also. At last count my company and I have raised $1400 for MSF/DWB)

  15. YO! Olive! Gordo is in da house, do not let them put those candyass princess threads on your fine self, girl.
    Handknit is OK, tho.
    Big Woofs and a lick for Haiti. You & Kermit keep on.

  16. Vinnie the Lapcat and I were both mesmerized by George last night, and donated. Vinnie scowled and growled, though, when I suggested he might look cute in a tea cozy!

  17. My Stormy is living with my cousin Kerry for a few months, or maybe a year depending on how things go, so I can’t dress her up funny, but I’ll give again anyway just because I miss her so much.

  18. Poor Olive. How she suffers for charity!

  19. That is some princess outfit you are rocking there Olive! I’ll give, because I don’t have any terrible funny things to put on Victor and Saru-chan!

  20. Well, after returning from a dinner out with my husband, the two cats told us if we could afford that, we could afford a donation for Haiti. They didn’t even have to dress up to convince us. =)

  21. Ann, make Eliot stop a hypnotizin’ me. I cain’t stop looking into those eyes. Get..ting…ver…y sleepy…

  22. Wow, those are some super compliant animals! Our cat wouldn’t even stand a collar and the dog would have shaken that whole pink number right off.
    Hope you raised lots of money!!

  23. Well, Kay, Think of this as a mash letter to Mason-Dixon. I applaud your brilliant consciousness raising for a cause that overwhelms every caring person on the planet.
    Though we’ve already given…and know there’s way more to do..I’m kind of sorry not to have a household pet (stuffed hen not counting)to colorfully dress up. love to you both, naomi

  24. The creativity just keeps on
    coming with you two!

  25. So, okay, I didn’t put jammies or a brown paper bag or a hat or even some mittens on Bella the Big Spaniel or Bleeker the little high-mileage hybrid spaniel, but I did commit to cooking dinner for 90 people (at $25 a head) all to go to Partners in Health in Haiti.
    I bet you can cook, too. Bake sale, anyone?
    How ’bout Coffee Pot Cozies for Haiti? Knitters can do anything …


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