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One Thousand Fifty-Three

Dear Ann,
So. I counted the squares.
1053 is the number, not counting the 54 I made (in case we didn’t get enough, you know?) and the three I just got from Emma. And Amber is bringing me a few more today when she comes to help me lay them out. Let’s call it 1100, shall we?
That’s kind of a lot. Two large blankets, with plenty of leftover square loveliness to share with our friends in the UK. We are going to ROCK THE RAFFLE.
The squares pictured above are the last of the later arrivals. I have gone a couple of days without receiving new ones, and been demoted from “gets her own bin” status, so I am pretty sure we are near the end. This last batch came from Jan (again!), Jessica, A.D., Diane H, Janny S, Rebecca C, Gretchen H (her own handspun!), Jennifer F, Amanda M, Catherine E, KD, Maggi, Erika B, Tricia C, PJ, Quinn, Jenn, Ashley C, Theresa, Ari, Siri, Sarah, Robin, Amber, Julie, and Renee S. Thank you so much, stalwart holiday knitters.
Honorable mention goes to Ari for sending 9 of these mitered beauties, apparently for the sole purpose of making me crazy (which I appreciate).
You cannot really tell, but the squares are sorted. They give new meaning to the term “window treatment.” (For inquiring minds, the sorting categories are: crazy stripey diagonals, solid and semi-solid non-dark colors, dark colors, and reds.)
We’re waiting for Amber.



  1. 1100 squares??!! WOW! Go knitters.

  2. You know, I was feeling a bit bad at one point because I wasn’t making any squares.. and on some levels I still wish I had… but I’m glad to know that my contribution won’t be missed (in theory, anyway).

  3. whew, I’m relieved to know that my squares arrived after all. I also got a note today from michaela saying that my raffle tickets (bought separately last week on emma’s website) are ready to go into the big bucket.
    i’m feelin’….llllucky!

  4. Umm..yeah, I’d say that is kinda a lot..Knitters are excellent!

  5. Wow, that’s a lot! Can you give us the whole spiel about how to buy tickets? I want those hot pink squares!

  6. I’m with Mary de B, der ticket spiel, please!

  7. I was going to knit a square or two. I decided my contribution would be WINNING the blanket! πŸ™‚ Muhahahahahaha
    So, I bought a couple of tickets. Hmmm, I think it was a couple, perhaps it was three? A little short on funds this time of year so it would have to be only two or three…

  8. I am so totally looking forward to seeing how you assemble those squares.

  9. I got my tickets by using the loverly search tool on your site. I hope I win (ha) but mostly hope I get to figure out how to get to the sew up.

  10. Wow !

  11. Wow !

  12. ti’s an amazement
    shall we dance
    a little rocking
    on the web and
    thank you to all the
    knitting with a passion group
    me is going to have a drink
    all those perfect 8 inch tails

  13. You may not know this but Woolloomaloo(?) is an inner city suburb of Sydney. Right on the beautiful harbour. It has some quaint old buildings from back when Sydney was first settled by Europeans.

  14. I’m in awe of the kindness of knitters. I hope the blankets raise lots of $$$. Hugs to Oliver.

  15. LOL!
    I thought it might get up to 1000 or so. I’m really glad there are so many, you’ll be able to pick and choose squares for your Kaffe Fassett vision, and still have squares aplenty to explore other ideas as well. Easier to work those miters in that way πŸ˜‰
    My only regret-I live 3000 miles away from the sewup party!

  16. i can’t wait to see the blankets sewn up! go knitters! : )

  17. I love those mitered squares. πŸ™‚ Wow, that sure is a lot of squares!

  18. That is an amazing total. Have fun designing the blankets!!

  19. Wow. Just wow. I sure wish I could be there for the creative design process – it is going to be amazing!

  20. Each square might not take a lot of effort, but together that is a lot of people-hours, trying to show that they care. Amazing!

  21. I can’t WAIT until Monday’s sew-up! Knitters rule!!

  22. That is on huge stack of squares. Have a great time sorting and matching.


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